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Love Aid Singapore extends helping hand to Syrian refugees battling winter in Lebanon

Love Aid Singapore, led by activist Gilbert Goh, delivered 30 liters of crucial fuel to 100 Syrian refugee families in Aarsal North Lebanon.

As snow looms, the initiative aims to provide warmth amidst challenging winter conditions, symbolizing nine years of humanitarian efforts in the region.



love aid Singapore for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

SINGAPORE: Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh and his team from Love Aid Singapore undertook a compassionate mission to the Aarsal North Lebanon refugee camp on 3 January, aiming to positively impact the lives of Syrian refugee families.

Amidst the imminent threat of snowfall next week, the organization distributed 30 liters of fuel to each of the 100 Syrian refugee families at Aarsal North Lebanon, a crucial resource for heating in the harsh winter conditions.

In an official update shared on Love Aid Singapore‘s Instagram account on 4 January, Goh expressed his honor and pride in representing those who showed humanity to a place of isolation and desperation.

Love Aid Singapore’s winter fuel donation brings relief to Syrian refugees

The distribution took place on a clear and sunny day, fostering an atmosphere of sharing and caring.

During the distribution, each household brought out three water bottles to receive the fuel pumped out from a truck.

This assistance becomes crucial as the region anticipates snowfall in the coming week, making heating a necessity.

Many households queued up in an orderly manner, recognizing the importance of fuel for warmth.

While wood remains a preferred fuel substitute, it is acknowledged for its slow-burning nature and environmental hazards.

Despite this, it remains a significant resource for the refugees.

Goh, providing an update on the initiative, expressed his honor and pride in representing everyone involved.

The Singapore flag proudly hung outside the collection point, symbolizing the culmination of nine years of humanitarian efforts in this part of the world.

The Syrian refugees, having left their homeland in the early 2010s, have called tentage their home for over a decade.

Unemployment is widespread among them, and those fortunate enough to find work receive meager salaries, often not exceeding US$100 a month.

A run-down school within the camp is managed by volunteers, including teachers who offer their services without pay.

While the coordinator appealed for funds to compensate the teachers, commitment for a regular contribution remains uncertain.

Aarsal shelters approximately 20,000 weather-hardened Syrian refugees, with Love Aid Singapore having assisted only 500 with the available resources.

In an ongoing effort, Love Aid Singapore is set to visit Palestinian refugees on 4 January, specifically those battling cancer.

The organization plans to provide a small amount of cash to alleviate their hardships, further extending its humanitarian support.

Syrian refugee crisis: A decade of displacement, humanitarian needs, and economic challenges

The Syrian refugee crisis originated in March 2011, triggered by a harsh government crackdown on demonstrations supporting arrested teenagers in Daraa.

These protests spread across Syria, met with violent suppression, leading to a civil war, displacing millions of families from their homes.

Since 2011, over 14 million Syrians sought safety, with 6.8 million internally displaced.

Within Syria, 70 percent of the population needs humanitarian aid, and 90 percent live below the poverty line.

In Lebanon, economic challenges exacerbate Syrian refugees’ poverty, with over 90 percent living in extreme poverty, facing limited access to services, education, and job opportunities, with few prospects for returning home.

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