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Singaporeans stand firm in support for Palestine amidst police scrutiny

Singapore for Palestine organizers assert their right to advocate for Palestine, amid police scrutiny. They emphasize their peaceful acts of solidarity and commitment to speaking up against injustices, despite facing investigations.



In the wake of investigations by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) into two events held on February 2nd, the organizers of “Singapore for Palestine” issued a powerful statement on Wednesday (14 Feb), emphasizing their commitment to advocating for Palestinian rights.

The SPF’s probe is centred on potential violations of the Public Order Act amid heightened tensions due to the Israel-Hamas conflict, which has resulted in allegations of genocide committed by the Israel administration against the Palestinians.

During one event, approximately 70 individuals marched to the Istana, carrying umbrellas adorned with watermelon motifs—a symbol of Palestinian resistance—to deliver letters to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

70 people peacefully walked to the Istana in an orderly fashion to deliver their letters to the Prime Minister. (Photo:Amrita Chandradas)

This peaceful act of solidarity, which allegedly had police reports filed against it, has been scrutinized by the police for its potential to incite public disorder, especially given the sensitive location.

Another event, a private gathering, saw expressions of support for Palestine, including calls to end Singapore’s military and diplomatic ties with Israel. The use of the phrase “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” during this event has particularly drawn the SPF’s attention due to its contentious implications.

The participants in the private event advocated for stopping the purchase of Israeli arms, ending partnerships with Israeli institutions, halting all diplomatic relations with Israel, ceasing participation in the US-led attacks in the Red Sea, and calling for an end to police investigations into peaceful expressions of support for Palestine.

160 people of various racial and religious backgrounds squeezed together for the private event ‘Steadfast for Palestine’. (Photo: zack dilaroca)

The organizing team of “Singapore for Palestine” has responded with fervor, underscoring their activities as expressions of “humanity and love” rather than threats to public order.

“As citizens of Singapore, it is both our right and our moral responsibility to call on the Singapore state to stop fuelling Israel’s genocide in Palestine,” the organizers declared, challenging the SPF’s portrayal of their actions.

They criticized the police for not acknowledging the widespread support for Palestine, including actions by students across major universities and the public wearing armbands in solidarity.

“In their press release, the SPF failed to mention that on the same day, hundreds also wore armbands in the colors of the Palestinian flag, to show their solidarity. What’s more, apart from the actions we organized, around a hundred students across NTU, NUS, and SMU also organized events on their respective campuses to mourn the loss of Palestinian lives and express their commitment to a free Palestine.”

In NTU, more than 40 students did a teach-in on Palestine.

Highlighting the irony in the state’s actions, the organizers noted, “It is really difficult to accept that while the police required the cancellation of the public event we had planned on 2nd Feb – Show Up for Palestine – to promote peace in Palestine, they are allowing Israel to promote their weapons of mass murder at the Airshow next week.”

“We are not intimidated by the SPF’s allegations. But it appears that the government is threatened by our umbrellas decorated beautifully with hand-drawn watermelons!” said the organizers in their statement.

The team’s resolve remains unshaken, committed to continuing their advocacy: “We will not be silenced. As long as Palestine remains unfree, we will continue to act, speak, and show up for Palestine.”

They draw attention to the grave situation in Gaza, particularly in Rafah, where over a million civilians face the threat of Israeli aggression. “We must not let Palestinians become extinct,” they implore, calling for global and local support for the Palestinian cause.

In response to these developments, the SPF, supported by Minister Josephine Teo, has reiterated the importance of maintaining respectful discourse, stressing that Singapore’s laws against unauthorized public gatherings aim to preserve public order and inter-community harmony.

The government maintains its stance on contributing to humanitarian efforts and seeking peaceful resolutions through international dialogue.

The death toll in the Gaza Strip has surpassed 28,000, with more than 67,600 Palestinians wounded since the Israeli offensive on Gaza began on 7 October last year.

On 26 January, the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to limit deaths and damage but stopped short of demanding a ceasefire in the Palestinian territory. South Africa has accused Israel of genocide and requested the World Court in The Hague, Netherlands, to impose interim measures as the case proceeds, including ordering Israel to halt its offensive, allowing Gaza residents access to aid, and taking “reasonable measures” to prevent genocide.

Israel has denied committing genocide and asked the court to dismiss the case, which the panel of 17 judges refused to do. And despite the ruling, Israel has since stepped up its offensive on Gaza, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling for a ground invasion of Rafah, where 1.4 million civilians are crammed into the city.

Casualties in Gaza are expected to increase as Palestinians crammed into the city are trapped between Israel’s offensive in the north and Egypt’s border, which has been said not to allow passage.

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Noisy AirShow so noisy! Nobody supportive of your noisy airshow!

All this happen cause he Don want to step down

Just a few 100 people… …so don’t say ” Singaporeans…….”
The title is wrong!

Last edited 1 month ago by Get it right

Liberals and tudung wearing kind. No surprise.
Best punishment for these ,is to send them to Gaza since they so vouch and love these Palestinians and let them take the front line into the ‘tunnel of love’ these Palestinians had dug for them to go into!
Pss….don’t say I say hor….but getting blown to pieces is just one of the possibility as they go in!!😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

I Singaporean. I don’t support your stupid protest. You do not represent whole Singapore. You cannot say “Singapore for Palestine”. I not support you. You should protest Muslim mosques destroyed and Hindu temples take over in India. You all hypocrites. Muslim kill Muslims like Syria you shut your mouth! Police should investigate organisers. They very garang or as Chinese say “kwai-lan”. Police must be more garang.

I agree, SPF and the ruling government should not interfere with these protests. Instead, the ruling government can sponsor a trip to Gaza so that these protestors can support Hamas directly instead of virtue signaling in peaceful Singapore.

There are people in Singapore here today that need help, but instead let’s focus on Gaza, thousands of miles away suffering the consequences of their own stupid actions.

If one asks these protestors which river and which sea they are chanting about and marching about, most of them wouldn’t have an idea. They are simply ignorant and just following the crowd. If you ask them what genocide is, they lagi blur sotong. Jo is right – this chant is in itself a call for genocide against the Jews and against Israel, and is extremely antisemitic and offensive. The terrorists Hamas Charter (go read it, they post it online for the world to see) first and foremost calls for the destruction and eradication of the Jewish people from the… Read more »

Own turf so many problems, dun hold protests, only good to kapo what is happening over in Middle East. Go win a GRC from the pappies and help issues affecting Singaporeans, then maybe we will take notice of this group.

“…around a hundred students across NTU, NUS, and SMU also organized events on their respective campuses to mourn the loss of Palestinian lives and express their commitment to a free Palestine…”


So photo shows 30+ students at NTU, leaving about 60-70 in NUS and SMU. Meaning only a very tiny portion of our student population. Sounds just about a portion of a population seeking attention on any issue. Ant bite don’t make into a mountain, lar.

Policing is to keep the peace in society.
Not to be used to suppress peaceful presentation and support of ideas.

Beautiful umbrellas for a good cause! People should be allowed to express themselves peacefully without police interference.

SPF could easily gave approval for such peaceful gatherings and asked them to hire security troopers to provide escort.

Just like on New Year’s Day, I saw large crowds walking around Tanglin (near pinkie house) Jervois area, the Delta road area.

On hand, I also saw security personnel helping them at road junctions. Later, I learn that they were going to the Indonesia embassy to cast their presidential vote.

So what is the difference between these groups?