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Love Aid Singapore raises S$2.5M for Gaza relief, continues aid amid invasion

Love Aid Singapore expresses gratitude for surpassing S$2.5M (US$1.85M) in donations. Despite the Rafah invasion, they sustain humanitarian activities like food kitchens and orphan sponsorship programs.



Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, founder of Love Aid Singapore, shared an update on Friday (10 May) regarding the Gaza aid initiative through the organization’s Instagram account.

Goh expressed gratitude as donations for the initiative surpassed the S$2.5 million (US$1.85 million) mark, thanking Singaporeans for their support in standing on the right side of history and humanity.

Despite the recent invasion in Rafah, Goh highlighted that Love Aid Singapore has been able to continue some of their humanitarian activities, including food kitchens and orphan sponsorship programs.

However, the closure of two borders over the past three days has halted truck movements.

Fortunately, over 60 food and medical trucks, facilitated by partner NGO International Relief Organization, managed to enter Gaza in the past month.

The distributed aid has reached the surrounding areas of Rafah and Central Gaza prior to the invasion.

The situation in Rafah has worsened despite international criticism and condemnation, as Israel proceeded with its invasion, despite Hamas’ agreement to the ceasefire deal.

Rafah, home to over a million Palestinian refugees, has been the target of Israeli airstrikes, as depicted in a video circulating on social media.

Love Aid Singapore’s Orphan Sponsorship Program updates

In addition to the ongoing relief efforts, Goh provided an update on Love Aid Singapore’s sponsorship of orphans, revealing that they are currently supporting 700 orphans, with an additional 300 from North Gaza being included starting this month.

The sponsorship program requires a total of US$42,000, with each orphan’s sponsorship costing US$60 per month.

However, there is still a shortage of 200 sponsors for this month.

Goh emphasized the opportunity for individuals interested in sponsoring an orphan to do so by contacting 87745281 via PayNow, clearly indicating their intention for orphan sponsorship.

Additionally, Goh highlighted that sponsors have the option to support more than one orphan.

The sponsorship program spans a one-year period, during which cash donations are utilized to purchase essential items such as clothes, food, and stationery for the orphans, Goh stated.

The funds are then disbursed to the extended family members responsible for caring for them.

Goh noted that the plight of orphans in Gaza is dire, with more than 20,000 currently in need of support, and this number continues to rise steadily.

The ongoing invasion in Rafah exacerbates the situation, likely leading to a significant increase in the number of orphans in the coming weeks and months.

UNICEF warns of catastrophic risks to children amid Gaza crisis

As the humanitarian crisis escalates in the Gaza Strip, UNICEF warns of catastrophic risks to the 600,000 children seeking refuge in Rafah, amid threats of military besiegement and ground incursion.

Following October evacuation orders, the population in Rafah has swelled to an estimated 1.2 million, with half being children. Displaced multiple times, many children now reside in tents or unstable housing.

UNICEF underscores the vulnerability of these children and the potential for high civilian casualties and infrastructure destruction in the event of military operations in Rafah.

UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell emphasizes the dire conditions faced by the children, urging protection for their physical and mental well-being, along with essential services like medical facilities.

UNICEF calls on Israel to fulfill its legal obligations to provide aid and facilitate operations, while urging global leaders to prevent further catastrophe in Gaza.

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