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Public petition urges LTA to reevaluate implementation of controversial OBU for ERP 2.0

Over 2,600 citizens have signed a petition calling on the Land Transport Authority to pause and reevaluate the newly designed On-Board Unit for ERP 2.0, citing safety risks and operational issues.



A citizen-led petition on, initiated on April 21 by Mike Lim, is calling for the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to halt and reevaluate the newly implemented On-Board Unit (OBU) design of the Electronic Road Pricing 2.0 (ERP 2.0) system. The petition highlights significant concerns regarding driver safety and operational convenience.

According to Mike Lim, an early adopter of the new OBU, “The placement of card readers under passenger seats is not only uncomfortable but also poses a safety risk. Drivers are forced to reach under the seat to access their cash cards, which is hazardous, especially when a gantry fails to read the card.”

This sentiment is echoed by over 2,600 signatories who have voiced their dissatisfaction with the design, criticizing it for prioritizing technological advancement over practicality and safety.

One supporter stated, “The Government should launch an independent investigation into LTA and the Transport Ministry concerning the OBU design development and costs.”

Another commenter highlighted the design’s impracticality, saying, “This is a terrible design which is beyond comprehension. LTA needs to stop the installation until further investigation into the safety aspects.”

Khush Chopra, a political commentator, went further and lambasted the implementation, calling the ERP 2.0 a “retrograde junk” debacle that epitomizes a larger trend of governmental inefficiency and incompetence. “The unraveling of several government initiatives and scandals within Singaporean governance reveals a troubling pattern within the PAP Government,” says Khush.

“These incidents are symptomatic of broader systemic issues within Singaporean governance, where government incompetence is increasingly apparent, especially in initiatives like ERP 2.0 and the SimplyGo plan,” he added.

A TikTok video posted on Saturday (27 April) by Ignition Labs showcased the primary issue faced by motorists. The card reader’s slot faces the passenger seat, necessitating drivers to insert their cards at an awkward angle from the driver’s seat. The man in the video struggled to insert his card, managing to do so only after two attempts, reaching across to the space in front of the passenger seat and using his left hand.

Expressing his frustration, he exclaimed, “This is ridiculous!”, highlighting the inconvenience caused by the new OBU placement.

@ignitionlabs OBU Struggles In Real Time #fyp #singapore #obu #iu #erp #payment #parking #cashcard#fypsingapore #fypsingapore🇸🇬 ♬ original sound – Ignition Labs

Initially unveiled by then-Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew in 2013, the ERP 2.0 system was designed to be a satellite-based solution with advanced features like couponless street parking and dynamic charging for off-peak cars. However, its implementation has been fraught with delays and design issues, compounded by a global microchip shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new system, which began installation in November 2023, placed the card reader under the dashboard near the front passenger seat—a significant departure from its previous location in front of the driver. This change has led to difficulties in accessing the CashCard, prompting widespread frustration among drivers.

Responding to the backlash, LTA announced modifications to the installation process, including options for drivers to choose the placement of the card reader and the ability to temporarily deactivate their CEPAS card using the OBU touchscreen.

Despite these adjustments, public dissatisfaction remains high, as evidenced by the growing support for the petition.

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Cannot understand why LTA approved this design, devices should be in smaller size, now need to increased to 2stupid and bulky devices ! We cannot afford big cars in Sg. Pls wake up LTA! Who is the genius leading this project ??? Support to scrap this design!

LTA and MOT should show how much beta-site testing they had done with the device before rolling it out to the public. Let the public judge how thorough is their development process – why be afraid to show the public the data? I suspect it is VERY LITTLE and also mainly to kaki-lang, with of course Ownself Approve Ownself.

Another “Simply” got to “Go” idea?

ForeSEE another 1000-kakilang survey done by lta, to represent the whole motorist population to approve this bulkier ‘Ong beng seng’ unit.

Too late liao, pervious Transport minister Iswaran was not doing his job but enjoying kelong perks and yet approved such crap.
Now so much money poured in for this crappy OBU liao, so cannot reverse.
And useless Ah Chee ain’t gonna ‘rock the boat’ so to speak!
After Simply Go was a no Go too!😆😆😆

No Blame Culture is the way to go.

Now that’s what a collective “voice” sounds like, … when speaking out against a crap decision that’s become a crappier reality !!!

Remember, … to use that “voice” effectively and politically too !!!

So hilarious that clip..😀
Poor things the users.🙃