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LTA defends ERP 2.0 on-board unit meets international standards

Land Transport Authority issued a statement dismissing allegations that the ERP 2.0 OBU failed to meet international standards. It revealed that the OBU was tested against IEC-60068 and IEC-60529 standards, which Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat did not disclose to WP MP Louis Chua in Parliament last week.



SINGAPORE: The Land Transport Authority (LTA) issued a statement on Tuesday (14 May) defending the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP 2.0) on-board units (OBU), stating that they were tested and meet the relevant global benchmarks for electronic devices.

In the statement, the LTA refuted allegations that the OBU failed to meet international standards.

During a Parliamentary session on 8 May, Mr Louis Chua, Workers’ Party Member Parliament (MP) for Sengkang GRC sought clarification from the Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat regarding whether the new OBU design meets the Automotive Electronics Council’s (AEC) EC-Q100 requirements for reliable operations in Singapore’s climate.

In response, Minister Chee did not directly address whether the new OBU design meets the standards. However, he assured that the LTA conducted a series of tests to ensure the OBU’s functionality in Singapore’s weather conditions.

In the Tuesday statement, the LTA clarified that the AEC-Q100 is not the correct standard for assessing electronic devices like the OBU.

“The AEC-Q100 standard is used to measure packaged integrated circuits used in vehicles, such as the chips used in the in-car entertainment system. ”

“AEC-Q100 focuses on the quality of individual components and is not meant for devices that comprise many components that are put together, ” LTA clarified.

The LTA finally revealed that the relevant standards the OBU was tested against are the International Electrotechnical Commission’s IEC-60068 and IEC-60529, which Minister Chee did not disclose to MP Louis Chua in Parliament last week.

The LTA stated that these two standards are widely used to test the operational reliability of electronic or electrical devices.

To achieve IEC-60068 and IEC-60529 qualification, the OBU passed a wide range of tests including temperature and humidity, added LTA.

“When properly installed, it is safe and reliable to use in our operating environment.”

The LTA reiterated concerns about temperature, noting that the processing unit of the OBU functions like a mini-computer and generates heat when operating, unlike passive devices or components like the existing IU, vehicle dashcam, or the antenna and touchscreen display component in the OBU.

The LTA compared this to a smartphone left on the dashboard for a few hours under the hot sun, which could overheat and stop working temporarily. The phone would display an error message stating it can only be used after it has cooled down.

“Apple issued a technical advisory that their devices should be stored between -20 to 45 degrees Celsius, and that users should not leave their iPhones in a parked car on a hot day. ”

The LTA said this is the same reason why it does not recommend placing the processing unit on the dashboard, as the temperature at this location could reach 50-52 degrees Celsius on a hot day, compared to 38-39 degrees Celsius at the footwell.

LTA recently faced significant backlash from motorists following the introduction of the new OBU for the ERP 2.0 system, with many expressing frustration over the inconvenience caused by the OBU for cars.

The Singaporean community mocked LTA for what they perceived as a “poor excuse” for defending the bulky design, highlighting that the previous single-piece IU in ERP 1.0 encountered no heating issues and was considered notably more convenient.

Last week, Minister Chee defended the design and responded by explaining the “physics” behind temperature variations in car interiors, emphasizing that footwells experience significantly lower temperatures compared to dashboards on sunny days.

“With this kind of temperature, if you were to put a single-piece OBU, which means the antenna, the display, and the processing unit all on the dashboard, there is a risk that it could overheat, and then it will affect the functionality of this unit,” he said.

While a cooling fan could potentially be integrated into the OBU’s design, this would inevitably lead to a significant increase in the system’s overall bulkiness, he said.

“I don’t think motorists will want a very big and bulky one-piece unit on their dashboard. It would not be the right design,” he added.

Addressing concerns regarding the placement of the OBU processing unit, Minister Chee highlighted that during the initial phase of installation, the LTA limited placement to the passenger side.

However, in response to feedback from early adopters, LTA has now extended the option for vehicle owners to install the processing unit on the driver side, contingent upon technical feasibility.

Minister Chee acknowledged that offering more choices could potentially increase complexity and installation time for workshops.

“However, we think the trade-off is necessary, to allow vehicle owners to have the flexibility to customise their preferred options, and not have a “one-size fits all” approach.”

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No POFMA means it’s true.
That’s what we learnt from them.
Not wrong, rite?

For me, I am actually more concerned about the design and its convenience of use. Currently, the design of the onboard device is already an eyesore despite it taking one corner of the windscreen, now the new system is going to be there bulky ugly boxes. In Singapore, cars are made expensive, probably the most expensive in the world and yet it is mandate to install these ugly boxes? Then there is the part about convenience, it is often drivers noticed insufficient funds in cash card, we quickly pulled out the card and replace it with another on the go.… Read more »

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We are dealing with LTA,an organization of MORONS with stultified & calcified brains,they are beyond help?!!!

Hahaha888hahahaha88haha !!!

Ask those very nations, … if they’d be willing to take up and adopt the ERP2OBU-POC as their own !!!

Whatever claims LTA may say about meeting international standards, the bottom line is that the OBU2 is not what was touted before its implementation. Now the LTA talk about offering options for drivers to install the processing unit apart from the passenger side. It is as though the LTA was being very magnanimous. It all comes down to what were the specifications the OBU2 was supposed to fulfill. Did the LTA tender documents say OBU2 will come in 3 parts and not like the present IU? Again, I call on the LTA to publish the tender documents that will show… Read more »

What international standards LTA is talking about.?

Only SG has this ERP, in the whole world, which other countries has this, to set the standards?

I know Singaporeans are stupid but not that stupid!!!

That why ah Loong want to ‘retire’ for such pay a few millions a yr..not worth.way…way less than a top banker can make….example like the one from many cock ups still get way over $10 m a yr….ah Loong guess if he goes on a few more yrs…his life is going to be much shorter….he will die fast….better see the sunset , enjoy travelling and enjoy what’s left of his life! Becos you local fucks…despite what scholar this ,scholar that also no standard one…i tell you. I tell you ppl….actually ah Wong job no good to do one…for this… Read more »

This is the very horrible attitude of horrible calibre talents.

Make a drastic mistake MUST be followed by DRASTIC OWNERSHIP and RESPONSIBILITY of owning UP to say ‘OK, we have screwed up Singaoreans, and have grossly wasted State Funds, your money.’

If the PAP Administration HAS MADE A MISTAKE to go to WAR, what Do Singaporeans EXPECT that the PAP Administration HAPPILY to send Singaporeans TO DIE, AND LAUGHING 😂 non stop?

It’s not about whether meeting standard or not as all electrical equipments and appliances have to comply with standards in Singapore any way.

It’s about the multiple bulky pieces that’s not only messy and take up much space, it’s also dangerous for drivers if there’s a collision and things start flying and injuring or killing people

Paid over 1/2 BILLION of YOUR money already….of course die…die….still say this will work…it will be a nightmare just a few darn years down the road!
It works becos ministers, rich cronies and top civil servant cars are always parked in the shade or under the shade!!!😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆

Now MIW working overtime to cover up their fuck ups before GE.. Haha…got you now.
Remember this dear voters..remember well. Make your vote count.

Of course they have to defend their $566 mil “misstep”!

Are you SURE or nok? Meet “international standards”? But still cannok tahan temperature inside vehicle? Like that how all those EV (electric vehicle) operate? All their electronic components fried when the sun is hot? Lik that, better to stick with ICE vehicles lah.

CB Hong,stop beating about the BUSH,JUST ADMIT LTA FUCKED up just like the did on the EZ linkcards,LTA is a STULTIFIED & is a BRAIN DEAD ORGANISATION,the buck stops with you,either you change or get changed!