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Love Aid Singapore’s first Gaza aid truck dispatched to Rafah

Gilbert Goh, founder of Love Aid Singapore, shared uplifting news on Instagram. Despite challenges and extended waits on the highways to Rafah, he announced the dispatch of one of two Gaza Aid trucks on Thursday at 9 pm, amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza.



SINGAPORE: Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, founder of Love Aid Singapore, took to Instagram (18 Jan) to share heartening news.

Despite facing numerous challenges, particularly extended waits on the highways to Rafah, Goh provided an update on the Gaza Aid truck project.

Notably, in the latest update, he announced that one of two aid trucks was dispatched to Rafah on Thursday (18 January) night at 9 pm, even amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

“It’s one of the two trucks we have queuing to prepare for the journey to Gaza and deliver much-needed aid to the Palestinians trapped in the war-torn strip.”

The truck contains 1100 food boxes costing $27 each, Meanwhile, another truck will continue to queue for their turn to enter Gaza.

He shared that he was at the warehouse last night together with the NGO we collaborating to inspect the 22 cartons of food aid in the truck with each containing 50 boxes.

Describing the situation on the ground, Goh explained that aid had been trickling into Gaza until a recent agreement with Qatar, which has resulted in more aid being delivered to the besieged strip in exchange for medical supplies for the hostages.

“We pray that our truck will be able to enter Gaza quickly together with the rest.”

He also highlighted pressing demands for their central kitchen to be adequately funded. Despite a US$10,000 donation for the humanitarian operation, it is expected to last only two weeks, benefiting 1,000 people in the process.

“Food prices in Gaza have soared because of the war and not all food trucks entered will go to certain high-risk target areas.”

Field kitchens on the ground serve as the only hope for many hungry Palestinians, often providing just one meal a day, or even less. Goh added, “Often it is just simple vegetable soup which they will dip with homemade bread. Meat is a luxury in Gaza now.”

“We pray that the war will end soon and normalcy will return to the beautiful city of Gaza, ” Mr Goh said.

Mr Goh thanks contributors to Gaza Aid initiative for overwhelming support

Earlier, expressing his elation, Mr Goh described this milestone as a dream come true for the relatively small NGO.

He attributed the achievement to the remarkable support received from ordinary Singaporeans who, with a desire to make an extraordinary impact on the humanitarian front, rallied behind the cause.

Mr Goh has again expressed gratitude to those who contributed donations to the Gaza Aid initiative through him.

The collective support ranged from individuals contributing a single dollar to others giving hundreds or even thousands.

This diverse range of contributions marked the birth of a grassroots aid movement, resonating deeply with many Singaporeans.

“I stood there last night beaming with pride that finally we could do something substantial for Gaza- a place which brings forth much pain and misery,” said Mr Goh.

Witnessing the daily toll of unnecessary deaths and the intense agony on the news had prompted many, including Goh, to take personal action for the underdogs in a war marked by barbaric cruelty.

Various reactions emerged globally in response to the Gaza crisis.

Some sought solace through personal coping mechanisms, while others took to the streets in protest.

Many chose to contribute financially, and a select few undertook the arduous journey to Cairo to directly deliver aid to Gaza.

Mr Goh recognized the cathartic nature of these personal experiences, emphasizing that individuals must draw on their own responses, acknowledging that no one can compel another to take a different course of action.

Drawing parallels with historical movements, he likened the global response to the Gaza crisis to that of the Free Nelson Mandela movement several decades ago.

Reflecting on his own experiences as a young man during that time, he noted the worldwide reaction that ultimately compelled the South African government to release the iconic statesman.

“Gaza has brought the whole world together and the tiny strip which is only half the size of Singapore continues to dominate headlines after more than 100 days at war,” Mr Goh noted.

As a ceasefire looms on the horizon, Mr Goh expressed hope for its swift arrival, providing relief for the besieged people of Gaza.

Mr Goh’s Gaza Aid initiative receives overwhelming support from Singaporeans

In another Instagram post, concerns were raised by many netizens about potential difficulties the aid trucks might encounter while crossing borders due to Israel’s extensive blockade.

Numerous individuals expressed their hopes and prayers for the safe arrival of the Mr Goh’s Gaza Aid truck in Gaza, emphasizing the urgency of assisting those in need.

With the recent update confirming the truck departure to Rafah, many Singaporeans conveyed their appreciation to Goh for his dedicated efforts in supporting the people of Gaza.

One user specifically thanked Goh for providing timely updates on the supplies reaching their destination and expressed optimism that the aid would smoothly reach Palestinians, bringing happiness and pride to Singaporean citizens participating in this humanitarian endeavour.


Another user expressed deep gratitude for Goh’s contribution, emphasizing the significance of Singaporeans joining hands to show concern for their fellow brothers and sisters in Palestine through humanitarian aid.

Additionally, appreciation was extended to Goh for including pet food in the aid truck, with one user stating that they couldn’t thank Goh and his team enough for ensuring the safe delivery of aid from Singaporeans.

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Amidst feelings of helplessness triggered by daily atrocities, one user found solace and happiness in the sight of the Singapore flag on the truck, coupled with expressions of gratitude from hungry children in Palestine.

This user acknowledged Goh’s courage and effort, highlighting the impact that one person’s initiative can have on such a significant humanitarian scale.


One user expressed pride in Goh, acknowledging his role in making the Singapore flag fly in Palestine possible.

The user applauded Goh’s courage and effort, underscoring the positive outcome of his determined initiative.

gaza aid comment

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