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Love Aid Singapore to provide medical aid to 1,000 wounded Palestinians in Egypt

Love Aid Singapore will visit 1,000 wounded Palestinians in Al Arish, Egypt, next week for medical aid. They also plan to provide footwear to Gaza’s children and use solar power for water wells and hospitals. Donations are requested to support these initiatives.



(Gilbert Goh/Palestinians wounded in the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip)

Love Aid Singapore has received approval to visit 1,000 wounded Palestinians at Al Arish, a city in Egypt, next week to offer much-needed medical aid.

The announcement was made by Gilbert Goh, Singaporean activist and founder of Love Aid Singapore, through an Instagram update on Wednesday (5 June).

Goh highlighted that many of the wounded Palestinians are suffering from severe burns and amputations and require rehabilitation for further treatment.

“This will be our third humanitarian visit to wounded Palestinians seeking medical treatment in Cairo,” Goh said, noting that Love Aid Singapore had previously conducted two similar visits to smaller groups in Cairo hospitals a few months ago.

In his update, Goh emphasized the dire need for humanitarian assistance in Al Arish, a city that has yet to receive aid due to its large size.

The current outreach effort is expected to cost Love Aid Singapore US$100,000, as they plan to provide each wounded Palestinian with US$100 in assistance.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that Egypt is receiving patients from the Gaza Strip, with Al Arish Hospital serving as the primary referral hospital.

The hospital is fully equipped with resuscitation and intensive care facilities and has a range of surgical teams prepared to handle severe injuries, including major trauma and burns.

Additional humanitarian initiatives in Gaza

In addition to their medical aid mission to Al Arish, Love Aid Singapore is addressing the urgent need for proper footwear among Palestinian children in Gaza.

Many children have lost their shoes during frequent relocations or due to destruction from bombing raids.

To tackle this, the organization has allocated US$10,000 to provide thousands of children with new shoes.

Goh also revealed plans to harness solar energy to power two water wells in Gaza, which have been destroyed during the eight-month conflict.

This initiative, costing US$25,000, aims to ensure a reliable water supply for the affected communities.

According to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), with almost no fuel available in Gaza, critical desalination plants have shut down.

People lack adequate water, making survival a struggle as families and children walk long distances in the heat for water.

Goh also mentioned numerous requests to use solar energy to power hospitals.

He assured that Love Aid Singapore is closely monitoring the situation.

“We promise that we will continue to monitor the situation closely,” he stated.

Goh called for donations to support these humanitarian initiatives and requested prayers for the aid workers operating under great stress and personal risk to bring relief to the besieged Palestinians in Gaza.

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Please stay there. Middle East needs you more than Singapore. anyone voted for him? LOL

This is in Egypt. How about the many Palestinians in Gaza itself with no food, water or medicine, dying on the streets? Our govt. is silent and busy spending taxpayers’ monies of $236m on a Founders Park.