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Gaza’s Kamal Adwan Hospital thanks Love Aid SG’s solar initiative

The head of Kamal Adwan Hospital in Gaza extends gratitude to Love Aid Singapore & IRO for their solar energy initiative, ensuring safe healthcare delivery. Gilbert Goh emphasizes Gaza’s dire situation with fewer than six operational hospitals.



Love Aid Singapore's solar energy initiative

GAZA, PALESTINE: The head of Kamal Adwan Hospital has expressed profound gratitude for Love Aid Singapore’s pioneering solar energy initiative aimed at revitalizing the hospital’s operations.

Gilbert Goh, Singaporean activist and founder of Love Aid Singapore, recently shed light on this groundbreaking initiative through updates shared on Love Aid Singapore’s Instagram platform.

In one of his updates, Goh revealed a stark reality: less than six hospitals are currently operational in Gaza, with many operating at less than half their capacity, resembling more like first-aid medical outposts than fully functional healthcare facilities.

He underscored the critical shortage of electricity, particularly affecting vital equipment such as incubators, resulting in tragic consequences for newborns.

The devastating five-month war inflicted extensive damage on solar panels and generators in hospitals across Gaza, severely compromising their ability to deliver effective healthcare services.

Compounded by a scarcity of fuel, generators remain inactive, emphasizing the urgent need for alternative power sources such as solar energy.

Mr Goh highlighted the urgency of the situation, especially when the plea came to finance a solar-powered energy system for Kamal Adwan Hospital, which had been forced to suspend its operations.

The initiative to install solar power at Kamal Adwan Hospital marks their second project aimed at rejuvenating healthcare facilities in the region, the first being a solar-powered water purification system in North Gaza.

In a recent video message obtained by Gutzy, the completion of a solar panel installation at Kamal Adwan Hospital was showcased, marking a significant milestone for the healthcare facility in northern Gaza.

The video’s narrator expressed gratitude, stating, “In this blessed month of Ramadan, finally the main hospital in northern Gaza, Kamal Adwan Hospital, gets the electricity supply. Alhamdulillah.”

Attributing the success of the solar-energy project to Love Aid Singapore and their partner NGO, the International Relief Organization (IRO), the narrator emphasized the life-saving impact it would have, enabling more individuals to access essential healthcare services and medication.

Acknowledging the generosity of donors, the narrator extended thanks for their support, funds, and contributions towards the project, underscoring the collaborative effort behind the initiative.

The head of Kamal Adwan Hospital highlighted the significance of the solar-energy system, noting its coverage of critical departments such as operations, intensive care, and neonatal care.

He emphasized that the implementation would ensure the delivery of safe and reliable healthcare services to all patients.

Expressing gratitude towards Love Aid Singapore and IRO, the head of the hospital commended their prompt response in providing urgent relief through the solar-energy project, thereby securing a vital energy source for Kamal Adwan Hospital.

Emergency medical team highlights crisis in Gaza hospitals

The medical situation in Gaza’s hospitals has reached an “unimaginable” state of crisis, with large open wounds left untreated and chronic shortages of basic medical supplies reported by an emergency medical team organized by three aid groups.

The team spent two weeks providing care at the European hospital near Khan Younis, where heavy fighting between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants has been ongoing.

During their visit to Khan Younis Hospital, the emergency medical team observed healthcare workers forced to evacuate or unable to access the hospital due to Israeli restrictions.

These restrictions have led to severe shortages of medical supplies, including essential items like gauze and materials used to stabilize broken bones.

Moreover, vital medical supplies have been impacted by Israel’s restriction of aid to Gaza, exacerbating the territory’s humanitarian crisis.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces continued their assault on major Gaza hospitals, including al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

Recent heavy clashes erupted after Israeli forces accused Hamas of using hospital buildings for military purposes.

Dr Konstantina Ilia Karydi, an anaesthetist from the visiting emergency medical team, described the distressing scenes at the European hospital, emphasizing its expansion to accommodate displaced individuals seeking refuge.

While the team successfully performed complex surgeries, some patients later succumbed to infections and lack of post-operative care.

This issue has plagued trauma care in Gaza for months.

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Terrorists have no rights to bargain!

Ask Hamas to surrender!!

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Who are those injured in the hospitals? injured terrorists ?