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Love Aid Singapore’s Gaza relief efforts persist despite alleged obstructions from parties

Despite facing challenges including bombings and attempts to block aid, Love Aid Singapore continues efforts to support Palestinians in Gaza. Gilbert Goh expresses gratitude for diverse fundraising initiatives.



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Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, founder of Love Aid Singapore, provided an update on Tuesday (19 Mar) via the organization’s Instagram regarding their Gaza aid initiative.

Goh expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support received for the besieged Palestinians in Gaza and emphasized that the Love Aid Singapore food program will continue during Ramadan.

In a previous update, Goh announced plans to provide Iftar meals to 3000 Palestinians to ensure they have proper sustenance for breaking their fast.

Goh emphasized that food kitchens and warehouses are frequently targeted by bombings, leaving Palestinians with limited access to aid.

Additionally, Goh pointed out that there are unidentified parties attempting to obstruct all avenues for relief entering Gaza.

Love Aid Singapore stressed the importance of solidarity among people to stand united in supporting the Palestinians’ cause.

In a separate development, Goh, along with Love Aid Singapore’s partner NGO, International Relief Organisation, visited the Palestinian Embassy in Cairo on Sunday (17 Mar).

During this visit, they handed over US$3000 to the embassy to establish an administrative outpost at the Rafah border crossing.

Love Aid Singapore extends gratitude for continued support in Palestinian relief efforts

Goh expressed appreciation for the ongoing support received from donors, regardless of the amount contributed, stating that each donation, whether $10 or $10,000, serves as a source of encouragement for Palestinians amidst their enduring hardships.

He noted the diverse range of fundraising initiatives undertaken, citing examples such as running 30 kilometers on one’s 30th birthday and selling handmade soap with dedication.

Over the weekend, another group successfully raised $10,000 through a sale of used clothes and items, a gesture for which Goh extended gratitude.

Goh acknowledged limitations in collaborating extensively on Love Aid Singapore’s feed to avoid it appearing solely as a marketplace for merchandise promotion, but assured that all fundraising efforts could be featured on the organization’s story line.

He mentioned the possibility of highlighting particularly innovative fundraising campaigns on the Instagram post, while seeking understanding from supporters regarding their approach.

Despite challenges, Goh affirmed the organization’s commitment to persisting in their efforts to provide humanitarian aid to Palestinians.

He acknowledged the ongoing pressure to deliver aid to Gaza promptly and appealed for understanding from Singaporeans regarding occasional delays.

As the conflict in Gaza extended into its fifth month, Goh urged for prayers for a crucial ceasefire, especially given the onset of Ramadan.

He expressed gratitude to Singaporeans for their solidarity with the humanitarian cause, emphasizing the importance of standing on the right side of humanity.

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Who are the hungry ones? supporters of Hamas ? Hamas civilians? What do you think?

Anyone accepting Palestinians so far?

Ask Hams free hostages and come back GG !!! Time for you to help Sinkies here. What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

Kudos GG, those in Gaza endangering their lives daily to provide food and to the resident population of Singapore for their generosity. The targeting of food kitchens and warehouses can only mean the Zionists intend to starve the Palestinians to death.