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Love Aid Singapore raises over S$1.4 million in donations for Gaza aid

Love Aid Singapore celebrates raising S$1.4 million in donations. Additionally, 160 tents, delayed at the warehouse, finally head to Gaza, providing hope for shelter amidst ongoing displacement. Goh expresses gratitude and urges continued support for their humanitarian efforts.



love aid singapore

Singaporean activist and founder of Love Aid Singapore, Gilbert Goh, took to Instagram on Friday (29 Mar) to share the organization’s recent donation achievement.

Expressing gratitude to Singaporeans, he announced that Love Aid Singapore has successfully raised between S$1.4 to S$1.45 million (US$1.03 to US$1.07 million) in donations.

Of this, nearly S$500,000 (US$370,760) has already been utilized, leaving a surplus of approximately S$900,000 (US$667,370)

Goh thanked the community for their trust and faith in the organization’s endeavors.

Providing updates on ongoing projects, Goh highlighted that Love Aid Singapore is currently in the process of manufacturing 22 mobile toilets, each costing US$1500.

Additionally, he addressed a hiccup in the orphan sponsorship program, explaining that due to unforeseen circumstances, the funds couldn’t be delivered promptly.

However, as of 28 March, he received confirmation from the NGO managing the orphan sponsorship that they would finally receive the US$24,000 allocated for 400 sponsored orphans.

Acknowledging the donors’ contributions to the meaningful program, Goh reassured that efforts are being made to ensure the funds reach the intended recipients.

Moving forward, Love Aid Singapore aims to expand the orphan sponsorship initiative, emphasizing that it requires a one-year commitment of S$80 (US$60) per month per orphan.

The organization’s ultimate goal is to sponsor a total of 500 orphans, requiring US$30,000 per month.

Looking ahead, Goh announced plans to return to Singapore on 14 April before heading back to Cairo for a few months to oversee the Gaza Aid fund.

160 tents from Love Aid Singapore en route to Gaza after warehouse delay

In addition to the successful donation achievements, Goh revealed further positive developments.

He announced that after a delay at the warehouse, Love Aid Singapore’s 160 tents finally departed Cairo for Gaza.

Apologizing to donors for the delay, Goh informed that the tents successfully cleared the borders and reached Rafah.

Each tent, costing US$350 or US$470, amounted to a total of S$75,000 (US$55,614), with Goh expressing heartfelt gratitude to the generous Singaporean donors.

Highlighting the ongoing need for tents in Gaza, Goh expressed hope that the donated tents would provide much-needed shelter once set up by the NGO.

Despite regular requests from Palestinians in Gaza for tents due to continuous displacement, the heavy and bulky nature of tents, weighing close to 20 kg each, poses challenges for mobility.

Addressing the issue of forced displacement and the logistical challenges of relocating tents, Goh emphasized the importance of the NGO’s role in pitching and transporting tents to new locations.

Drawing parallels with the situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, where some have lived in tents for years, Goh stressed the significance of providing viable shelter for displaced individuals.

Reflecting on the humanitarian aspect of the donations, Goh expressed heartfelt gratitude to Singaporeans for their solidarity.

He emphasized the importance of continued support to address the pressing humanitarian needs in Gaza and urged the community to contribute further.

To facilitate donations, Goh provided a payment option via PayNow with the number 87745281.

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Google shows 90 % of Palestine polls support Hamas terrorists.

I wonder why people are support them? What do you think?

Singapore Really Rich La!!!!

Dear Palestinians:
1) Why hospitals are militarized?
2) Why use Gaza to build tunnels and hospitals for terrorists?
3) Hamas terrorists have no rights to bargain
4) Why never condemn Hamas
5) Why ask for food aid from U.S and Israel if you keep calling Israel genocide?
7) Who started it all?
8) Why Arab countries are not accepting Palestinians?
9) Hamas are not releasing hostages.
10)) the list goes on…

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Good job Gilbert ,

I dont follow what Shitgapore doing .