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Love Aid Singapore raises over S$500,000 for humanitarian mission in Gaza

Gilbert Goh, founder of Love Aid Singapore, announces surpassing S$500,000 in donations for the Gaza Aid initiative. Goh is now preparing for further humanitarian efforts, including mobile toilets and addressing infant formula milk challenges.



love aid singapore's gaza humanitarian effort

In a noteworthy humanitarian mission dedicated to aiding Palestinians, Gilbert Goh, a Singaporean activist and founder of Love Aid Singapore, provided updates on his efforts for Palestine through the Love Aid Singapore Instagram platform.

Commencing on 6 January, Goh and his team landed in Cairo to initiate support for the Palestinian people in Gaza under the banner of the Gaza Aid initiative.

Crucially, the success of this mission is not solely attributed to Goh’s individual endeavors but also underscores the collective support from the generous donations of the Singaporean people.

Initially aiming for S$30,000 (US$22,277), Goh witnessed an overwhelming surge in donations, surpassing his initial expectations.

Utilizing these donations, Goh orchestrated the dispatch of two Gaza Aid trucks, both successfully entering Rafah.

Beyond the delivery of aid, Goh extended his assistance by using the funds to establish food kitchens in Jabalia and Rafah, providing the Palestinian population with satisfying, warm, and proper meals.

Actively overseeing the operations of these food kitchens, Goh asserts that his initiative is the sole functioning kitchen in Gaza, emphasizing the impact of his mission.

Recent reports indicate that Goh has managed to raise funds exceeding S$500,000 (US$371,295) for his ongoing humanitarian efforts in Gaza.

Despite the commendable scale of the Singaporean human rights activist’s contributions, it is unfortunate that his endeavours in the humanitarian mission for Palestine have gone unnoticed by the Singaporean media.

Love Aid Singapore initiates Gaza Aid mission and prepares for Ramadan humanitarian efforts

In his latest update shared on Love Aid Singapore’s Instagram on Friday (9 Feb), Goh conveyed his heartfelt Lunar New Year wishes to all his Chinese friends and supporters from Beirut.

He disclosed his imminent departure for Cairo on the same day, intending to spend approximately three weeks there to continue the Gaza Aid mission before embarking on another visa run to Beirut.

Goh announced that his final departure from the Middle East back to Singapore is scheduled for 12 April.

During his stay in Cairo, he plans to engage in Ramadan humanitarian aid, with the hope of providing much-needed iftar meals for the Palestinians in Gaza.

Despite a looming ceasefire, recent developments suggest its likelihood has diminished due to mutual disagreements.

Goh noted that the prolonged conflict may extend until Ramadan or beyond.

Love Aid Singapore is currently preparing 160 tents, and Goh encourages patience from supporters as it may take some time for manufacturing.

Thanks to generous donations, the organization has raised enough funds to contribute a total of S$75,000 for the 160 tents.

Plans US$33,000 acquisition of mobile toilets and addresses challenges with infant formula milk

Additionally, Love Aid Singapore are exploring the possibility of acquiring mobile toilets with bathing facilities.

Each unit costs US$1500, and the plan is to purchase 22 items to fill up a truck.

The entire acquisition will amount to US$33,000, pending further details from the manufacturer.

Emphasizing the importance of mobile toilets, especially for women who require private space, Goh highlighted the current unhygienic and uncomfortable situation where many Palestinians share common facilities with hundreds of others daily.

The aim is to secure a quick delivery of these items to Gaza, providing the population with their own private spaces.

Addressing concerns about infant formula milk, Goh regretfully informed supporters that it is a restricted item at the border entry in Egypt and not easily available.

The government subsidizes formula milk for the general population and restricts bulk purchases for aid purposes.

Love Aid Singapore is exploring options in Jordan and will provide updates as soon as there is news.

Goh suggested that such items are best brought in during a ceasefire, along with animal pet food.

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And with that S$500,000 the Palestinians will buy more explosives, rocket propelled charges and more weapons and ammo for the Hamas!
Why? Cos the Palestinians ARE Hamas!

Will he be asked to open books for auditing? tsk tsk tsk

How can we be sure that this loser Gilbert Goh didn’t pocket all the $500 000?

Singaporeans First or Palestinians First? tsk tsk tsk