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Love Aid Singapore announces S$1 million donation milestone alongside tragic kitchen bombing incident in Gaza

Love Aid Singapore, led by Gilbert Goh, celebrated crossing the S$1 million donation mark, a testament to Singaporean generosity. However, tragedy struck as the Jabalia kitchen was bombed, claiming nine lives. Goh urges continued support amid challenges.



Love Aid Singapore

Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, founder of Love Aid Singapore, shared a positive update on the organization’s Gaza aid initiative via his Instagram account on Sunday (3 Mar).

Expressing gratitude, Goh announced that Love Aid Singapore has achieved a significant milestone, crossing the S$1 million (US$743.605) mark in donations.

Highlighting the significance of this achievement, Goh described it as a proud and historical moment for the relatively small NGO, Love Aid Singapore.

He extended heartfelt thanks to everyone who demonstrated compassionate support for the Palestinians facing hardship in Gaza.

Goh also revealed Love Aid Singapore’s plan to enter Gaza, emphasizing the potential opportunity as a ceasefire appears imminent.

“So do keep us in prayer if we do get to enter,” said Goh.

Love Aid Singapore reflects on Singaporean generosity and identifies with Palestinians’ struggles

Funded and actively supported by ordinary Singaporeans, Love Aid Singapore is an entirely ground-up movement inspired by individuals seeking to make an extraordinary impact in a humanitarian crisis, according to Goh.

When asked why Singaporeans donate generously to the Palestinian cause, Goh emphasized that Singaporeans, by nature, are generous people who readily support genuine and worthy causes.

He noted their willingness to give sacrificially, sometimes waiting for the next paycheck to contribute to the cause.

Expressing his opinion, Goh conveyed that Singaporeans identify with the Palestinians’ suffering under an apartheid regime that has ruled over them for nearly 75 years.

While acknowledging that Singaporeans may not experience the same level of hardship as Palestinians in Gaza, Goh believes they resonate with the struggles, sense of injustice, and limited freedom to express grievances.

Highlighting the similarities, Goh pointed out that Singapore lacks certain civil freedoms, creating an environment where expressions can be stifled.

Despite being a fully democratic country with more liberties than the Palestinians facing tyranny, Singapore shares some discourse on tight control, strict governance, and limited civil expression of grievances.

Goh often confides in his Palestinian friends, expressing empathy for their struggles and pledging support for their cause.

“The control over us is sometimes overwhelming and overbearing that we identify with the Palestinians a lot till our heart aches for them as we know, we feel and we cry with them,” said Goh.

Sharing personal experiences, Goh revealed that his Palestinian friends found it hard to believe until he recounted his frequent encounters with the law due to his stand on the issues.

In a plea to fellow Singaporeans, he urged them to express their solidarity by commenting or liking, fostering a sense of unity on the shared page of understanding.

Love Aid Singapore’s Jabalia kitchen bombed, resulting in nine fatalities

Alongside the positive update on reaching a significant S$1 million in donations, Gilbert Goh shared unfortunate news regarding Love Aid Singapore’s food kitchen in Jabalia.

He revealed that the kitchen was bombed on Saturday (2 Mar), resulting in the tragic loss of nine Palestinians who were cooking, with an additional 9 to 10 individuals injured during the attack.

The bombing left the pots and utensils destroyed, rendering the Jabalia kitchen inactive.

“So, Jabalia won’t be cooking for the time being,” said Goh.

Goh informed the public that, despite this setback, Love Aid Singapore still has one or two functioning food kitchens actively cooking for North Gaza.

Although the Jabalia kitchen will be inactive for a while, Goh assured that the Rafah food kitchen continues its operations, despite a minor bombing incident nearby.

He urged Singaporeans to pray for the food program in Gaza, emphasizing the importance of continued support.

In conclusion, Goh expressed gratitude to Singaporeans for their unwavering support for the Palestinian cause, acknowledging the challenges faced and the resilience shown in the wake of these unfortunate events.

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Hamas attacked Israel on 7th October 2023. Does Israelites deserved to die? rape? killed?

Hw loves Gaza. Gaza suits him. tsk tsk tsk

This fella should migrate there.

Who started the war ? tsk tsk tsk

Maybe we should give GG a Nobel Prize for helping Gaza or perhaps a Foreign Ministar Post? What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

Are those who keep saying that all Palestinians are terrorists going to say that the 9 Palestinians killed while preparing food for starving people are Hamas and deserve to die? It is because we have Singaporeans that are sick in their heads that we have a PAP govt. which continues to support the Zionists and not the leftist Jews. We have 61% Singaporeans sick in the heads and that is the reason the PAP can continue to remain in power. The killing in Gaza is a visualization of the consequences of using your vote during elections. The Zionists can continue… Read more »

Most who stayed in Gaza are terrorists and terrorist supporters previously under PLO. what do you think?

does GG knows Singapooreans are suffering? tsk tsk tsk

anyway I am not voting for him LOL

So how much Love Aid was given to the Rohingyas, an issue within SG region, aka ASEAN? Aren’t the Rohingyas also asking for recognition, a state of their own, self-determination, etc? Why some ppl only concerned themselves with the Palestinian issue, but not other similar cases closer to SG? That does seems rather hypocritical, no?

Though they very busy with Taylor Swift concert to get all the younger generations and girls worshipping their idols as usual … The golden calves for worshipping!

Hypocrites. Kill dunno how many then pretend to give money … Again only the filthy rich can give or attend concerts ….

The indignity of collecting money to pacify the wounded and the dead by money and from or for money further debase and humiliate the human kind actually. That’s what some Govt have been or are doing instead of throwing themselves into the sea – nothing short of that.
That’s not love, that’s hypocrisy and humiliation.