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Love Aid Singapore reaches S$3 million in donations for Gaza aid

Love Aid Singapore has raised over S$3 million for Gaza aid. Founder Gilbert Goh shared this milestone and future plans, including continued humanitarian initiatives and an urgent call for orphan sponsors.



Love Aid Singapore Reaches S$3 Million in Donations for Gaza Aid

Love Aid Singapore has successfully raised over S$3 million (US$2.2 million) for its Gaza aid efforts.

Gilbert Goh, the Singaporean activist and founder of Love Aid Singapore, shared this significant milestone on the organization’s Instagram account on Friday (21 June).

In his update, Goh expressed heartfelt gratitude to Singaporeans for their generous support.

He provided a detailed breakdown of how the donations have been utilized.

Over the past six months, nearly S$1 million (US$738,500) has been spent on various humanitarian initiatives within Gaza, including food kitchens, an orphan sponsorship program, and a solar energy project.

Goh highlighted future plans, stating that S$500,000 (US$370,000) is earmarked exclusively for the food aid program, and S$1 million (US$738,500) will be dedicated to the Gaza Rebuilding initiative once a ceasefire is declared.

He emphasized the ongoing commitment to these critical projects, with a monthly target of transferring US$50,000 for field kitchens and another US$42,000 for the orphan sponsorship program, despite the challenging and risky conditions in Gaza.

However, Goh acknowledged potential delays in fund transfers due to the current difficulties in moving money into Gaza.

He also made an appeal for additional support, noting that the orphan sponsorship program still needs around 100 more sponsors.

He encouraged anyone able to sponsor a Palestinian orphan to reach out to Love Aid Singapore.

“If you can sponsor a Palestinian orphan please let us know,” he said.

Love Aid Singapore commits to extending Gaza aid oversight in Cairo

In his update, Goh also announced his commitment to extending his stay in Cairo for another six months to oversee the Gaza Aid fund until the end of the year.

This extension aims to ensure continued support and effective management of the humanitarian efforts in Gaza.

Goh has requested the International Relief Organisation, their partner NGO, to prepare a half-yearly consolidated financial statement.

This statement will provide a clearer picture of how the funds have been allocated and utilized, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Expressing his gratitude, Goh thanked everyone who has donated and those who have helped in fundraising for the Gaza humanitarian initiatives.

“Once again, I want to thank everyone who has donated and also to those who have helped us to fundraise for all our Gaza humanitarian initiatives,” he said.

For those looking to contribute, donations can be made via PayNow to 87745281 for all Palestinian humanitarian initiatives.

In addition to this, Goh shared that he would be taking a short two-week break from humanitarian work to visit his daughter in Sydney for her birthday from 27 June to 13 July.

He assured that all humanitarian activities would continue during this brief period of respite and self-care.

“I will return to Cairo after the trip to continue the humanitarian aid work,” Goh stated.

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Perhaps suggest GG carry his rifle and fight in Gaza? tsk tsk tsk

75% still want Hamas to rule. A drop from 90% to 75%.

Israel do not need to provide food and medical aid to Gaza.

Work harder GG.

Last edited 20 days ago by john lim

haha….jobs go to foreigners. now Singaporeans $3m. LOL

Well done GG.

Good work GG. Kudos for your commitment.