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Singapore LTA announces updates on ERP 2.0 system amid public outcry over poorly designed OBU

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority updates ERP 2.0 On-Board Unit amid outcry, enhancing safety and convenience. Changes include no-need-to-remove CEPAS card, flexible unit installation, and over-the-air updates.



SINGAPORE: The Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore has released an update on the improvements to the new On-Board Unit (OBU) for the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP 2.0) system.

Since its initial deployment in August 2023 with over 18,000 vehicles now equipped, the system has undergone several modifications based on feedback from early adopters.

The LTA’s efforts aim to enhance user choice, convenience, and safety, addressing some of the critical issues that have sparked significant public dissatisfaction.

Key enhancements that were announced on Thursday (2 May) include:

  • Eliminating the need for motorists to remove their CEPAS card from the OBU during driving or when entering and exiting car parks, addressing a primary safety concern.
  • Introducing a new feature on the OBU touchscreen as of April 19, 2024, which allows motorists to deactivate their CEPAS card for parking payments without removing it, ensuring ERP charges are still processed accurately.
  • Providing a complimentary motoring card by NETS for use at private carparks that require a card tap and do not yet have a full Electronic Parking System, to improve convenience for users.
  • Deployment of service ambassadors in vehicle showrooms and workshops to assist motorists with the installation process and inform them about features like the auto top-up for CEPAS cards.

The LTA also emphasized the flexibility in the installation of the processing unit and touchscreen display, allowing vehicle owners to choose locations within their vehicles that suit their needs and preferences.

Ongoing Adjustments to Address Public Concerns

The introduction of the ERP 2.0 system has been met with robust criticism over the OBU’s initial design, which many motorists found inconvenient and potentially unsafe due to the placement of the card reader.

The public’s response, particularly online, highlighted the frustration with the new system, prompting the LTA to make further adjustments.

A citizen-led petition on, initiated on 21 April sought to halt and reevaluate the newly implemented OBU in response to significant concerns regarding driver safety and operational convenience.  The petition has since garnered over 5,000 signatures.

These latest updates seem to be a direct response to the user concerns, offering practical solutions that aim to alleviate some of the major inconveniences experienced by the motorists.

Despite these efforts, the debate over the adequacy of these changes continues among Singaporean drivers, with ongoing discussions in various forums and social media platforms.

As the LTA continues to refine the ERP 2.0 system, they stress the importance of user feedback in shaping future enhancements.

Promising over-the-air updates to the OBUs, the authority is working to ensure that future improvements can be implemented without requiring physical returns to workshops, hoping to eventually meet both the technological goals and user expectations of the ERP system.

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Will CB Hong defer this $$$$ minting charade?

Erp2 early adopters are all unlucky. Stick to that ugly ‘ong beng seng’ unit at the passenger’s footwell.
This saga is similar to simplygo and covid-19 vaccination.
U-turn in simplygo when many people complained the inconvenience and I feasibility. Now lta told us we can use back our old cards.
As for covid-19 vaccination, read from the news that experts said actually 3 jabs is enough.
Now all Singaporeans should and must know, when Sgov giving free things, don’t rush to get it to become the early adopters. Sgov treats early adopters like free guinea pigs….lol.

The whole dammed team that conceptualize and approved this whole system should be sacked clean clean.

Same to the SimplyGo team, sack them for good.

But then again, inside these money generating machines might be many staunch supporters that needs supports

Kill off the whole damn thing. What’s the point of kicking the can down the road.

Current system work bloody well for ages. Does not mean anything new, or new technology means better.

WTF with 🦕 saur brain so stereo typed.

“As the LTA continues to refine the ERP 2.0 system ………”

So, … it’s still a work in progress and all vehicles and it’s users cum drivers are its guinea fools !!!

Looking forward to ERP 3.0, 4.0 and so on !!!

SMART Nation?????

They’ll say anything to collect money these pigs.