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Love Aid Singapore hits S$300,000 milestone, unveils plan for new field kitchen

Gilbert Goh, extends his stay in Cairo, navigating challenges to deliver aid to Gaza.. Expressing gratitude for S$300,000 in donations, Goh prioritizes funding for field kitchens, aiming for sustained support and contemplating a potential third kitchen.



Gilbert Goh, Love Aid Singapore, donation field kitchen for Gaza

SINGAPORE: Gilbert Goh, the founder of Love Aid Singapore and a prominent activist in Singapore, shared an uplifting update on the progress of the Gaza Aid initiative through the organization’s Instagram account on Thursday (25 Jan).

He expressed deep appreciation for the overwhelming support received and highlighted the significant achievement of surpassing the S$300,000 (US$223,800) mark in donations during the third week of Gaza Aid humanitarian efforts.

Goh extended his heartfelt thanks to the generous support from the people of Singapore, emphasizing their compassion for the suffering Palestinians in Gaza.

Since 6 January, Goh has been in Cairo, actively coordinating the smooth delivery of aid to Gaza.

Despite initially planning to depart on 20 January, Goh announced his decision to extend his stay in Cairo until the first week of February.

The reason behind this extension is the current situation where both Gaza Aid trucks remain stranded at the border in Rafah.

They were dispatched to Rafah on Thursday night (18 Jan) at 9 pm and have faced delays in reaching their destination.

In light of these challenges, Goh chose to prolong his stay to oversee the resolution of the logistical issues and ensure the successful delivery of aid to the people in Gaza.

Love Aid Singapore raises S$300,000 for Gaza Aid

Goh reported that Love Aid Singapore has successfully collected S$300,000 (US$223,800) in donations during the third week of their Gaza Aid humanitarian work, with S$130,000 (US$96,980) already utilized.

He expressed gratitude to the people of Singapore for their unwavering support toward the plight of Palestinians in Gaza.

Love Aid Singapore has allocated US$30,000 to two food kitchens in Jabalia Camp (North Gaza) and Rafah (South Gaza), benefiting nearly 1000 hungry Palestinians daily.

According to Goh, the field kitchen in Jabalia Camp is now believed to be the only one in operation, as others have closed due to insufficient funds.

Additionally, US$60,000 has been committed to two aid trucks currently stranded on the highway to Rafah, leaving a net balance of around S$160,000 (US$119,360).

To sustain the field kitchens on a medium-term basis (4 to 6 months), a monthly requirement of US$20,000 is essential.

This amounts to approximately US$700 daily to feed 1000 hungry Palestinians at both locations.

Love Aid Singapore aims to allocate funds strategically to ensure the continuity of this feeding initiative over the specified period or longer, depending on available funds.

While aid trucks are valuable for larger-scale distributions, the extended waiting period can pose challenges.

Goh plans continued support for Gaza Aid with potential for new kitchen

Goh expressed the organization’s intent to prioritize providing sufficient funds for the two field kitchens.

In the event of exponential donation growth, they contemplate the possibility of establishing a third kitchen elsewhere.

Goh outlined his plans to depart Cairo in the first week of February, spending a week or two in Beirut before returning to resume supervision of the Gaza aid mission in Egypt.

He emphasized the likelihood of staying in Cairo until a permanent ceasefire is established, underscoring the significance of having an on-site representative to ensure the proper execution of humanitarian aid.

Goh stated, “Nothing beats having a man on site to ensure that our humanitarian aid is carried out properly.”

A call for donations was extended, urging individuals to contribute to PayNow at 87745281 to sustain the operation of the food kitchens.

For overseas Singaporeans, donations are encouraged through DBS Savings 074-0-009474.

The message concluded with an appeal to stand on the right side of humanity and expressed hope for the Singapore flag to fly high inside Gaza.

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Sheng Siong also did it for the same reason as GG.

His agenda is to portray a good light image of himself in the presence of the minority here by supporting in their cause.