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Love Aid Singapore vows continued support for Palestinians amid crisis

Love Aid Singapore’s Gilbert Goh highlighting the plight of 100,000 stranded Palestinians in Jabalia North Gaza. Their food kitchen is believed to be the sole operating facility, with others closed down since the war’s onset months ago.



Love Aid Singapore's food kitchen initiative for Gaza

Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, founder of Love Aid Singapore, recently shared a positive update on the organization’s Gaza food kitchen through Instagram on Thursday (1 Feb).

As part of his ongoing humanitarian efforts for Palestine, Goh actively engages in the Gaza Aid trucks initiative and operates a central food kitchen providing sustenance for Palestinians in Gaza.

In the latest update, Goh highlighted a concerning situation where more than 100,000 Palestinians are stranded in Jabalia North Gaza.

He believed that the Love Aid Singapore food kitchen is currently the sole operating facility there, as many others have shut down since the onset of the war several months ago.

Expressing gratitude for the generous donations from Singaporeans, Goh mentioned that the funds have enabled Palestinians in Jabalia North Gaza to enjoy hot and nutritious meals with meat.

He noted that currently, Love Aid Singapore has successfully collected S$380,000 (US$283,347).

In a prior post, Goh conveyed the organization’s commitment to prioritizing sufficient funds for the two existing field kitchens.

Anticipating potential exponential growth in donations, Love Aid Singapore is considering the prospect of establishing a third kitchen in another location to further extend their humanitarian reach.

Love Aid Singapore’s humanitarian efforts in Gaza: providing meals, shelter, and pet aid amidst ongoing crisis

Goh noted that more than 100,000 Palestinians are stranded, and he believed that Love Aid Singapore’s food kitchen is the only one currently operating, as many others have closed down since the war started four months ago.

Additionally, Love Aid Singapore operates another food kitchen at Rafah, benefiting 1000 Palestinians.

To maintain daily meal preparations for the hungry Palestinians affected by the ongoing war in Gaza, Love Aid Singapore has donated US$40,000 for the two kitchens.

Goh emphasized the organization’s commitment to keeping the two kitchens running as long as possible.

They plan to set aside funds from the donations collected specifically for this feeding initiative.

He pointed out that it costs US$20,000 monthly or US$700 daily to maintain a food kitchen for 1000 people.

Love Aid Singapore has collected S$380,000 (US$283,347), using close to S$140,000 (US$104,390) for two trucks costing US$60,000 and another US$40,000 for the two food kitchens.

Goh shared that Love Aid Singapore is targeting pet food for their third truck, but they approach it cautiously due to routine border rejections of animal food trucks.

If unsuccessful, the pet food will be donated to an Egyptian pet rescue charity in Cairo.

However, the organization is diligently working to ensure the animal food truck enters Rafah without incident if acquired.

In addition to their efforts, Love Aid Singapore is exploring the purchase of 100 tents for Gaza, a priority item due to numerous requests.

Each tent costs US$350 and can accommodate 6-7 people.

Donations for this cause can be made via 87745281 PayNow for local donors and DBS Savings 074-0-009474 for overseas Singaporeans.

Goh extended his thanks to Singaporeans for standing on the right side of humanity, expressing hope that, in the Singaporean way, they can fill a small gap if complicit countries refuse to fund UNWRA.

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hopefully UN realized its not too late to stop funding Palestine.

Palestine use to build tunnels for terrorists. Its a big mistake or ” honest mistakes”? tsk tsk tsk

“if complicit countries refuse to fund UNWRA.”

well yeah. maybe they don’t wanna fund terrorists pretending to work for charity….and lol they spent 30K per truck to buy the trucks? why? this shouldn’t be permanent, they should rent and source for cheaper transport. no accountability? GG, GGman.