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Love Aid Singapore raises close to S$2 million for Gaza aid initiatives

Love Aid Singapore raises close to S$2 million for Gaza aid, funding food kitchens, orphan sponsorships, and a solar energy project. Additionally, they’re establishing tent city refugee camps to offer vital shelter and humanitarian aid.



Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, the founder of Love Aid Singapore, shared a positive update on Wednesday (10 April) regarding donations for Gaza aid through the organization’s Instagram account.

Love Aid Singapore has amassed close to S$2 million (US$1.4 million) in donations to date.

These funds will be allocated for various purposes, including food kitchens, an orphan sponsorship program, and a solar energy project.

The first two initiatives incur monthly expenses, while the solar energy project is an ad hoc endeavour.

Additionally, there is a request to procure a truckload of infant milk products costing US$100,000, which would provide 24,000 tins of milk at approximately US$4 per can.

The organization has approved the financing for this critical baby product, addressing the shortage within Gaza.

The delivery of the milk will significantly contribute to the well-being and survival of Gazan infants for the coming months.

Goh also provided an update on the orphan sponsorship programs, noting that it costs S$80 (US$60) a month for a one-year commitment.

This commitment covers expenses such as new clothes, stationery, and food for the orphaned child.

Currently, Love Aid Singapore is sponsoring 400 orphans, amounting to US$24,000 in monthly expenses.

This marks the second sponsorship initiative, which began in February.

Sponsorship opportunities are available throughout the year, and individuals are encouraged to commit to at least a one-year period, preferably from March of the current year until the following year.

Love Aid Singapore provides shelter for Gaza refugees in tent city initiative

In a recent update, Goh shared a snapshot of Love Aid Singapore’s tent city refugee camp, which was partly set up with 160 tents donated by generous contributors.

Each tent, costing US$350, amounted to a total expenditure of close to $55,000 for the entire project.

These tents can comfortably accommodate 5 to 7 individuals, making them suitable for entire families seeking refuge and shelter.

Love Aid Singapore has pledged $100,000 for this significant project, which will benefit thousands of Palestinians.

The tent city refugee camp will provide food, shelter, and other essential humanitarian aid to those in need.

Given that many Palestinians are currently sheltering in makeshift locations such as beaches, streets, and open areas, these tents will offer much-needed relief to their plight.

The organization extends its sincere apologies for the prolonged delay in the delivery of the tents.

However, they are pleased to witness the tent city taking shape in Gaza at last.

Two such tent city refugee camps will be established to provide temporary shelter for displaced Palestinians from across Gaza.

Love Aid Singapore collaborated on this two-part refugee camp with the International Relief Organization, as Palestinians begin to relocate from Rafah in anticipation of an impending invasion.

This relocation effort will involve the movement of one million Palestinians from the south to central and even northern Gaza.

The organization expresses gratitude to the people of Singapore for their support and commitment to humanitarian causes, emphasizing the importance of standing on the side of humanity.

For those interested in contributing to the tent city project, donations can be made via PayNow to the number 87745281.

In addition to the initiative updates, Goh shared personal news.

After spending five months away from home, he has returned to Singapore for a brief period before heading back to Cairo by the end of the month to continue his humanitarian work for Gaza through Love Aid Singapore.

This dedication highlights his ongoing commitment to the cause and the organization’s efforts to make a positive impact in the region.

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If terrorist Iran cry no food like Gaza, is he going to Iran to raise money ? tsk tsk tsk

Why support Palestinians when they endorse Hamas ? Leve them alone. We are told not to interfere in foreign domestic issues and politics.

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Did he know 90% Palestinians voted for Hamas terrorists?