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Singapore activist under investigation for unauthorized public assembly amid Middle East conflict tensions

Singapore police are investigating activist Gilbert Goh for an unauthorized demonstration at Hong Lim Park, amid strict regulations on public assemblies concerning the Israel-Hamas conflict.



SINGAPORE: The Singapore Police Force (SPF) disclosed on Saturday (21 Oct) that investigations are underway concerning an incident involving local activist Gilbert Goh, who is alleged to have staged an unauthorized public demonstration at Speakers’ Corner in Hong Lim Park.

This investigation follows a recent declaration by the authorities, including the National Parks Board, prohibiting events and public assemblies related to the volatile Israel-Hamas conflict, citing substantial public safety and security concerns amidst escalating international tensions.

Defying these restrictions, Goh reportedly shared a monochromatic image on Instagram on Thursday (19 Oct), capturing himself at Speakers’ Corner, displaying a placard with a message that read, “Peace not war. Israel stop the killing at Gaza! Hamas release all the hostages!” The post garnered positive feedback, with netizens commending Goh’s courage and echoing his sentiments for peace.

The same image, albeit in colour, was published by others via other social media platforms subsequently.

In a statement released, the SPF acknowledged awareness of “a social media post showing a man holding onto a sign related to the Israel-Hamas conflict outside the Speakers’ Corner” and affirmed that inquiries are ongoing. Though the statement did not explicitly name Goh.

Speaking to Gutzy, Goh shared that he has yet to be approached by the police to assist in the investigation.

The SPF sternly reiterated its stance on the matter, emphasizing that organizing or partaking in public assemblies without requisite permissions, especially concerning sensitive issues like the Middle East conflict, is an actionable offence under Singapore law.

This local incident unfolds against the harrowing backdrop of continued violence in the Middle East. The conflict, now intensified following Hamas’ Operation Al-Aqsa Flood and subsequent Israeli military responses, shows no sign of abating, taking a heavy toll on civilian lives and infrastructure on both sides.

Israel officials have said more than 1,400 people in Israel have been killed in the attack by Hamas on 7 October, while recent reports from Gaza’s Health Ministry reveal a grim tally of 4,137 fatalities, with injuries numbering at 13,300, as relentless bombardments persist. Among the tragically deceased were 16 Palestinian Christians, victims of a direct strike on a Greek Orthodox church in Gaza city.

Goh, known for his advocacy in human rights, helms, providing support for the unemployed, and Love Aid Singapore, focusing on the local homeless and underprivileged populace. His activism extends internationally, with humanitarian efforts in conflict-ridden zones in the Middle East.

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To me, best not interfere in the wars. We are tiny dot.

I do no vote for pappies . Here are some of my pointers: Oppies want to win elections they must do a lot of ground work like WP. Adding on to that. 1) Grow your team from time to time. Never stop growing your team members 2) Have programs to improve the lives of people besides protesting 3) Work and embark with professionals to help Sinkaporeans 4) Focus on main issues such as bread and butter issues. Avoiding all these issues does not serve a purpose in winning. 5) How to create jobs for all Singaporeans? Do you have a… Read more »

It claimed that Sheegapore punches above its weight, widely known universally – how has this description develop and what is the world going to make out of Gilbert’s being investigated.

Strange polarisation.

Gilbert located himself to Sydney some years back.
Cannot make it there, came back to Singapore.
To make it back here, however we all know Singapore’s situation today.
Therefore we get Gilbert Goh the protester.
This is what I know about him & he try’s.

I once respected this guy. I used to attend his speeches.

One day I bumped into him giving out flyers.

Try to strike out a conversation with him.

Unfortunately he doesn’t seems friendly. Sad

We are the citizens of Singapore. You forgotten you still need my vote.

I still vote oppies but not this guy. Sorry

The Real Thing.
From Down Under.

But SG govt also made statement to the Hamas and Israeli conflict so what is SPF investigating about. Very funny.

Carry one placard is terrorist? Those stealing from the National Coffer not terrorist?!?

Another abomination on the “kena scammed” capital on earth, … a singular individual holding aloft, a handwritten message on a board !!! Which seemingly, warranted and garnered all of this attention, … from the SPF, media, NParks and all of the authorities and bodies against public protest cum demonstrations cum assemblies. An investigation is underway, … as the fabric of a well controlled environment in SillyPore is threatened by this singular act, and if not brought into line, … may endanger the “pretty and peaceful picture” that the “artists” have painstakingly perfected !!! Power to the fallacy !!! Power to… Read more »

fuck off gilbert. no singaporeans want jobs in hamas terror land.

Steady lah Gilbert.
He cannot even exercise His Own Right.

Simple solution.
Ship and throw this shit stirrer Gilbert, either to Gaza side or His-ball-la side.
His chioce, his pick.
But I bet if it comes to this, Gilbert the shit stirrer would HAVE NO BALLS TO CHOOSE.
At least , His-Ball-la side name suggest…AT LEAST THEY HAVE BALLS!!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆

Definition of Assembly: A group of people gathered together in one place for a common purpose.
“an assembly of dockers and labourers”

One person can be assembly meh? What standard of england is this? How ridiculous can things get in Singapore law??!? What perversion of English language???

Let me guess … A POLICE STATE?

comment image

We should first put our own house in order. A one-man protest is a joke and crime here; we should advance our society till peaceful protests for world issues are allowed, meaningful or even encouraged. Go without saying that wouldn’t happen under the current management – everyone is so insecure.

I do not support pappies does not mean I must support Gilbert silliness.

Please spend more time contributing ideas how to help the poor bring food on the table. Thank you

you must be joking whereby imbeciles like you are inciting in that small rotten barking dogs does not have a chance to bite. peace? are you shitting with an inserted pole?

Gilbert= Please stay out other country business

Hamas has not finished firing. Check out the CNA news.

Israel is not done yet with Hamas.

Stand with you on the Peace. Police should be investigating how two 14 year old boys had access to drugs in Yishun instead of one man standing with a Peace Post. I feel ashamed as a Singaporean when our Police do not ignore one man stand-ups. It reflects poorly on the Yishun MP.

I’m sure it’s not what he was holding,
But… WHO was holding it

comment image

Gilbert= Sorry to say I find your placard very very stupid.

It gives many people the impression Israel is in the wrong and you are asking Israel to stop the war? Are you stupid or what?

Do you know Hamas is still shooting at Israel? Why not ask Hamas to stop?

Sorry Gilbert, I find you are stupid

Respect to what he stands for but the G has reiterated their stance on demonstrations and rallies with regards to this volatile and sensitive issue in the Middle East.
This guy must feel like a thorn in the G’s shoes.