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Love Aid Singapore receives over S$100,000 in just three days for Gaza Aid, aims for third humanitarian relief truck

Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh’s Love Aid Singapore raised over S$100,000 within two days for Gaza Aid. Expressing gratitude, Goh has pledged two truckloads of aid, and now hoping for a third. Donations poured in, enabling purchases of food, blankets, tents, and medical supplies.



Gilbert Goh, Love Aid Singapore

SINGAPORE: Gilbert Goh, the founder of Love Aid Singapore and a Singaporean activist, took to the organization’s Instagram account on Tuesday (9 Jan) to provide an encouraging update on the Gaza Aid initiative’s progress.

Expressing his gratitude for the tremendous support received, Goh highlighted the impressive donations that enabled Love Aid Singapore to pledge two truckloads of aid, amounting to US$60,000 or approximately S$80,000, all accomplished within a span of just two days.

Goh proudly acknowledged his identity as a Singaporean, emphasizing the significance of his fellow citizens rallying behind a cause that unfolds thousands of kilometers away.

Love Aid Singapore surpasses S$100,000 milestone, prepares for third truck in Gaza relief efforts

In earlier post on Monday (8 Jan), Gilbert Goh, the founder of Love Aid Singapore, expressed gratitude for the remarkable support received within a day, amounting to an impressive U$30,000 or approximately S$40,000 in donations.

Before arriving in Cairo, Goh visited the Aarsal North Lebanon refugee camp on 3 January. At the camp, the organization successfully distributed 30 litres of fuel to each of the 100 Syrian refugee families, providing a crucial resource for heating during harsh winter conditions.

Since 6 January, Goh has been in Cairo to facilitate aid into Gaza, as documented in various videos on the organization’s account.

In a subsequent post on Tuesday (9 Jan), he announced, “With your generous donations for Gaza Aid, we could now commit two truckloads of aid costing $60,000 USD or around $80,000 SGD – all within two days!”

Expressing optimism in the post, Goh shared aspirations to surpass the $100,000 SGD donation mark, with hopes of making a third truck a reality.

The two trucks signify Love Aid Singapore’s representation of the compassionate spirit of Singaporeans from diverse backgrounds standing in solidarity with humanity.

Goh conveyed his immense pride in being a Singaporean, emphasizing the collective support for a cause unfolding thousands of kilometers away, connecting the hearts of Singaporeans with the Palestinians still grappling with the brutal consequences of the ongoing war in Gaza.

As donations continued to pour in over the past two days, Goh acknowledged receiving numerous requests, including an urgent appeal for animal pet food.

The organization is actively exploring options to address this need.

Goh provided details of the allocated funds, mentioning a bank transfer of $30,000 USD for one truck and outlining purchases such as 1000 food boxes costing $25,000, six tents costing $2,400, 100 normal blankets costing $1,000, and 100 thick blankets costing $2,000.

He expressed a desire to load the second truck with medical supplies, including painkillers, bandages, cough mixture, and flu tablets, to enhance the functioning of hospitals in Gaza.

Goh extended his stay in Cairo to collaborate with local NGOs, recognizing the demand for a Singaporean representation to ensure smooth operations.

In the latest update to Gutzy, Goh noted that S$100,000 had been raised as of Tuesday afternoon, and the additional funds would be used to facilitate the endeavour for a third humanitarian truck into Gaza.

For those willing to contribute, donations can be made through PayNow to 87745281.

Humanitarian crisis deepens in Gaza as fatalities, displacement, and food insecurity escalate

As of 7 January 2024, data from the Gazan health ministry, cited by the UN aid wing, reported at least 22,835 fatalities since Israeli military strikes began.

Air and ground attacks persisted, particularly in southern Gaza, where hundreds of thousands of displaced people sought safety.

Approximately two-thirds of those killed in Israel’s bombardment of Gaza are women and children, according to the health ministry.

Ongoing hostilities, including bombardment, ground operations, and the besiegement of the entire population, have led to catastrophic levels of acute food insecurity across the Gaza Strip.

About 85 percent of the population (1.9 million people) is displaced, often relocating multiple times and concentrated into an increasingly smaller geographic area.

The risk of famine is growing daily as intense hostilities and restricted humanitarian access persist or worsen.

The intensification of hostilities, reduced access to food and basic services, and the extreme concentration or isolation of people in inadequate shelters contribute to this increasing risk.

Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) data from 14 November to 7 December 2023, indicated that over 90 percent of the Gaza Strip’s population (approximately 2.08 million people) faced high levels of acute food insecurity.

In the healthcare sector, children in the Gaza Strip face a triple threat to their lives, with rising cases of diseases, plummeting nutrition, and the ongoing escalation in hostilities approaching its fourteenth week.

WHO’s online platform recorded 304 attacks on healthcare in the Gaza Strip since 7 October, affecting 94 healthcare facilities, including 26 damaged hospitals out of 36, and 79 ambulances.

The situation continues to deteriorate rapidly, increasing the risk of child deaths.

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Well done.

Did GG knows Palestinians never condemn the Hamas terrorists?

Did he knows Hamas started the 7th October killing a lot of innocents?

Did he knows Palestinians playing victim card calling Israel terrorists?

Should GG focus on helping Singaporeans instead?

What do you think?

Saudi spend billions for golf LIV. Why Saudi not give billions to Gaza? Gilbert should concentrate on problems Singapore. Plenty Singapore people need help. Saying is charity starts home.