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Three to be charged for organising letter submission to S’pore PM in solidarity with Palestine

On 27 June, three individuals will appear in court to face charges for organizing a letter delivery to the Prime Minister’s Office at the Istana on 2 February. They are accused under the Public Order Act of organizing a “procession publicizing the cause of solidarity with Palestine.”



SINGAPORE: On 27 June, three individuals will appear in court to face criminal charges related to organizing a letter delivery to the Prime Minister’s Office at the Istana on 2 February 2024, as part of the National Day of Solidarity with Palestine.

The charges, brought under the Public Order Act, allege that the accused were involved in organizing a “procession publicizing the cause of solidarity with Palestine.”

This event saw 70 individuals walking to the Istana and delivering 140 letters to then-Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The letters urged the government to end ties with Israel, including Singapore’s arms trade with the country and partnerships with its universities.

The charges brought under the Public Order Act allege that they were involved in organising a ‘procession publicising the cause of solidarity with Palestine’.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Transformative Justice Collective (TJC), a Singaporean civil society group, criticized the government’s response to the peaceful demonstration.

“In the face of peaceful demands to act with moral courage against the ongoing genocide in Palestine, the Government has chosen to respond vindictively with criminal sanction, ” the statement read.

“Such sanctions levelled against the three are also a continuation of the intimidation of peaceful support for Palestinian lives in Singapore.”

TJC highlighted that the Public Order Act imposes severe restrictions on the people’s right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, rights enshrined in Article 14 of Singapore’s Constitution.

“Our freedom to stand in solidarity with others, to call for action where injustice is seen, to act according to moral principles and not on the government’s permission, are fundamental to a healthy and flourishing democratic society,” TJC stated.

TJC revealed that the trio are social media influencer Camira Asrori, community worker Sobikun Nahar and TJC activist Kokila Annamalai.

The solidarity walk on 2 February led to police officers visiting four homes, causing distress to families. On 15 February, at least nine individuals were summoned by the Singapore Police for investigation related to the solidarity actions.

The allegations against them include “organising a public assembly without a permit” under the Public Order Act and “promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of race and doing acts prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony” under the Penal Code.

In their statement on 13 February, the authorities announced that they were investigating two events that took place on 2 February.

The first event under investigation involved around 70 individuals congregating along Orchard Road, proceeding towards the Istana with umbrellas adorned with watermelon imagery—a recognized symbol of Palestinian resistance.

SPF stressed the importance of maintaining respectful discussions regarding the conflict and highlighted the illegality of participating in public protests without the required permit.

The second incident was a private gathering captured and shared online, where a participant was seen live streaming and chanting “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” phrase.

The SPF noted that certain phrases used during the event are associated with calls for the destruction of the State of Israel, and the use of such language can lead to racial tensions and may be an offence under Section 298A(a) of the Penal Code 1871.

The SPF reiterated its stance from October 2023, stating that applications for public events related to the Israel-Hamas conflict would be systematically rejected due to public safety and security concerns.

The police emphasized the importance of not allowing international events to disrupt Singapore’s internal harmony, stating the “real risk” such assemblies pose to public order and inter-community relations.

The SPF made it clear that no permits will be granted for gatherings that risk inciting disorder or advocate for foreign political causes.

Additionally, the unauthorized posting of materials, such as stickers on properties, remains a punishable offence under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act.

On 16 April, a group of Singaporean activists staged a peaceful demonstration at the iconic Gardens by the Bay, displaying a banner that called for the cessation of Singapore’s arms trade with Israel.

The banner, reading “End SG – Israel arms trade,” was said to be part of a global initiative known as A15, which advocates for an economic blockade in 50 cities worldwide to highlight the global economy’s indifference to ongoing atrocities.

Subsequently, three activists are under police investigation over the protest.

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Loong ONLY like Fund Raising Activists that raise funds from public and give to his empires. Only those activists can sustain for him. But raise already then charge you … Worst PM!

National Day of Solidarity with Palestine??? 70 people doesn’t represent Singapore, lah. There are designated ways to hold a rally like at HLP, why these people think they are so entitled that laws should bend for them?

Democratic Republic? Hmm…more like commie republic.
Can’t control so ban. Can’t reason, so charge. Can’t accept, so punish.
Wonderful state run by donkeys.

Please show how Public Order was disrupted. The police force which should be protecting these citizens is being used to act against them. The police force is dictating for us to be frogs in the well? Be deaf, dumb and blind to global events? It can be construed as grooming the public to behave in a certain way that the police dictate. It is a human rights violation and an abhorrent act.

Show of force by State Terror to intimidate peaceful assembly.
Wong Kan Seng, when disputing reasons against granting cycling permit to WP at ECP, said arguments can arise that can leads to violence with people of WP cyclists.
But this statement cannot be applied to PAP cyclists it seems bcz PAP cyclists were granted the permits, NOT WP.

Communism tactics of oppression, of against freedom of actions against violation of human rights punished by State Police in a democratic practising country.


Bunch of frogs marching .

Jail them 1 week .