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Gilbert Goh, Love Aid Singapore extends a helping hand to Palestinian refugees in Burj Barajneh

Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, and Love Aid Singapore, distributed $50 USD to each needy refugee family in the Burj Barajneh camp, benefitting Palestinian and Syrian families. Their efforts aim to alleviate financial distress and provide essential support to those facing challenges in the camp.



SINGAPORE: Gilbert Goh, a Singaporean activist and the founder of Love Aid Singapore, embarked on a mission to positively impact the lives of Palestinian refugees by visiting the Burj Barajneh refugee camp along with his team on 18 Dec.

The organization distributed $50 USD to each needy refugee family, providing essential support to those facing financial distress in the challenging circumstances of the camp.

The modest donation made a significant impact, benefiting three Palestinian families and two Syrian refugee families.

Love Aid Singapore shared the experience in a short clip posted on their official Instagram account on 19 Dec.

Love Aid Singapore brings relief to elderly Palestinian woman amidst ongoing struggles in Burj Barajneh refugee camp

Among those touched by Love Aid Singapore’s generosity was a 75-year-old Palestinian woman, who has endured a lifetime of displacement since leaving Palestine as a 2-month-old baby in 1948. Despite facing high blood pressure, she struggles to afford the expensive medication in Lebanon.

As such, the donation from Love Aid Singapore is expected to alleviate her financial burden and contribute to her well-being during these trying times.

In a camp where jobs are scarce, many residents engage in menial work that pays below $200 USD per month. The average monthly rent for a tiny apartment in the camp is around $100 USD which makes it challenging for families to meet their basic needs.

Among the refugees, there is a prevailing yearning to return to their homeland, with stories echoing the sentiment of generations displaced during the Nakba. Lebanon hosts nearly 500,000 Palestinian refugees alongside 2 million Syrians in various camps throughout the country.

The struggle for a better life and the dream of returning to Palestine persist, even as some of the elderly, who left in 1948, have passed away without realizing their aspirations.

Moreover, the refugees in Lebanon closely follow the conflict in Gaza, expressing deep sadness over the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

With over 20,000 Palestinians killed so far, the need for a ceasefire is urgent, as Love Aid Singapore advocates.

“We advocate for a ceasefire immediately so that the senseless killing can cease and sanity must prevail with a viable 2-state solution to be discussed with mutual benefits,” the organization wrote.

They emphasizes a commitment to humanity without regard to race, religion, or barriers.

Goh’s ongoing support for peace 

In the short clip, Goh can be seen holding a sign expressing solidarity with Palestine and Gaza, along with advocating for a ceasefire.

Indeed, this is not the first occasion where Goh has openly demonstrated his support for peace.

In October, he posted a picture on Instagram showing himself at Speakers’ Corner, holding a placard with a message advocating for peace: “Peace not war. Israel stop the killing at Gaza! Hamas release all the hostages!”

The post received positive responses from netizens applauding Goh’s courage and aligning with his call for peace. The same image, albeit in colour, circulated on various social media platforms afterwards.

The second photo comes after, on 6 November, showing him holding a sign with the words ‘CEASE FIRE NOW!’ The sign also displays disturbing statistics: ‘Total deaths – 9800, Children – 4000, Women – 2400, Missing – 2200.’

In the description accompanying his post, he wrote: “In solidarity with 2 million Palestinians at Gaza. In solidarity with those hostages still held by Hamas. ”

He concluded with a quote from Gandhi: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

However, the situation took a turn when Goh was called to the Singapore police station on 9 November for questioning as part of an ongoing investigation.

Singapore authorities, including the National Parks Board, had earlier issued a declaration prohibiting events and public gatherings related to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

They justified the ban on grounds of significant public safety and security concerns amid escalating international tensions.

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GG= Why helps overseas?

After come back , conduct protest at HL park that garment importing foreigners to rob Singaporean jobs? tsk tsk tsk. What do you think?

lol modest. more like most people not stupid enough to donate to him, to virtue signal?
bloody glibert . i thought you were suppose to support locals and local workers!

Gilbert= 1 more week to 9% GST ! Can you help us? Thank you

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10) Increase Prices on Chicken, Eat Fish
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We need solutions not price increase!!!! What do you think?