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Auxiliary police officer arrested for not returning firearm and equipment after duty at Changi Airport

An auxiliary police officer was arrested for not returning his service revolver and equipment after his shift at Changi Airport. The 27-year-old was detained at a shopping mall, with all items recovered. He will be charged on Saturday for unlawful carrying of firearm that could result in up to 14 years in prison and caning.



An auxiliary police officer, deployed at Changi Airport, was taken into custody early Friday (10 May) morning after failing to return his service revolver, ammunition, and baton following the completion of his shift.

The arrest occurred at a shopping mall along Victoria Street approximately two-and-a-half hours after the incident was first reported to the authorities.

The 27-year-old Singaporean officer was arrested by a coordinated effort involving over 100 personnel from various divisions including the Criminal Investigation Department, Police Intelligence Department, and the Special Operations Command.

The items were subsequently found in his possession, concealed within his bag. The exact location of the arrest remains undisclosed as investigations continue.

The incident came to light around 9:50 PM on Thursday when Certis, the security management company responsible for the officer’s deployment, alerted the police through their automated arms management system after detecting that the officer had not returned his issued firearm and equipment post-duty.

“Certis management was immediately alerted and the police were subsequently informed,” said a Certis spokesperson, emphasizing the efficiency of their systems to handle such breaches.

The police recovered the revolver, ammunition, and baton unharmed, and confirmed that the revolver had not been discharged or used in any threatening manner during the incident.

The officer has been suspended from duty by Certis pending further investigation, which is being supported by the security company to ensure thorough examination and compliance with safety protocols.

“The safety of the public is our utmost priority,” the Certis spokesperson added, highlighting the zero tolerance policy for misuse of firearms and the expectations for strict adherence to weapon protocols by their officers.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zhang Weihan, expressed his disappointment over the breach of trust and law, stating, “The man involved in the unlawful carrying of a firearm has demonstrated a blatant disregard for the law and abused the firearms entrusted to him for his duties.”

The man is scheduled to be charged in court on Saturday (11 May) for unlawful carrying of a firearm.

The offense of unlawful possession and carriage of a firearm carries severe penalties, including a potential imprisonment of five to 14 years and a minimum of six strokes of the cane.

Acting DC Zhang praised the quick response of the police teams involved: “Police officers had worked tirelessly to secure his swift arrest and ensured that public safety was maintained,” he affirmed, reiterating that the police will not tolerate actions that compromise the safety of the public.

The police told the media that the man would be sent for psychiatric assessment.

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Ppl losing their minds!
Too many rules and controls making ppl go either crazy or bad.

Better pray that day never comes..
Our gov ministars love to warn us sgs that “its not IF but WHEN!
the terrorists are already living amongst us. ..brought in by our own sgov..

Last edited 11 days ago by A Betraying gov

Given the escalating prices throughout the island, … he was compelled to go shopping, armed !!!

Why must SPH Zhang put up a hand sign down there during the press conference?
That sign symbolises the female part, especially use in health promotion for all females.

This PAP Administration is the WORLD’S MOST DISLOYAL party tt the world has seen other than many in other places – they claimed SG do NOT have enough fit men, strong men to join the SG Police. Then the BEST thing to do IMMEDIATELY is TO TERMINATE Nat Service – since many young men in SG are weak based on PAP thinking DO NOT WASTE SG Reserves to continue the SAF. Reduce ALL Millionaire Bastards Salaries – OUT SOURCE our Military like they employ Taiwanese, Msians, and others. If the PAP continue TO DISRESPECT the Sons of SG – next… Read more »

Last edited 11 days ago by the trishaw

If he is a foreigner, employing them for our own safety has to be seriously reviewed. If he is Singaporean, his mental health has to be reviewed. Both these scenarios give our policemen more work. We should work towards lesser manpower to be a Smart Nation.

Recall few months back, the Monkeys said they are recruiting foreigners to fill the Auxiliary Police. Give foreigners jobs, then give them guns – great planning, hor.

Sinkie too stressed liao. Doing such low paying job that now even FTs are doing.
But for jiu hu kia at that pay , is 3.5 to 1 back to Boleh land leh.
So maybe take gun out to ‘solve his life problem’!

No one will be left behind.
For your job.
For your country.
For your future….who say this ah?😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆

Wah … so hardworking! Off duty already still putting in the hours as undercover plainclothes officer. And kena arrested for it some more.

One has to imagine the – and naturally – various scope of risks when foreigners take up arms, and are involved in the security and protection business of commercial entities, it’s personnel, and in area of personal safety of places of tasks assigned. There’s always a fear – it’s not unfounded to disbelieve that PAP Administration has Singaporeans to believe and trust them – what and how foreigners behave in their work as guardians of peace, order and safety in SG. It looks as though the PAP Administration take it so very lightly, nonchalantly, brainlessly, to engage foreigners to do… Read more »

2 reports of 2 diff media I read about the aux policeman. One mentioned he is a Singaporean. The other omitted. This is example how screwed up media reports report on SG affairs esp when personnel is of which nationality or race is involved in crimes.