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Love Aid Singapore’s first Gaza aid truck successfully enters Rafah

Love Aid Singapore’s first Gaza relief truck enters Rafah, overcoming challenges and marking a significant milestone in their S$330,000 fundraising journey.



Love Aid Singapore's Gaza aid truck successfully enters Rafah

Gilbert Goh, an activist in Singapore and the founder of Love Aid Singapore, recently shared a positive update on the progress of the Gaza Aid truck through the organization’s Instagram account on Monday (29 Jan).

After facing a challenging wait of 6 days at the borders and overcoming numerous obstacles, Goh provided an update that, despite the heavy fighting at Khun Yunus, one of the Gaza Aid trucks successfully entered Rafah on Sunday (28 Jan).

A video accompanying the update reveals the loaded truck inside Gaza after its entry through Rafah, Gaza’s border city to Egypt.

Remarkably, this achievement was made possible by the collective efforts of ordinary Singaporeans who contributed donations ranging from S$2 (US$1.5) to S$6000 (US$4,475).

Expressing gratitude on behalf of Love Aid Singapore, Goh extended his thanks to everyone who generously donated, acknowledging their pivotal role in transforming a seemingly ambitious dream into a tangible reality.

Goh shared that Love Aid Singapore has achieved an astounding feat by collecting S$330,000 (US$246,087) for Gaza relief aid to date.

Considering that a single full truck alone costs close to US$30,000, this substantial amount reflects the generosity and support received for the cause.

The upcoming phase involves the distribution of aid in Rafah, Khun Yunus, and Al Wati.

However, Goh notes that the locations may be subject to change based on the evolving war situation.

Goh assures the supporters that he will provide updates with videos and photos once the aid distribution takes place.

The wonderful update comes following the unfortunate turn of events for Palestinians in Gaza as several Western countries pulled their funding in reaction to claims that several UNRWA staff members were involved in the Hamas-led attacks on Israel on 7 October.

Love Aid Singapore commits US$20,000 to support wounded Palestinians in Cairo amid ongoing Gaza efforts

Earlier on 27 January, Goh, accompanied by fellow NGOs, visited the ambassador at the Palestinian Embassy in Cairo.

Among the attendees were representatives from the Indonesian Red Cross and overseas Palestinians residing in countries such as Sweden, the UK, and Germany, who had returned to contribute to the ongoing efforts in Gaza.

Love Aid Singapore pledged a commitment of US$20,000 to support hundreds of wounded Palestinians seeking medical treatment in Cairo, as well as those stranded and in need of financial assistance.

The financial aid will provide US$100 to each wounded Palestinian and US$50 to each student, aiming to alleviate their hardships.

Goh said that in Cairo, there are at least 2000 Palestinians studying, all of whom require some form of assistance.

Over the next few weeks, the contributions will be personally dispensed by Goh and embassy staff.

Discussions during the visit also touched upon the prospects of rebuilding Gaza, with the consideration of establishing a tent city to provide viable housing options for Palestinians after the war.

The rebuilding process, anticipated to span several years and incurring substantial costs, underscores the complexity of the situation.

To facilitate the entry of aid into Rafah, clearance from the Egyptian authorities is necessary, given their jurisdiction over the Philadelphi Line.

The Palestinian Embassy plays a crucial role in expediting this process, helping aid to swiftly reach its intended recipients.

Goh emphasized the importance of building bridges with all stakeholders to ensure efficient and smooth operations.

He expressed gratitude to the people of Singapore for their love and care for the Palestinian people in Gaza and beyond.

Those willing to contribute to the wounded Palestinians in Cairo can donate via paynow at 87745281, while overseas Singaporeans are encouraged to donate to DBS Savings 074-0-009474.

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Hopefully the money dont go to support Hamas? What do you think?

Remember Palestine use Gaza to build tunnels for the Hamas terrorists . tsk tsk tsk