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TikTok video showcases frustration experienced by users of new OBU for ERP 2.0

“Who’s the champion who came up with this idea?!” A TikTok video amuses netizens, showcasing motorists’ frustration with the new card reader placement of the ERP 2.0 on-board units, prompting questions about its design.



“Who’s the champion who came up with this idea?!” A TikTok video has sparked amusement among netizens, highlighting the frustration of Singaporean motorists with the new placement of the card reader for the ERP 2.0 system’s On-Board Unit (OBU) and raising questions about its design.

The introduction of the Electronic Road Pricing 2.0 (ERP 2.0) upgrade has left the motorist bewildered due to its placement in cars.

The new card reader for the OBU is now situated under the dashboard near the front passenger seat, significantly different from its previous location on the dashboard in front of the driver.

This change has caused users to struggle with inserting and removing their CashCard.

In an announcement on 28 March, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) stated that all new vehicles registered from 1 May will come equipped with the ERP 2.0 system’s OBU already installed.

Furthermore, existing local motorcycle owners will progressively receive notifications for OBU installation starting from the same date.

The installation process began in November 2023, with company vehicles being the first to receive the OBU.

Over 13,000 vehicles have been fitted with OBUs thus far, with around 75% being company vehicles like buses and motorcycles.

The new ERP system, ERP 2.0, will be satellite-based and capable of detecting whether a vehicle is in a congested area.

All buyers of new vehicles registered on or after 1 May will have their OBU installed as a standard procedure.

The TikTok video posted on Saturday (27 April) showcased the primary issue faced by motorists.

The card reader’s slot faces the passenger seat, necessitating drivers to insert their cards at an awkward angle from the driver’s seat.

The man in the video struggled to insert his card, managing to do so only after two attempts, reaching across to the space in front of the passenger seat and using his left hand.

Expressing his frustration, he exclaimed, “This is ridiculous!”, highlighting the inconvenience caused by the new OBU placement.


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Online buzz and critique surround new OBU placement

The clip rapidly garnered attention, accumulating over 270 thousand views on TikTok since its upload.

Additionally, it sparked a lively discussion among netizens, amassing more than 1.2 thousand comments.

One user bluntly commented on LTA’s misstep, expressing discontent with the lack of improvement in effectiveness and convenience for drivers, ultimately deeming the situation “very troublesome.”


In a sarcastic tone, another user described a scenario at a checkpoint where they humorously suggested asking the counter to wait while they walked to the passenger side to retrieve and replace the cash card, adding a touch of humour to the inconvenience.


Yet another user speculated on the rationale behind the placement, suggesting that it might be an attempt to deter drivers from slowing or stopping in front of Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantries to insert cash cards, humorously proposing that placing it in the car boot might be a better alternative.


Contrary to the frustration expressed by others, one user offered a perspective on the evolving nature of payment methods, pointing out that the need for a cash card may be temporary as payment systems transition towards credit/debit cards linked to In-Vehicle Units (IUs).


However, it is noted that according to a report by CNA, following feedback gathered from early adopters, the LTA has introduced flexibility in the placement of the processing unit based on feasible options within the vehicle.

Motorists now have the freedom to select their preferred location for the unit, with several options available, including the passenger footwell, under the glove compartment, and beneath the driver’s seat.

Nevertheless, online community feedback reveals disappointment with the LTA’s decision to retain the bulky design despite motorists’ concerns.

Some question whether the LTA failed to learn from the SimplyGo Ezlink transition saga, highlighting a lack of logical thinking and a disconnect between system designers, policymakers, and consumers.”

Amy Khor stressed irreplaceability of ERP 2.0 OBU, citing smartphone limitations

During 6 November 2023 parliamentary session, Senior Minister of State for Transport, Amy Khor, emphasized that ERP 2.0 cannot be entirely replaced by smartphone technology.

She underscored the importance of the OBU can “better ensure reliability and performance, and reduce significant downstream operational challenges, such as disputes regarding charging inaccuracies”.

Regarding the use of smartphones for ERP transactions, Dr Khor highlighted the inconvenience for motorists, who would need to initiate their mobile apps, enter passcodes, or use biometric authentication each time they travel, potentially leading to inadvertent neglect of the ERP process.

“This is inconvenient to motorists, and some may inadvertently forget to start their mobile apps for the ERP.”

However, Dr Khor acknowledged earlier feedback about the OBU’s inelegant and bulky design, mentioning the development of a mobile interface for those who opt against installing the touchscreen display. This mobile interface allows motorists to access the information typically displayed on the touchscreen via their smartphones.

Reiterating the LTA’s stance, Dr Khor confirmed that there are no immediate plans to introduce distance-based charging. She emphasized that any plans to implement this approach must consider multiple factors.

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ERP2~OBU, … reads and sounds progressive, hence the 2.0 version and has a nice ring to it for a SmartCity and IT hub !!!

The reality is an absolute joke and an embarrassment of epic proportions !!!

That nobody saw this coming, … is the biggestest joke of ‘em all !!!

Which PAP genius was in charge of this?
Amy Khor?
Her eyes are too small to see the problem perhaps..
Sometimes watching her giving a speech, i cant tell if her eyes are open or shut…too much cosmetic surgery..

Chee Hong Tat will soon be appearing to say that the current OBU will be cancelled and that it (ie: Singapore taxpayers) will be incurring a hit of “X” million dollars to fix. The old system will remain in use until further notice. SimplyHilarious. NOT.

The champion to approved the idea was the pervious Transport minister who only spend part time in his full time job, while accepting goodies and attending highly priced overseas plays and accomodation while the idiot that continue to implement this OBU is the current Transport minister.
Clear now?😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

The same question is asked, WHO did majority of the locals voted to have their lives complaining as perhaps a daily vendetta when they did these (and more) upon themselves?