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SPF warns against “Walk-Out Singapore” march amid Israel’s genocide in Gaza

SPF issues a warning on a planned “Walk-Out Singapore” march, citing public safety concerns amid the Israel-Hamas conflict. It reiterates gatherings require permits, which will not be granted for events related to the conflict.



The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has issued a warning against a planned public march, dubbed “Walk-Out Singapore,” set to take place at the Singapore Botanical Gardens this weekend.

The march aims to demonstrate views on the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, sparking concerns over public safety and societal harmony.

According to SPF, such gatherings require a police permit under the Public Order Act 2009. Any organization or participation in public assemblies or processions without authorization is deemed an offence.

In light of the heightened tensions from the Israel-Hamas conflict, the police have expressed significant concerns over public safety and security regarding assemblies and processions related to the issue.

“They could lead to tensions and disharmony in our society, as different communities in Singapore hold different views on the matter,” stated the SPF in their news release dated February 13, 2024.

The SPF has made it clear that it will not approve applications for events related to the Israel-Hamas conflict, irrespective of the stance of support.

The police engaged with the organizer of the planned march on 15 February, advising against the event. The SPF has called on Singaporeans to maintain the nation’s social harmony and to express concerns through lawful and appropriately organized events and discussions instead.

This announcement comes in the wake of investigations into two events held on  2 February 2024 amidst the Israel-Hamas conflict and the situation in Gaza.

The first event involved around 70 individuals marching towards the Istana with umbrellas featuring watermelon imagery, a symbol of Palestinian resistance, which led to public reports to the police. The march, advocating for political causes of other countries, has raised concerns over stirring tensions and public disorder, which may have breached the Public Order Act, especially given the sensitive security context of the Istana area.

A second incident under investigation involved a private gathering where participants were seen advocating against Israeli arms purchases, calling for an end to Singaporean partnerships with Israeli institutions, and demanding a cessation of diplomatic relations with Israel, among other things.

The use of the phrase “From the river to the sea,” interpreted as a call for the destruction of the State of Israel, has particularly drawn police attention for its potential to incite racial tensions.

The organizers of the private gathering were compelled to revise their previous plan of holding an event at The Projector after the police informed them that they would require a police permit, which would not be granted, to carry out the event.

Additionally, an individual has alleged that she was stopped and detained by the police at customs over a social media post related to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Israel’s attacks on Gaza have killed at least 28,663 Palestinians and wounded 68,395 since 7 October.

Casualties in Gaza are expected to increase as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls for a ground invasion of Rafah, where 1.4 million civilians are crammed into the city, trapped between Isreal’s offensive in the north and Egypt’s border where it has been said that it would not allow passage.

In light of Israel’s impending actions, South Africa, which initiated the allegations of genocide against Israel, has called for urgent intervention from the International Court of Justice to prevent further imminent breaches of the rights of Palestinians in Gaza.

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Stupid bitch! SG for palestine? Hello, don’t speak for me. I no support Hamas who hide behind palestinians. Now palestinians suffer

If this is truly a democracy, people should be allowed to express themselves peacefully. The police force should not be making decisions for the executive. If changes are not made according to the population and period, the police by using suppression are only going to be met with violence at some point. The human spirit cannot be caged as it is now done in Singapore.