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Love Aid Singapore’s kitchen bombed, resulting in nine fatalities

Tragedy struck Love Aid Singapore’s kitchen in Jabalia as it was bombed, claiming nine lives and injuring several on Saturday. Gilbert Goh expressed shock and plans to compensate victims’ families in this devastating incident.



one of Love Aid SIngapore kitchen

Singaporean activist and founder of Love Aid Singapore, Gilbert Goh, conveyed distressing news about the unfortunate incident at Love Aid Singapore’s food kitchen in Jabalia through an Instagram post on Sunday (3 Mar).

On Saturday (2 Mar), the kitchen was bombed, resulting in the tragic loss of nine Palestinians who were cooking, while an additional 9 to 10 individuals were injured during the attack.

The bombing not only destroyed pots and utensils but also rendered the Jabalia kitchen inactive.

Goh, who was in Cairo at the time, expressed his devastation upon receiving the news the previous day, emphasizing that it was the first time in his humanitarian mission that people he worked with had been killed.

“It’s been a huge shock. You just don’t expect the people you work with to die, even though I know this is the kind of thing that will happen in a war,” he shared in a phone call with The Straits Times (ST) on Monday (4 Mar).

Speaking with Gutzy, Goh pointed out that this marks the first time in the eight years of Love Aid Singapore’s operation that ST has covered its activities.

Remarking on the coverage from ST, Goh said, “It’s both balanced and reflective of the current situation on the ground in Gaza.”

Love Aid Singapore plans compensation for victims’ families

As of Saturday (2 Mar), Love Aid Singapore has raised S$1 million, contributing to various Gaza-related projects, including financial assistance to 400 orphans, funding for solar panels at the Kamal Adwan Hospital in north Gaza, and other initiatives.

In Jabalia camp, Love Aid Singapore runs three kitchens – two mobile kitchens providing vegetarian meals and one static kitchen offering meat on its menu.

The static kitchen was tragically targeted in the recent bombing.

Speaking to ST, Mamdooh Badawi, chairman of the International Relief Organisation (IRO), expressed guilt for insisting on a fixed location despite the team’s caution, making it a target.

The plan now is to rebuild the kitchen as a mobile one, though a timeline is pending as the team sources for equipment.

In an Instagram post on Monday (4 Mar), Goh mentioned that he didn’t know the deceased personally but felt a kinship with them, working together for a common cause.

He also revealed ongoing discussions between IRO and Love Aid Singapore regarding compensation for the victims’ families, considering a sum of about US$1,000 ($1,343) for each, acknowledging that no amount could replace their loved ones’ lives.

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Do not expect Hamas kill 100 Israel soldiers and Israel to kill 100 Hamas terrorist please. In a war anything can happen. any number of deaths can happened. So no need to take sides on Israel or Palestine. Thank you

Luckily GG did not die in the kitchen. Suggest you better come back . What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

Kudos Gilbert. Keep going. Your spirit will empower others and maybe after a period of time, the Zionists may stop the killing themselves. It is no fun to keep killing when there is no resistance.