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Love Aid Singapore’s second Gaza aid truck successfully enters Rafah

Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh shared a positive update on Love Aid Singapore’s Gaza Aid trucks, with the second truck successfully reaching Rafah. Goh expressed gratitude for Singaporeans’ care and urged continued donations.



Love Aid Singapore's second Gaza Aid truck successfully enters Rafah.

Gilbert Goh, a Singaporean activist and the founder of Love Aid Singapore, recently shared a positive update regarding the progress of the Gaza Aid truck via the organization’s Instagram account on Tuesday (30 Jan).

After encountering a challenging wait, Goh conveyed that the second truck of Gaza Aid successfully entered Rafah on Monday (29 Jan).

In a video statement, he expressed his satisfaction with the news, stating, “It’s very good news that two of our trucks have entered Rafah. The first truck waited for three weeks, while the second truck waited about six to seven days.”

The arrival of Love Aid Singapore’s second Gaza aid truck in Rafah marks the successful completion of a historic 4-week humanitarian aid mission for our small NGO, primarily supported by ordinary Singaporeans.

Goh expressed gratitude, acknowledging the crucial role played by their partner NGO, International Rescue Organisation, for their resourcefulness and diligence in ensuring that aid reaches the Palestinians promptly in Gaza.

It is worth noting that earlier, the first Gaza Aid trucks successfully entered Rafah on Sunday (28 Jan) despite facing heavy fighting at Khan Yunus.

Love Aid Singapore gears up for third truck and urges donations amid funding crisis for Gaza aid

Goh reported that a total of 2100 food aid boxes, 200 blankets, and 6 tents were successfully unloaded from the trucks in Egypt, then transferred to two other trucks in Gaza for their inaugural journey to the warehouse.

The distribution of the aid took place promptly on Monday (29 Jan) upon its arrival in Gaza, with a significant portion being allocated in Rafah.

Goh expressed his intention to provide more detailed updates on this matter later in the day.

Highlighting a concerning development, Goh pointed out that various countries have halted their funding to UNRWA, a longstanding major contributor of aid to Gaza.

This cessation of funds raises alarms as it implies that Palestinians might face a shortage of much-needed aid in the near future, with a potential critical situation as early as next month in February.

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, Goh emphasized the increasing importance of the food aid provided by Love Aid Singapore, especially if UNRWA experiences a complete breakdown in operations due to insufficient funds by February.

While recognizing the impossibility of fully replacing UNRWA, given its status as the largest donor in Gaza, Goh expressed hope that their efforts could contribute, even if only in a small way, to fill some of the void left by the substantial absence of this major aid provider.

Looking ahead, preparations are underway for a third truck, specifically designated for animal food.

However, this shipment is expected to proceed only after Goh returns from Beirut, as his visa in Egypt is set to expire soon.

Goh is scheduled to leave for Beirut on 2 February and plans to return to Cairo on 9 February after a brief one-week break.

In an earnest plea to the community, Goh urged continued support for the Gaza Aid fund, as efforts are also being made to raise funds for 100 much-needed tents, each costing between $350 to $450 USD.

Grateful for the ongoing support from Singaporeans, Goh extended his appreciation for their love and care towards the Palestinians facing challenges in Gaza.

For those wishing to contribute, Goh provided the donation details: Singaporeans can donate through PayNow at 87745281, and overseas Singaporeans can contribute to DBS Savings account 074-0-009474.

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better give them some floats, swim costumes , etc

Gaza soon will be flooded.