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Gilbert Goh summoned by police over solidarity actions at Speakers’ Corner for Israel-Palestine victims

Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh was summoned to Police Cantonment Complex on Thursday, and ordered to refrain from accessing his Instagram account.

The investigation is understood to be centred on two instances of him holding signs in solidarity with Israel-Hamas conflict victims at the Speakers’ corner in Hong Lim Park.



SINGAPORE: Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh was summoned to the Singapore police station at Cantonment on Thursday (9 Nov) for questioning as part of an ongoing investigation.

He has also been directed to refrain from accessing his Instagram account.

The investigation is understood to be centred around two incidents where Mr Goh was seen in his social media Instagram posts, showing him holding up a sign at Speakers’ Corner in Hong Lim Park, expressing his solidarity with the victims of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

As of Thursday at 4:30 pm, the second Instagram post of Goh holding a sign at Speakers’ Corner is inaccessible, while an earlier post from October 19th remains viewable to the public.

According to a notice received by Mr Goh, as observed by Gutzy, the investigation is being conducted under the Public Order Act.

On Monday (6 Nov), A photo published on Mr Goh’s Instagram shows him holding a sign with the words: “CEASE FIRE NOW!” at the Speakers’ Corner.

The sign also displayed disturbing statistics: “Total deaths – 9800, Children – 4000, Women – 2400, Missing – 2200.”

In the description accompanying his post, Mr Goh wrote: “In solidarity with 2 million Palestinians at Gaza. In solidarity with those hostages still held by Hamas. ”

He concluded with a quote from Gandhi: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

On 21 October, The Singapore Police Force (SPF) disclosed that investigations are underway concerning an incident involving Mr Goh.

This investigation follows a recent declaration by the authorities, including the National Parks Board, prohibiting events and public assemblies related to the volatile Israel-Hamas conflict, citing substantial public safety and security concerns amidst escalating international tensions.

Defying these restrictions, Goh reportedly shared a monochromatic image on Instagram on 19 October, capturing himself at Speakers’ Corner, displaying a placard with a message that read, “Peace not war. Israel stop the killing at Gaza! Hamas release all the hostages!”

The post garnered positive feedback, with netizens commending Goh’s courage and echoing his sentiments for peace.

This local incident unfolds against the harrowing backdrop of continued violence in the Middle East.

Goh, known for his advocacy in human rights, helms, providing support for the unemployed, and Love Aid Singapore, focusing on the local homeless and underprivileged populace.

In a statement released, the SPF acknowledged awareness of “a social media post showing a man holding onto a sign related to the Israel-Hamas conflict outside the Speakers’ Corner” and affirmed that inquiries are ongoing. Though the statement did not explicitly name Goh.

The SPF sternly reiterated its stance on the matter, emphasizing that organizing or partaking in public assemblies without requisite permissions, especially concerning sensitive issues like the Middle East conflict, is an actionable offence under Singapore law.

Singapore authorities declined five requests to use Speakers’ Corner for events related to Israel-Hamas Conflict

The Speakers’ Corner at Hong Lim Park stands as the sole location in Singapore where citizens can conduct outdoor gatherings and marches without a police permit. Applicants seeking to utilize the area are required to submit applications to NParks for consideration.

In a Parliamentary session on Monday, Minister of State for Home Affairs and National Development Associate Professor Faishal Ibrahim confirmed that the Singapore government has rejected five applications to use the Speakers’ Corner for events related to the Israel-Hamas war in October.

Associate Professor Faishal noted that NParks has received over 400 applications for the use of Speakers’ Corner within the last three years, with only seven being declined.

Five of these rejections were linked to events concerning the Israel-Hamas conflict in October, while the remaining two were for unrelated events in December 2022 and August.

Associate Professor Faishal explained, “Tensions are high and public demonstrations may inevitably advocate, or show more sympathy, for one side of the conflict or the other. They can spark off incidents on the ground. They also have the potential to divide us as Singaporeans. Once we allow one event, we will have to allow others.”

The government’s stance is backed by Parliament’s unanimous condemnation of violence against civilians in the Israel-Hamas conflict, with a collective voice from 21 MPs across parties including the People’s Action Party (PAP), Workers’ Party (WP), and Progress Singapore Party (PSP).

They participated in a debate on a motion about the conflict, which, after approximately six hours, was passed.

The toll of the conflict is harrowing. In a statement on Monday, Gaza’s Ministry of Health said the death toll has risen to at least 10,022 Palestinians, including 4,104 children.

The Israeli army has expanded its air and ground attacks following a surprise offensive by Hamas on 7 October, which resulted in a civilian death toll of 1,400, including 220 individuals taken as hostages, as reported by Israeli officials.

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Gilbert= There are more important things for you to do to help poor Singaporeans. Thank you. We appreciate your kindness.

A person holding up a sign peacefully can be investigated by police?
Hmmm … they must have plenty of freetime!
Why not assisting CPIB in Iswa’s case?
Iswa assisting CPIB since July and the case is not closed yet.

UN- Stop fooling yourselves.!!

Terrorism is not accepted. Say what you like about U.S supporting Israel. Isnt ISIS supporting Israel?

1) sending 4500 missiles to Israel on 7th October & killing innocent lives, tourists, children are totally not acceptable
2) sending 4500 missiles to Israel on 7 Oct 2023, Palestine Muslims claiming they are victimized is totally not acceptable
3) Holding civilians as hostages and threating to kill them is totally not acceptable
4) Sending 4,500 missiles to Israel and claiming Israel are terrorists are totally not acceptable

Last edited 7 months ago by john lim

I’m starting to believe that this fella’s 2nd home is police station.

No point jailing such shit stirrer.
Taxpayer is paying for his free stay at Changi!
Since he wants to stir shit in such issue. Banish the fxxker to Gaza.
Make thia fxxker wear the IDF uniform and Hamas head band!
See whether he becomes HAMAS TARGET OR IDF TARGET!
Or both! 😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆

Why why why

Hamas is still holding more than 200 hostages.

UN should arrests Hamas.

What is UN doing?

These are times when it is embarrassing to be a Singaporean. As the killings continue and the govt. refuses public protests, please be ready for a bottle or two to land on the Ministers or MPs heads.