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Love Aid Singapore’s food aid reaches Palestinians in Gaza

Love Aid Singapore triumphs as food aid finally reaches Palestinians in Gaza. Activist Gilbert Goh reports the success of the Gaza Aid truck initiative, with two trucks overcoming delays to deliver crucial supplies. More efforts planned for ongoing humanitarian support.



Love Aid Singapore's food aid reaches Palestinians in Gaza

Gilbert Goh, an activist based in Singapore and the founder of Love Aid Singapore, recently shared an uplifting update regarding the Gaza Aid truck initiative.

This positive development was communicated through Love Aid Singapore’s Instagram account on Wednesday (31 Jan).

Initially, Goh reported that both trucks associated with the Love Aid Singapore Gaza Aid initiative had successfully entered Rafah, overcoming a prolonged waiting period.

The first truck made its entry into Rafah on Sunday (28 Jan), with the second truck following suit on Monday (29 Jan).

In the most recent update, Goh conveyed the heartening news that Love Aid Singapore’s food aid has finally reached the Palestinians in Gaza.

He highlighted that the partner NGO, International Rescue Organisation, has commenced the intricate process of distributing the aid to the people in Gaza.

This progress marks a significant milestone for Love Aid Singapore’s Gaza Aid initiative.

Love Aid Singapore triumphs as food aid reaches Gaza

Gilbert Goh reported a significant milestone: Love Aid Singapore’s food aid has finally reached the Palestinians in Gaza.

The partner NGO, International Rescue Organisation, has initiated the intricate process of distributing 2100 food boxes, 6 tents, and 200 blankets, all of which were unloaded from the two trucks associated with the initiative.

Goh emphasized that a sanitary pad has also been included in each food box.

The trucks successfully entered Gaza within a day of each other through the Egyptian Rafah Crossing, which remains open and undisturbed despite ongoing Israeli demonstrations at the closed Shalom Karel Crossing, Goh stated.

According to Goh, currently, only two crossings are open for humanitarian aid, out of the 6 to 7 crossings near the Egyptian-Israeli border, all controlled by Israel.

Love Aid Singapore has received inquiries from donors regarding this matter and hopes that this information addresses their concerns.

Despite this progress, the delivery of humanitarian aid remains slow, with trucks queuing on the highway by the hundreds, sometimes for weeks or even more than a month.

Goh emphasized the need for patience if they decide to send another truck.

Nevertheless, preparations are underway for a third truck, specifically for pet food, pending cost considerations and a quotation.

Goh plans to leave Cairo for Beirut on 2 February due to an expiring visa but aims to prepare the third truck once he returns on 9 February.

Highlighting the importance of supporting animals in war-torn Gaza, Goh stressed that a full truck solely meant for pet food would be significant, despite the potential cost.

Past trucks carrying animal food have faced confiscation.

The plan also includes sending 100 tents, with each tent costing between US$350 to US$450.

Those interested in contributing can do so through paynow 87745281 for local donations and DBS Savings 074-0-009474 for overseas Singaporeans.

In closing, Goh expressed gratitude to the people of Singapore for standing on the right side of humanity and supporting these crucial humanitarian efforts.

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