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Love Aid Singapore raises over S$2.2 million for Gaza aid initiative

Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh updates Gaza aid initiatives, gathering S$2.25M with gratitude for Singaporeans’ support. US$50,000 is allocated monthly to Gaza’s food kitchens, aiming to sustain 5,000 Palestinians daily amidst challenges.



Love Aid Singapore raises over S$2.2 million for Gaza aid initiative

Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, the founder of Love Aid Singapore, recently took to the organization’s Instagram account on Wednesday (24 April) to share a promising update regarding their Gaza aid initiative.

According to Goh, Love Aid Singapore has successfully gathered S$2.25 million (US$1.65 million), of which S$700,000 (US$514) has already been utilized, leaving a substantial balance of approximately S$1.55 million (US$1.14 million).

Expressing gratitude to the generous support of Singaporeans, Goh emphasized their collective stance on the side of humanity.

He acknowledged the contributions of individuals, ranging from modest donations of S$1 (US$0.75) to substantial sums of S$100,000 (US$73,510), towards the Gaza Aid fund for Palestinians.

Goh highlighted the equitable distribution of funds in line with their predetermined budget for various initiatives within Gaza.

He reassured donors that every contribution, regardless of its size, holds significance, stressing that even a S$50 (US$36.75) donation constitutes a considerable sacrifice for many.

Responding to queries regarding minimum donation requirements, Goh clarified that Love Aid Singapore accepts contributions starting from as little as S$1, underscoring the inclusivity of their fundraising efforts.

“It’s what you give out of your true heart that really matters the most,” Goh said.

While acknowledging a decline in donations post-Ramadan, he emphasized the importance of consistent support to sustain ongoing projects and initiate new endeavours aimed at assisting Palestinians.

In a poignant reflection, Goh emphasized the sincerity behind each contribution, asserting that the essence of giving lies in the purity of intention.

Love Aid Singapore sustains Gaza food kitchens amidst conflict

In a previous update, Goh provided insight into Love Aid Singapore’s ongoing efforts, revealing that the organization allocates US$50,000 monthly to sustain three rotating food kitchens within Gaza, serving approximately 5000 Palestinians daily.

However, the operation poses significant challenges, with limited food supplies and workers constantly under threat of potential bombings.

Acknowledging the urgency of the situation, Love Aid Singapore has earmarked US$500,000 for this critical initiative, aiming to ensure the survival of Palestinians amidst the ongoing conflict and devastation.

Yet, the sustainability of food kitchens remains precarious, with funds often scarce, particularly in protracted conflicts characterized by perilous conditions.

Despite the obstacles, the organization is committed to maintaining the food kitchen program for the next six months, stepping in where larger NGOs have withdrawn due to the heightened risks associated with delivering aid directly within Gaza.

Tragically, the region continues to experience daily bombings, claiming an average of a hundred lives, including those of humanitarian workers.

To support Love Aid Singapore’s Gaza Aid fund for food kitchens, donations can be made via paynow at 87745281.

Goh expressed gratitude for the ongoing support from donors, noting the importance of consistent contributions in such challenging circumstances.

Looking ahead, Goh announced his upcoming departure for Cairo on 30 April, where he will continue Love Aid Singapore’s humanitarian activities in Gaza until the end of the year.

He humbly requested prayers for his safety during this mission, underscoring the risks involved in providing aid in conflict zones.

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Singaporeans First !!! stop using our tax money to help terrorist supporters (90% Palestinians support Hamas terrorism).

Of course this will make GG very happy and hoping that this war can drag on forever so that he continues to stay employed shuttling to Cairo and receive a fat salary from the donation.
Otherwise he would be a jobless man in sillypore.

Singapooreans are waiting for your humanitarian aid.

Thank you Mr Goh. You are indeed humane.

Humanitarian grounds not the job of the Palestine ruling party? they claim Palestine is their land and why they cant help themselves? LOL

yeah. hope the money is well spent. hopefully not use it to buy weapons or build tunnels. tsk tsk tsk