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Gilbert Goh’s Love Aid Singapore raises US$30,000 for Gaza humanitarian efforts

Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, founder of Love Aid Singapore, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support in their humanitarian mission. Donations surpassed U$30,000 within a day, enabling the organization to prepare a truck filled with aid for Gaza.



SINGAPORE: Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, founder of Love Aid Singapore, shared an uplifting update on the progress of their Gaza Aid initiative on the organization’s Instagram account on Monday (Jan 8).

In a message to fellow Singaporeans, Goh expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support, with donations reaching an impressive U$30,000, equivalent to around S$40,000, within the span of a day.

He conveyed shock and exhilaration at the continuous outpouring of generosity from the Singaporean community.

Over U$30,000 raised in donations

Before arriving in Cairo, Goh was in Lebanon on 3 January, specifically at the Aarsal North Lebanon refugee camp. The organization successfully distributed 30 liters of fuel to each of the 100 Syrian refugee families at the camp, a vital resource for heating in the harsh winter conditions.

Goh has been in Cairo since 6 January to facilitate aid into Gaza and will be there till 14 January, as stated in other videos on the account.

In his post on Monday (8 Jan), he wrote, “It’s both shocking and exhilarating to see Singaporeans donating still as I know many have already donated elsewhere to help the Palestinians trapped in Gaza.”

Initially, he had mentioned upon arriving in Cairo that their organization planned to allocate around U$5,000 for Gaza, with hopes of increasing it to U$10,000.

However, with the continuous support and donations from Singaporeans, the following day, he announced an increased commitment to donate U$20,000 instead.

On 8 January, Goh shared the exciting news that donations for Gaza had surpassed U$30,000 within a single day.

In the video, he showcased an example of the donated family tent, providing viewers with a glimpse of its features.

Love Aid Singapore prepares truck with food aid for Gaza relief efforts

The funds raised will be strategically allocated based on donors’ preferences, with a significant portion dedicated to providing much-needed food aid to the affected regions.

Goh mentioned that with the ability to contribute more than initially anticipated, Love Aid Singapore is now able to send a dedicated truck filled with aid directly to Gaza.

“As we could donate more than $30,000 USD we can have a truck of our own now loaded with the love aid to be sent to Gaza,” he wrote.

A truck adorned with the Love Aid Singapore banner will carry an estimated 1000 food boxes, benefiting nearly 5000 Palestinian refugees in Gaza.

Goh expressed pride in representing Singapore on this international stage, emphasizing that few independent small NGOs from the country engage in humanitarian efforts in this part of the world.

While there is currently no confirmed schedule for the truck’s entry into Gaza, Goh highlighted the stringent screening and regulations at the Rafah border.

Acknowledging the ongoing challenges and risks due to the persisting conflict, he remains hopeful that the situation will improve, particularly in Gaza and Lebanon.

“Chances of me seeing the truck going into Gaza personally seems remote as I am leaving on 14th January back to Beirut,” he wrote.

However, he urged Singaporeans to continue their support, emphasizing that the journey thus far has been filled with both adventure and peril.

“It has being a wild and adventurous journey so far filled with peril and risks due to the ongoing war and the situation is still dire especially in Gaza and Lebanon.

“Hopefully there is no opening of a second front at Lebanon where I am more based for humanitarian work,” he stated.

“Once again, thank you Singaporeans for all your support and donations – keep them coming as we also saw some medical supplies at another warehouse yesterday, which are also essential items for Gaza,” he added.

Donations can be made through PayNow to 87745281.

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Did he knows Palestine use Gaza to build tunnels for terrorists?

Does he knows many old and jobless Singaporeans need to put food and money on the table? What do you think GG?

Why not help Singaporeans first?

If you REALLY want to help Gazans, at this point, you need to give Hamas better weapons. The “rockets” they keep pointlessly firing are like the ones being fired to celebrate the new year on 1 Jan, ie: useless.

I mean, if it is okay to send weapons to Ukraine, why not the Palestinians?