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Singapore Police investigate two events amid Israel’s genocide in Gaza

Singapore Police Force in a statement said it is probing two events on 2 Feb for Public Order Act breaches, urging lawful, respectful dialogue on Israel-Hamas conflict as death toll in the Gaza Strip has surpassed 28,000, with more than 67,600 Palestinians wounded.



The two events held on 2 Feb 2024

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Police Force (SPF) is currently investigating two events held on 2 February that may have breached the Public Order Act amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict and genocide in Gaza.

In their statement on Tuesday (13 Feb), the SPF also emphasized the importance of maintaining respectful and responsible discussions concerning the conflict, highlighting the illegal nature of participating in public protests without the requisite permit.

The first event under investigation saw approximately 70 individuals congregating along Orchard Road, proceeding towards the Istana with umbrellas adorned with watermelon imagery—a recognized symbol of Palestinian resistance.

It is said that members of the public filed police reports on the event.

This march, potentially advocating for the political causes of other countries, has raised concerns over stirring tensions and leading to public disorder, particularly given the security sensitivity of the Istana area, said the police.

A second incident involved a private gathering which was captured and shared online where a subject was seen live streaming publicly and chanting, “From the river to the sea”, and others chanting “, Palestine will be free”, in response.

The participants in the private event called for stopping the purchase of Israeli arms, ending Singaporean partnerships with Israeli institutions, halting all diplomatic relations with Israel, ceasing participation in the US-led attacks in the Red Sea, and stopping police investigations into peaceful expressions of support for Palestine.

SPF states, “The phrase “From the river to the sea” is associated with calls for the destruction of the State of Israel. The use of such phrases can lead to racial tensions in our society, and may be an offence under Section 298A(a) of the Penal Code 1871. We must also not condone calls for violence.”

Reflecting on these incidents, the SPF reiterated its stance from October 2023, alongside the National Parks Board, that applications for public events related to the Israel-Hamas conflict would be systematically rejected due to public safety and security concerns.

The SPF’s statement further stressed the importance of not allowing international events to disrupt Singapore’s internal harmony, pointing out the “real risk” assemblies related to the Gaza situation pose to public order and inter-community relations.

In line with this, the SPF has made it clear that no permits will be granted for gatherings that risk inciting disorder or advocate for foreign political causes.

Additionally, SPF noted that unauthorized posting of materials such as stickers on properties remains a punishable offence under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act.

In a supportive stance, Josephine Teo, Minister for Communications and Information and Second Minister for the Ministry of Home Affairs, echoed the police’s sentiments in a Facebook post.

She reassured that the advisory is not aimed at stifling expression but rather at ensuring that public discourse does not infringe upon the law or threaten societal cohesion.

Minister Teo also highlighted Singapore’s proactive stance on the conflict, noting the country’s contribution to humanitarian efforts and its call for an immediate ceasefire through international platforms.

The death toll in the Gaza Strip has surpassed 28,000, with more than 67,600 Palestinians wounded since the Israeli offensive on Gaza began on 7 October last year.

On 26 January, the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to limit deaths and damage but stopped short of demanding a cease-fire in the Palestinian territory.

South Africa has accused Israel of genocide and requested the World Court in The Hague, Netherlands, to impose interim measures as the case proceeds. These requested measures include ordering Israel to halt its offensive, allowing Gaza residents access to aid, and taking “reasonable measures” to prevent genocide.

Israel has denied committing genocide and asked the court to dismiss the case, which the panel of 17 judges refused to do.

Casualties in Gaza are expected to increase as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls for a ground invasion of Rafah, where 1.4 million civilians are crammed into the city, trapped between Isreal’s offensive in the north and Egypt’s border where it has been said that it would not allow passage.

Gutzy has checked with the organisers of the events and understands that they have yet to be contacted by the police and that the Prime Minister has yet respond to the letters that were sent on 2 February.

Edit: It was wrongly noted in the previous edition that the President had not replied when the letters were sent to the Prime Minister.

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The world today is UPSIDE DOWN.
Acting in self defence is propagandised as genocide.
Terrorism can win sympathy by playing the victim card.
A black negro can be a japanese.
A white Ukranian can also become a japanese.
Convicted 1MDB Najib can be pardoned.
Same sex marriage and LGBT gay rights are enshrined.
What a balooney !

why never apply to protest at Hong Lim Park ??? LOL

If one asks these protestors which river and which sea they are chanting about, most of them wouldn’t have an idea. They are simply ignorant and just following the crowd. If you ask them what genocide is, they lagi blur sotong. Jo is right – this chant is in itself a call for genocide against the Jews and against Israel, and is extremely antisemitic and offensive. The terrorists Hamas Charter (go read it, they post it online for the world to see) first and foremost calls for the destruction and eradication of the Jewish people from the River Jordan (of… Read more »

Why they go and busybody other people trouble? Want to be activist, then go there.
This is not our war and this kind of mentality is very inciting for the wrong reasons.
You want to help? Send food or monetary donations to them. But chanting out loud for banning certain nations and not really understanding the situation is dumb.
Don’t worry about others backyard when you yourself haven’t cut your trees!

Read and understand the history. Although today there is a land called Palestine, this land hasn’t been a sovereign Palestine nation, statehood, kingdom or empire. Under the control of the Roman empire in 135 AD it was named Judea – land of the jews and later renamed phillistines. So there no such thing and a mistake to call them Palestinians just because they lived there. These people there until today are descendants of the early arab immigrants and refugees from neighbouring states into Palestine for a better life. They are the bedouins and nomads settling here. So it is a… Read more »

If they all ppap, see whether the police will investigate unlawful gatherings or not.

Very quiet on such illegal gatherings on MSM because the Monkeys know these are imported cultures; just like the Little India riot – SG where got such nonsense in the past, we just minded our own issues, don’t kapo others? Only keep wayanging about the SG Core, but in fact our Core already eroding beyond recognition, truly FUBAR. Just ask: why PM/ministers don’t dare to utter the word “Uncompromising Integrity” anymore whenever there is a cock-up.

Police don’t talk only. Take action. Other people war should not be fight in Singapore. If Police not take action I also can get friends together protest Russia attack Ukraine. Or China bully Philippines in South China Sea. Or China against Urghurs? What about Muslim mosques no more in India and Hindu temples go up?

Why use “From the river to the sea”

Is that truth ?

Why not use ” Ponding “

The march should not be considered as political but humanitarian. Our govt. should have expelled the Israeli ambassador months back but is stroking the backs of the US and Israel though genocide is happening right in front of our eyes. It is like watching a rape and murder happening in front of you and not doing anything. It is also known that no matter how many countries vote to stop the genocide, the US and UK will veto it in the UN security council thus enabling the destruction of Gaza and it’s people. So the refusal of our govt. to… Read more »

Happened on 2/2 and only in the news on 13/2….lol. What a ‘very efficient’ SPF and press…lol.
Same like in the Little India Riot case. Happening there in Little India, but no breaking news on TV and radio. The people in Singapore still needs internet, Whatsapp, Wechat, Line, Twitters, Facebook, mobile and telephone communication, and through words of mouths to get to know the actual happening on that fateful night.

That is strange so why the pervious President, no chicken eat fish, can be allowed to be speaking for these Palentinians without any issue?
Double standard or triple standard?😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

Israeli Leaders should bore the War they created and not the citizens who have no say at all …

The SPF is a spent force, OUTDATED and robotic – perhaps it’s a consequence of their political masters influences and political bosses directives, the basis of which is borned of I suspect old templates, stg like DOS, or an Atari play system tho there are still accruing benefits if one is backward enough. Gathering is an outlet, an output, like the breathing in of air, in a living creature. Animals do it too. But only thing different is there are no policeanimal force to enforce outbreaks of violence in animal kingdoms. The PAP has been so adamantly drastic in compression… Read more »