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Netizens mock LTA’s ‘poor excuse’ over defending new OBU bulky 3-piece design

LTA’s renewed defence of the ERP 2.0 OBU’s bulky design sparks further backlash from netizens. Comments on LTA’s FB criticize it for giving ‘poor excuse,’ questioning if LTA truly understands public needs.



The introduction of the new On-Board Unit (OBU) design in the Electronic Road Pricing 2.0 (ERP 2.0) system certainly sparked controversy and confusion among Singaporean motorists, with many having voiced their frustration over the inconvenience caused by the new OBU design for cars.

A citizen-led petition on has called for the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to halt and reevaluate the new OBU, citing significant concerns regarding driver safety and operational convenience.

The new card reader for the OBU is now situated under the dashboard near the front passenger seat, significantly different from its previous location on the dashboard in front of the driver.

This change has caused users to struggle with inserting and removing their CashCard.

Despite facing backlash, LTA has seemingly defended the new design.

In an explanatory video posted on Monday (29 April), they explained the rationale behind the OBU for cars being composed of three pieces, with the processing unit mounted away from the dashboard.

In contrast, OBUs intended for motorcycles come as single-piece units, which are notably more convenient and less bulky, occupying less space.

According to the video, LTA clarified that the one-piece OBU for motorcycles is designed to withstand outdoor conditions.

However, in the enclosed space of a car interior, temperatures can soar, often exceeding 50 degrees Celsius, especially when the car is parked under direct sunlight.

LTA further explained that the processing unit of the OBU, akin to a mini-computer, cannot function reliably under such high temperatures.

Hence, it cannot be mounted on the dashboard area of a car. The footwell area offers lower temperatures, providing a more suitable environment.

“Imagine leaving your phone on a hot dashboard for hours, reliability and performance would definitely be affected,” the video caption wrote.

“That’s why for vehicles other than motorcycles, the OBU is designed as a 3-piece unit with the processing unit mounted away from the dashboard, while the antenna remains on the dashboard to communicate with gantries and satellite.”

Netizens question LTA’s logic behind varied OBU designs for cars and motorcycles

Observing the comment section on LTA’s Facebook page reveals widespread puzzlement among netizens regarding LTA’s explanation, with some criticizing it as a ‘poor excuse’ that fails to convince.

Questions abound about whether LTA truly comprehends public needs, especially considering that the ERP 1.0 in-vehicle unit (IU) faces no heating issues and is a single-piece unit, which many find notably more convenient than the new design.

One comment highlighted that the OBU technology seems outdated, and urged LTA should consider implementing simpler devices that can handle functions like processing cash cards and providing easy access for drivers.

They implied that if LTA cannot improve upon the existing system, it would be preferable to stick with the older ERP 1.0 system, which they imply was satisfactory to them and others.

Netizen challenges LTA’s explanation for differential OBU performance

A netizen questioned LTA why the one-piece unit for motorcycles, which presumably contains similar technology, can withstand heat while the new OBU for cars cannot.

“It is just wind screen glass separating the unit and SKY. Not a technical expert but i think is simple logic. ”

In response, LTA reiterated the heating issue when place inside car, asserted that it is necessary to place the processing unit away from the dashboard to prevent overheating issues.

The netizen remained dissatisfied, highlighting the resilience of other car components, like car cameras, which are also “mini computers” and can withstand high temperatures when mounted on the windshield.

“If the processing unit is of poor heat resistant. It is a fire hazard to even place at the passenger leg area, ” the netizen continued. He reiterated drivers’ concerns about the inconvenience of reaching the passenger seat to retrieve the Cash card.

LTA’s repeated emphasis on in-car temperature challenges

In response, LTA affirmed that drivers have the option to choose the location for the processing unit, including placing it on the driver’s side, depending on the model and design of their vehicle.

When netizens pressed LTA on why cars couldn’t have the single-piece OBU unit like motorcycles, LTA’s responses in their Facebook comment section seemed to repeatedly cite temperature issues inside the car as the explanation.

Some individuals also challenged LTA, questioning whether they were implying that the new OBU design was not as heat resistant as the ERP 1.0 In-vehicle Unit (IU).

Netizens: Is LTA suggesting new OBU Is less heat resistant than the old IU?

Several comments have noted that the current IU shows no signs of heat-related issues. They question whether LTA is implying that the old technology is significantly superior to the “new” technology, or if the designs are simply inadequate.

These observations prompt suggestions that the heat-related concerns should have been addressed during the initial stages of design planning.

A comment also highlighted the danger posed by a non-heat-resistant OBU and suggested that the system is outdated, questioning whether a pilot test was not conducted before implementation and urging those in charge to make changes to ensure the system’s sustainability for the next 20 years.

He emphasized the importance of considering both end users’ experiences and safety, and urged LTA to revise the current arrangement.

“Have LTA listen to motorists’ needs?”

Others also questioned the LTA whether they have taken into account the perspectives and needs of the end users who will be living with the implementation of the new system indefinitely.

Netizens’ mockery: Proposal for external OBU installation to counter temperature concerns

Some netizens have even ridiculed the explanation, suggesting that if temperature is indeed the issue, perhaps LTA could install a one-piece OBU unit mounted outside the car, which could potentially resolve the heating problem if placed on the car’s dashboard.

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OBU for cars are loaded with telemetry to track cars movements and speed, etc. The data collected will be used to analyse road congestions, driving styles (i.e. braking habits) and of course speed. In the future you don’t need to be caught speeding by a speed cam. LTA can calculate your speed between 2 points using GPS and charge you accordingly.

Lol. This is giving flashback to the simplygo episode we had not long ago. With enough resistance and push back. Lta might withdraw this as well. Just saying. Cos, it feels like a half baked product. It honestly is so not well thought out.. who would prefer to choose to adopt a method that would bring more trouble when using it?

Why so eager for lta to fix it? Just refuse to install better dont even need to pay the erp anymore

Very sad, buy new car with nice dashboard design kena destroy by new OBU. I wonder the cost of 3 device vs 1 IU unit. New OBU Technology used is outdated. OBU was tested more than 3 years. Device technology have evolve & move on. Please reconsider & wake up.

Someone has been receiving kick backs for lousy, sub standard equipment. The result of ownself check ownself.


It is important that these government related departments realized that they are not just related but seen by citizens as the government themselves.

In this case, their failure and mocks goes directly back to pap and not just lta. Pap ought to get the blame for the lousy job lta is doing. Like wise for mom, mnd, wsg, tafep, iras, hdb …. etc.

If there is NO INTENTION to implement distance (driven) related charges, WHY the need for the OBU to communicate with a satellite?

Pervious LTA Boss was on KELONG, did not even bother to do his FULL TIME job but was on FULL TIME PAY, now pass to a totally inexpreienced wayang ah Chee, everything already paid, confirmed and cannot reverse already.
Incompetence of such ppl ,supposedly knowing how to do the job is the issue but stupidity of the voters is the root casue of it all!😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

“…However, in the enclosed space of a car interior, temperatures can soar, often exceeding 50 degrees Celsius, especially when the car is parked under direct sunlight…”

I guess … the OBU manual for motorbike stated:

This ERP 2.0 fiasco is very similar to SimplyGo-Cashcard huge missteps.

I’m starting to wonder are those ERP 2.0 supporters and suppliers of the whiter than white gang. So very well defended even though it’s a big failure in the making

Last edited 25 days ago by Singapore Fooled Again n Again

It all boils down to paying peanuts to vendors. Vendors are savvy. They just give you monkeys for peanuts. If motorists ask LTA to delay implementation. The vendor will charge $40 million for change request. Well Minister Chee, your LTA scholars have done you in.

Becos senior civil servants and ministers carssss are always assured of a well shaded carpark.
For the rest, you can …DIE IS YOUR OWN BIZ..

Dear all, please vote for the other party who did not insist on this nonsense this coming election.

People are not avoiding paying.
They know that they have to pay
And they want to pay

But LTA is also determined to make the instruments as ugly.
Computers have been to the Moon, Sun and Mars.. with high temperatures.
And they work well for more than 20 years.

Voters has to SIT UPRIGHT, ROD STRAIGHT, take NOTE MALICIOUS behaviours – this is how this PAP Administration lead SG Agencies serving the people, to BE SO WASTEFUL of Spending yours and my money WITHOUT 2nd Thought.

Face lost so has to give 101 excuses. Goodness this is how policy directions, implementation works – then SG is no better a place to be, than be among the Bushman of Kalahari.

Last edited 26 days ago by 80twenty

LTA’s explanation is akin to a teacher addressing a “class of kindergarteners” !!!

LTA should change to LJW more appropriate. Going backwards should be their motto.