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At least 9 individuals summoned by police over Palestine solidarity activities on 2 Feb

Singapore police summon at least nine over solidarity actions with Palestine on 2 Feb, according to  Transformative Justice SG, citing potential public order violations and promotion of enmity.



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SINGAPORE: At least nine individuals were summoned by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) on Thursday (15 Feb) over investigations into the solidarity actions with Palestine that occurred on 2 February 2024.

This was shared by Transformative Justice SG in an update on ongoing investigations via their Instagram account on Friday (16 Feb).

The allegations against them include “organising a public assembly without a permit” under the Public Order Act and “promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of race and doing acts prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony” under the Penal Code.

It was highlighted that two individuals were scheduled for police interrogation on 16 February.

This investigation relates to Letters for Palestine, where 70 individuals delivered 140 letters to the Istana urging the Prime Minister to address the ongoing genocide, and Steadfast for Palestine, a live-streamed private event attended by 160 individuals.

On Thursday (15 Feb), following a police media release on the solidarity actions and the organizers’ response, ten police officers visited four homes, causing distress to families.

They delivered letters titled ‘MESSAGE FROM THE POLICE’ seeking voluntary cooperation. Some individuals received numerous calls while at work or school.

The police insisted that interviews be conducted by the weekend, even attempting to schedule interviews for Sunday night at 10 pm.

Transformative Justice SG expressed condemnation for these investigations, asserting that the government is misusing police powers to suppress legitimate acts of solidarity and silence peaceful calls to end the Palestinian genocide.

Furthermore, they criticized the use of laws ostensibly designed to protect racial and religious harmony, arguing that these laws are being weaponized to stifle discourse and genuine expressions of concern about ongoing injustices in Palestine, thereby undermining the very objectives they aim to safeguard.

Singapore police probe events of 2 February in ongoing investigations

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) is currently conducting investigations into two events that took place on 2 February, with concerns of possible violations of the Public Order Act amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict and Gaza genocide.

In their statement on Tuesday (13 Feb), the SPF stressed the importance of maintaining respectful discussions regarding the conflict and highlighted the illegality of participating in public protests without the required permit.

The first event under investigation involved around 70 individuals congregating along Orchard Road, proceeding towards the Istana with umbrellas adorned with watermelon imagery—a recognized symbol of Palestinian resistance.

Police reports were filed by members of the public, raising concerns about potential tensions and disorder, especially given the security sensitivity of the Istana area.

The second incident was a private gathering captured and shared online, where a participant was seen live streaming and chanting “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” phrase.

The SPF noted that certain phrases used during the event are associated with calls for the destruction of the State of Israel, and the use of such language can lead to racial tensions and may be an offence under Section 298A(a) of the Penal Code 1871.

The SPF reiterated its stance from October 2023, stating that applications for public events related to the Israel-Hamas conflict would be systematically rejected due to public safety and security concerns.

The police emphasized the importance of not allowing international events to disrupt Singapore’s internal harmony, stating the “real risk” such assemblies pose to public order and inter-community relations.

The SPF made it clear that no permits will be granted for gatherings that risk inciting disorder or advocate for foreign political causes.

Additionally, the unauthorized posting of materials, such as stickers on properties, remains a punishable offense under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act.

“Singapore for Palestine” organizers defend actions

In response, the organizing team of “Singapore for Palestine” defended their activities as expressions of “humanity and love,” challenging the SPF’s portrayal of their actions.

They criticized the police for not acknowledging widespread support for Palestine, including actions by students across major universities and the public wearing armbands in solidarity.

They expressed irony in the government’s actions, questioning the allowance of an upcoming Airshow where Israel could showcase weapons, while canceling their planned event for peace in Palestine.

Despite the SPF’s allegations, the organizers asserted their commitment to advocating for Palestine, stating, “We will not be silenced. As long as Palestine remains unfree, we will continue to act, speak, and show up for Palestine.”

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Fortunately Singaporeans are largely educated, not easily swayed to do stupid things just because a very small group is doing so.

Why the 70 Singaporeans so stupid sent 140 letters to the tyrant Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong , surely will get marked by Singapore Prime Minister cum Emperor Lee Hsien Loong as terrorists and activists surely will ended harassed by police from Tanglin Police Division and harassment messages and calls from PAP gangsters from all walks of life 24 hours non stop.

Where were all these clowns when Russia invaded Ukraine?
This is just the sort of garbage gatherings SG don’t need. Hopefully they get the book thrown on them.

“…The second incident was a private gathering captured and shared online, where a participant was seen live streaming and chanting “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” phrase...” —————— The era of the Kayu Son is ending soon. Singaporeans should focus on our internal issues first. Already in Budget2024, LawlanWong has subtly admitted that Ah loong has FAILED Singaporeans: 1) Mentioned that for SG to remain relevant, our growth need to be 2-3% per year. Yet under loong, our growth had stagnated to about 0.5-1.5% in the pre-covid years. This is despite massive import of foreign labor and massive… Read more »

While SPF has several missteps in recent years, apparently due to interference by some political masters, in this case SPF has called the right shots. 1) Using a banner like “Singapore for Palestine” is typical activist-hooliganism where a very tiny insignificant group (100-200pax) uses the national title to project that they represent the majority. This is pure falsehood and intended dishonesty. Even when registration of a large organization/company, one cannot use “Singapore” in its name unless it is an official national body or a political identity. So for a small SME or startup, to say it “represent” SG, it is… Read more »

Send all these fuckers to Gaza and let IDF deal with them. This is the most appropriate punishment.
If they ever return, it will be in body bags.

I saw a peaceful march. I didn’t see any act to provoke racial riots or public disorder. There is nothing wrong in people standing up against genocide in another country. Please remember that our own grandparents and great grand parents lived through the Japanese Occupation. Many were tortured and murdered. We see this happening in another country today and marching to show support for those who are being killed is wrong? SPF, please don’t use the law as a cover to punish those who are standing up against genocide. You should be joining them if you are all humans and… Read more »

As many comentators have stated – this so-called Singapore for Palestine movement does not represent the whole of Singapore. They should change it to Free Palestine or something similar. I don’t care I, for one stand in solidarity with the SPF that Singaporeans should not advocate publicly either for Israel or Hamas / Palestine. Please do not hide behind the claim that “their activities as expressions of “humanity and love”. I puke at such a claim. To me, the threat the organising team has given to the Police is outright defiance – “We will not be silenced. As long as… Read more »