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Gilbert Goh extends stay, deals with Gaza aid truck delays and food crisis

Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh extends stay in Cairo, navigating challenges to deliver aid to Gaza. He updates on aid trucks and new food kitchens in Jabalia Camp, with donations reaching close to S$245,000.



Gaza aid

SINGAPORE: Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, the founder of Love Aid Singapore, recently provided updates on the Gaza Aid trucks project through his Instagram account.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Goh reported that one of the two aid trucks had been dispatched to Rafah on Thursday night (18 Jan) at 9 pm, persevering amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

However, in his most recent update, Goh revealed that both trucks were still stranded at the border in Rafah.

Despite the news of aid trucks slowly entering Gaza through Rafah, the process was described as sluggish, with a long and frustrating queue.

In response to the delays, Goh urged fellow Singaporeans to be patient and understanding about the progress of the two aid trucks reaching Rafah.

Due to the ongoing situation, Goh announced that he would extend his stay in Cairo until the first week of February, as opposed to his originally planned departure on 20 January.

This extension marks the second time he has prolonged his stay.

Goh explained that his visa in Egypt is valid for one month, and given that he entered Cairo on 6 January, his last day will be on 6 February.

Despite the challenges, Goh remains committed to the Gaza Aid trucks project, continuing his efforts to deliver assistance to those in need.

In addition to his commitment to the project, Goh shared that the donations received have reached close to S$245,000 (US$182,790).

Goh addresses urgent food crisis in Gaza with new kitchen initiative

In his ongoing humanitarian mission for Palestine, Goh actively participates not only in the Gaza Aid trucks initiative but also in a central kitchen that provides food for those in need.

In the latest update on his Instagram account (22 Jan), Goh shared that he and his team successfully opened another field food kitchen at Jabalia Camp in North Gaza.

This kitchen is made possible through collaboration with a resourceful NGO, marking a significant effort to address the urgent need for sustenance in the region.

Jabalia Camp, now home to thousands of Palestinians enduring harsh winter conditions in flimsy tents, faces critical challenges, with reports of deaths due to hunger and the cold.

North Gaza remains cut off from the outside world amid intense bombing and ongoing street fighting.

The field kitchen in Jabalia Camp, equipped with five gigantic stoves, aims to serve one thousand Palestinians daily with hot meals consisting of rice and meat.

Recognizing the dire situation, Goh emphasized the importance of food kitchens as a critical lifeline for besieged Palestinians in North Gaza, where aid is limited, and many people survive on a meal or less daily.

In response to the pressing needs, Goh and his team have donated US$20,000 to the food kitchens in both Rafah and Jabalia Camp.

However, the funds are expected to last only a month due to the high cost of raw materials and other factors.

Goh appeals for continued support and generous donations to sustain the two food kitchens, ensuring that besieged Palestinians can survive as long as possible.

The situation is particularly dire in North Gaza, where tens of thousands are trapped without adequate aid.

Expressing gratitude to the Singaporean community, Goh encourages ongoing donations to the cause through the payment platform PayNow at 87745281, extending a heartfelt thank you for bringing hope to the besieged Palestinians in North Gaza.

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Get out on 5th Feb. That’s the last day.
Fool cannot survive in Australia want to Aid.
Cannot even count Visa date. Haiz
Want to be activists.
Become Refugee lah.

How does GG survive ? I wonder.

Why he does not want to take care of Sinapooreans ? Prefer FT’s? What do you think? LOL

you meant extend his grifting operation? this the most famous clout he ever got! don’t care about sinkies who are unemployed or underemployed anymore! must laser focus on the eternal suffering of FTs… sorry i meant the suffering of palestine!