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Netizens mock MSF’s domestic violence intervention call with Foreign Minister’s statement in Gaza

Netizens mocked an Ministry of Social and Family Development video advocating community intervention in domestic violence, contrasting it with Foreign Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan’s description of the Gaza conflict as a “family quarrel in another family,” stressing that it is “fundamentally not our quarrel” during 2 July Parliamentary session.



SINGAPORE: Netizens ridiculed an awareness video posted on the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s (MSF) Instagram account, which urged neighbourhood intervention in domestic violence cases to save lives.

They pointed out the irony in light of Foreign Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan’s recent remarks during the 2 July Parliamentary session.

Dr Balakrishnan described the conflict in Gaza as a complex issue, likening it to a “family quarrel in another family” and emphasizing that it is “fundamentally not our quarrel.”

In MSF’s awareness video, the ministry underscored that domestic violence is not a private matter, stressing that public intervention can significantly impact victims’ lives.

MSF encouraged communities to report and seek help from authorities if they or someone they know is in an abusive relationship through the National Anti-Violence & Sexual Harassment Helpline (NAVH) at 1800-777-0000.

However, some netizens have pointed out the contradiction between Dr Balakrishnan’s statement and MSF’s message.

They highlighted the perceived inconsistency in Singapore’s approach to intervening in conflicts, referencing Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan’s advice against involvement in what he described as “another family’s quarrel,” suggesting a policy of non-interference.

For instance, an Instagram user sarcastically mocked the Foreign Minister’s remarks:

Another netizen suggested that MSF should take down the video, pointing out its conflict with Minister Balakrishnan’s remark, unless MSF plans to educate the Minister on what constitutes a “family quarrel.”

Some criticize the Minister’s statement, suggesting that it advises against intervening even in dire humanitarian crises, such as when 15,000 children die from starvation or violence.

Some netizens are tagging the Minister, seeking clarification on his recent remark.

Dr Balakrishnan reminds Singaporeans: Conflict in Gaza “fundamentally not our quarrel”

On 2 July, Minister Balakrishnan affirmed that Singapore is ‘prepared in principle’ to recognize Palestine as a sovereign state, contingent upon it having an effective government that renounces terrorism and recognizes Israel’s right to exist.  He made this statement in response to a Parliamentary Question posed by fellow Members of Parliament (MPs).

When questioned by Mr Gerald Giam, Workers’ Party MP for Aljunied GRC, about the criteria for recognizing Palestine and whether such recognition would aid in advancing negotiations, Dr Balakrishnan emphasized the necessity of an effective Palestinian government or leadership that represents all Palestinians, exercises authority over the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and possesses the mandate to engage in negotiations with Israel.

“I would say that we are not going to lock ourselves in to a specific time or to whether or not other countries have made decisions in parallel, on the same fundamental question,” said Dr Balakrishnan.

Mr Giam then questioned whether Singapore could find itself in a catch-22 situation where it refrains from recognizing the state of Palestine due to the absence of an effective government governing the territory, yet current realities hinder the emergence of such a government.

Dr Balakrishnan responded by distinguishing between two dimensions: the existence of effective Palestinian leadership and the recognition of a formal Palestinian state.

He suggested that Singapore should maintain a principled stance of neutrality in international conflicts, refraining from engaging in contentious debates, symbolic actions, or premature statements that could potentially exacerbate tensions or misunderstandings.

“Another worthwhile reminder for all of us in Singapore is that this is fundamentally not our quarrel. This is a family quarrel, in another family. ”

“The worst thing you can do in a family quarrel is to get involved unnecessarily or with ulterior motives or to perform for an external audience, ” Dr Balakrishnan added.

“So let’s remain calm. Let’s remain united. Let’s remain constructive and helpful, and hope, even in this time of deep darkness, that peace will be given a chance in Palestine. And that our Israeli friends and their Palestinian brothers can live in peace with each other.”

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Last edited 3 days ago by Blankslate

All wars are horrid..
Innocent people on both sides suffer immensly…even the soldiers who had to kill or be killed.
War=Humans’ invention..
Humans are the most dangerous animal on this planet..

What Happened To Nas Daily.
Lee Hsien Loong Best Palestian Friend.


Last edited 3 days ago by Blankslate


Last edited 3 days ago by Blankslate

So the courts of SG ruled that Vivian Bala reputation, character was defamed? Was it so?

Then this Mother Effker free loaded on SG Judiciary System when the obvious OWNSELF SMEAR OWNSELF on FULL DISPLAY OWNSELF CONTRADICT OWNSELF – Vivian Ownself DEFAMED Ownself?


Last edited 3 days ago by Blankslate

Why didn’t he question why his previous boss turned a “family quarrel” into a national issue??? Hijacked parliament for 2 days to conduct a kangaroo court, and this bootlicker was very quiet, hor.

Historically , Biblically , Israel will win

This useless fm looks at world incidents/events then make shortbread out of it, like he is debating for ACS What a stupid fellow!?????

Admittedly this PAP Administration is a RELIC. But it’s veneer is so polished sheeps are still sheeps for almost 60 years, sad.


PAP has progressed and glued up 5.5/10 mired in mud, favourite of pigs WHICH PAP so able to understand and TAKE advantage of – unlimited pork supply, for barbq, for stewed, for pork ribs, and for delicious innards soup. Last every new year PAP has bak qua.

Bala has a dubious flawed character, a wolf in sheep’s skin.

He callously brushed away the plea for help for the needy with his infamous three meals remark.

However, this hypocrite would not want to live in hdb, gcb but in a colonial bungalow like a feudal lord.

Sometimes, or lately,most of the time, they can talk utter nonsense.
Yet sgs are forced to keep paying them mil$ salaries, plus plus.
Their salaries never reflected their abilities or talents.
We were scammed or duped into thinking theyre 1st world ministars ….

When this PAP Administration can do the same tricks year after year after years, there’s NOT MUCH to PROVE what’s REALLY their ABILITY (of the PAP Multi Millionaires self made Politicians ) and the MENTALITY of those FALLING Victims to PAP’s TRICKERY.

PAP Administration’s TRICKERY has BEEN SEEN so CLEARLY earlier on years and THEY Took Advantage to MILK, TO JUICE so much So PAP Administration has to Drvide themselves to CALL SG a Smart Nation,ANAME CALLING justified in view of hard realistic circumstances. HOW else to attract Indian or China Scums?

PAP is well known to come up with different rules for different situations even they are contradictory in principles. They do whatever works for them as long as they are in power. If we wants to do what works for us, they need to be out of power.

Such apparent and absolutely glaring contradictions, … stems from this regime’s expectations of their dedicatedly dense and simpleton supporters, … who can’t discern, dissect or differentiate !!!

Yes, we should stay our Palestine -Israel war.

Palestine is not even a state. Hamas terrorists are the ones who attacked first.

Last edited 6 days ago by john lim

Remember 9 /111 and 7th October.

On 7th October who genocide who?

MillionDollar Foreign Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan said “fundamentally not our quarrel”.

MillionDollar Education Minister Chan Chun Sing said “We are not instruments of other people’s quarrels or contests”

Are you MillionDollar Minister all hypocrites? Or two-face?

Why single this out? This is not the first policy that contradict another that came from pap. Just look at inflation, on one hand they can that they will help tackle inflation with the citizens but in the other they collect monies from citizens like coe that increases prices of cars by three fold. Then pm Lawrence come out and tell us not to take academic and material achievement as success gauge but pap policies of scholarship is based exactly on that. The problem comes when the citizens continue to vote the g in even when they know the g… Read more »

It would be nice and interesting to see both Ministar PokeMa each other.

Their decision was derived with Common Cent and not Common Sense.



Last edited 3 days ago by Blankslate

They just do not want to be responsible for anything.

Take care of your own health
Take of your own retirement
Take care of your elderly
Take care of your own neighbourhood ( report to OneService app)
Take care of your own jobs

But they want your vote
They want your money
They want your male child to serve NS
They want you to obey
They want you believe them ( without supporting proof)

Now they want you to be kay-poh about your neighbours…
They just want an easy $16,000 a month.

First they genocided the Palestinians and we …. did nothing. Then we got genocided and …
Sounds familiar?

You pay peanuts, you get monkey.

Here we pay millions, we get idiots.

I think VB forgets that we should be human beings first and the least we can do is to save as many human lives as possible by all means. So politically we should be against all wars and not take sides. There are sanctions against Russia but no sanctions against Israel. Does this not mean that VB supports all Israeli actions against the Palestinians ?It is 10 months and it is business as usual with the Israelis. He talks about Israel ‘s right to exist but places caveats on a Palestinian State even though Hamas has already said that they… Read more »