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Love Aid Singapore extends support to Gaza’s orphans and infants amid conflict

Love Aid Singapore delivers essential infant milk aid to Gaza, addressing dire malnutrition concerns. The organization also extends assistance to Gaza’s orphans amidst ongoing conflict, urging further contributions.



Love Aid Singapore extends support to Gaza's orphans and infants amid conflict

Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, founder of Love Aid Singapore, shared positive news regarding the arrival of infant baby milk in Gaza through the organization’s Instagram account on Monday (8 April).

Expressing gratitude, Goh thanked the people of Singapore for their care and concern for the infants in Gaza.

Collaborating with the NGO International Relief Organisation, Love Aid Singapore successfully brought in essential supplies of infant baby milk and diapers for the babies in Gaza.

The dire situation in Gaza has raised concerns about infant malnutrition due to the lack of adequate food and hygiene, leaving many mothers unable to breastfeed their babies.

Tragically, several babies have already succumbed to malnutrition, particularly in North Gaza where aid is scarce.

Goh acknowledged the challenges in sourcing infant baby milk, especially in Cairo where it is a restricted and heavily subsidized product.

Despite financial resources, purchasing large quantities of infant milk powder is difficult due to import restrictions and stringent customs clearance procedures.

Commending the astuteness and resourcefulness of their NGO partners, Goh emphasized the significant quantity of infant baby milk successfully brought into Gaza.

Furthermore, he assured that the distribution of infant milk powder and diapers will extend to all hospitals and relief shelters in Gaza.

Acknowledging the support from supporters in Singapore, Goh urged continued contributions to sustain the supply of infant baby milk.

Love Aid Singapore extends support to Gaza’s orphan amid ongoing conflict

In a prior update on Sunday (7 April), Goh provided information on the Love Aid Singapore Orphan Sponsorship Program, expressing gratitude for the support received.

The Orphan Sponsorship Programme entails providing US$60 or S$80 to sponsor an orphan in Gaza, living under the care of an aunt or uncle.

The funds are allocated to the caregiver to purchase necessities such as clothing, food, and other essentials for the orphan.

Currently, the program supports 400 orphans, with a total cost of US$24,000 for a one-year period starting from March.

“If you wish to join the programme you can do so now and drop off anytime you want,” Goh said.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza, now in its sixth month, has resulted in many children losing one or both parents.

The support for orphans has garnered significant attention, with contributions reflecting the compassion of the Singaporean community.

Some children have been left entirely alone due to devastating bombing raids, experiencing profound isolation and loss amidst the chaos.

Despite official figures indicating 17,000 orphans, Goh believes the actual number is much higher, possibly exceeding 25,000 due to underreporting of deaths.

Logistical challenges, including accessing funds and coordinating activities, persist due to the precarious situation at Rafah.

Slow internet connectivity further complicates communication efforts, requiring patience and late-night coordination.

There is currently a slight shortfall in funding for the orphan sponsorship program for April.

Goh hopes new sign-ups will help bridge the gap, emphasizing that no pressure will be exerted for payment.

Setting up GIRO deductions or making annual transfers are encouraged for convenience and consistency.

For those interested in supporting both infant aid and orphan sponsorship in Gaza, donations can be made via PayNow to 87745281.

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Well done Hamas !! Later don’t cry Gaza got no food. Don’t cry to the world to ask Israel to cease fire. Don’t cry to South Africa to say Israel is committing genocide.

They need condoms to stop over breeding. What do you think?

Palestine is neither a state, a country or nation. Nope , its none of them!!!

Is there an airport there? Can i buy air tickets? NOPE !!!

Thank you to all the Guardian Angels doing the much needed work..
Its heartbreaking, anywhere war is going on…sad

Humanitarian aid is a noble clause but we should always remember that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. Who created this dire situation in Gaza, causing its ppl to suffer now? Hamas wants its ppl to become beggars, so whose fault is it? Just to highlight how biased the opinion coverage of this WAR is: the recent killing of 7 aid workers by Israeli missile attack. Whether it was a mistake or intentional, terrorist-apologists already made up their warped minds that it is deliberate. Yet then how come these MFker’s don’t also talk about how many Gazans were killed by Hamas/PIJ… Read more »

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The Arabs who are the Bedouins and nomads in Gaza and West Bank have openly chosen their destiny with hamas. No ?
Who is to blame ?

Instead the world is now poorer with all the massive donations pouring into their wasteful self inflicted and tormented misery just to keep them unproductive for the next generation which the cycle will then again repeat itself.

But again they will never learn.

This humanitarian aid and money is flushed down the toilet and should have been channelled to other hungry countries that are less endowed and more deserving.

Anyone adopting the orphans??? If Not Why???

90% polls shown Palestinians have voted for Hamas terrorists. Why are you helping them?

Terrorists (Hamas ) have no bargaining rights

Terrorists (Hamas ) killing hostage. Where is UN & ICJ? No balls?