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Love Aid Singapore boosts tent and food supply initiatives for Gaza relief

Love Aid Singapore, led by Gilbert Goh, confirms progress on the tent project for Gaza with 160 tents ordered at US$350 each. Mr Goh highlights the ongoing focus on critical food supply, seeking donations for Ramadan initiatives.



love aid singapore gaza tent

Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, the founder of Love Aid Singapore, recently shared a positive update on the organization’s Gaza Aid initiative via Instagram account on Thursday (15 Feb).

Having previously launched two Gaza Aid trucks and two food kitchens, Mr Goh has expanded the initiative to include the donation of tents to Palestinians in Gaza.

Encountering challenges with the initial tent quality, which did not meet their expectations, Mr Goh reported that the tents now exhibit a significantly improved appearance after a thorough inspection at the warehouse.

Love Aid Singapore has placed an order for 160 tents, with each tent priced at US$350.

Goh mentioned that the production of the tents is expected to take 7 to 10 days, after which they will be promptly transported to Rafah Gaza.

The initiative aims to provide much-needed support and shelter to the people in Gaza, reflecting Love Aid Singapore’s commitment to making a positive impact in the region.

Love Aid Singapore advances tent project, urges continued support for Gaza relief

Mr Goh expressed satisfaction with the appearance of the tent and confirmed their intention to proceed with the project with the support of the community.

Having recently inspected the tents at the warehouse, Love Aid Singapore found the current batch significantly improved compared to the ones rejected the previous week.

Mr Goh mentioned that the organization has placed an order for 160 tents, each costing US$350.

Love Aid Singapore extends a sincere apology for any delays in the order and delivery process.

The production of the tents is expected to take approximately 7 to 10 days.

Once ready, the tents will be promptly transported to Rafah Gaza, where their NGO will take charge of the distribution.

Despite progress, Mr Goh emphasized that North and Central Gaza still require additional tents.

Urging continued support, particularly for North Gaza, where conditions remain challenging, Mr Goh highlighted the ongoing need for assistance in the region.

Love Aid Singapore focuses on critical food supply and Ramadan initiatives

Love Aid Singapore operates two food kitchens in Jabalia and Rafah, which will continue their daily operations starting this weekend until funds are exhausted.

The organization prioritizes the critical food supply, making it the focal point of their funding requirements, with the understanding that immediate food assistance is essential.

While acknowledging the importance of aid trucks, Mr Goh stressed that reaching the people in Gaza through this method can take time.

Consequently, Love Aid Singapore has decided to concentrate efforts on funding the two food kitchens in Jabalia and Rafah over the next two months, especially with Ramadan approaching.

In addition to the food kitchens, Love Aid Singapore is seeking funds for iftar meals in Jabalia and Rafah, aiming to provide meals for 1000 Palestinians.

The cost is estimated at US$2 per meal per person daily, totaling US$60 per person for the entire month of Ramadan.

The organization is confident in achieving this goal and encourages continued donations to support their initiatives.

Goh expressed gratitude to collaborating fundraisers, recognizing their efforts, whether it be through running 30km or donating proceeds from merchandise sales.

While acknowledging the overwhelming response and apologizing for any oversight in recognizing collaborations, Mr Goh encouraged ongoing support, stating that Love Aid Singapore is open to collaboration for the greater good and humanitarian causes.

To contribute, please donate to 87745281 via PayNow.

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