Authorities can use data from ERP 2.0 for counter terrorism and investigation

In response to PSP NCMP Hazel Poa’s query on the use of ERP 2.0 data, Minister K Shanmugam referred to the government’s 2016 position on using public transport cameras and ERP data for safety purposes, including counter-terrorism and traffic enforcement.

This affirmation, disclosed on Monday, addresses Ms Poa’s concerns about the SPF’s potential access to ERP-collected data for Criminal Procedure Code 2010 investigations.

Amy Khor stresses irreplaceability of ERP 2.0 OBU, citing smartphone limitations

During a parliamentary session on Monday, Senior Minister Amy Khor emphasized the irreplaceability of ERP 2.0 by smartphones.

Stressing the OBU’s role in enhancing reliability and performance, she noted potential challenges in utilizing mobile apps for ERP transactions, pointing to the inconvenience and possible oversight for motorists.