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Love Aid Singapore’s ongoing kitchen efforts for Palestinians in Gaza

Love Aid Singapore updates on Gaza’s food kitchen initiative amid tragic losses, pledging to provide iftar meals to 3000 Palestinians during Ramadan. Urgent appeal for support in delivering 50,000 food parcels, impacting 250,000 lives.



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In his ongoing dedication to supporting Palestinians, Singaporean activist and founder of Love Aid Singapore, Gilbert Goh, took to the organization’s Instagram on Saturday (9 Mar) to provide updates on their continuous efforts, specifically focusing on the food kitchen initiative in Gaza.

Despite facing the tragic loss of 9 Palestinian workers in Jabalia North Gaza, Goh expressed unwavering commitment to maintaining the food program in other areas of Gaza.

To address the challenges encountered, Love Aid Singapore is set to acquire new pots and pans for North Gaza, intending to resume cooking for the starving population in that region.

Goh shed light on the harsh reality that over 30 Palestinian children have succumbed to hunger in Gaza, with expectations of the numbers rising by Ramadan.

Responding to the difficult circumstances, Love Aid Singapore’s field kitchens are relocating across Gaza to reduce the risk of detection and potential bombings.

Operating in Central, North, and South Gaza, these kitchens diligently serve the needs of the hungry Palestinian population.

Considering the slim likelihood of a ceasefire during Ramadan, Goh emphasized their commitment to providing iftar meals throughout the fasting month.

“We have made plans to provide 3000 Palestinians with iftar meals so that they have proper food to break fast with,” said Goh.

Goh expressed heartfelt gratitude to the generous donations from Singaporeans that make these initiatives possible.

Acknowledging the challenges of obtaining meat due to its expense and sourcing difficulties, Goh highlighted the soaring costs of livestock, with a single cow now priced at US$9000 and a small goat at US$700.

Drawing attention to the dire situation on the ground, Goh pointed out that trucks are getting stuck on the highway while Gaza faces severe food shortages, constituting a grave man-made humanitarian crisis.

“A ceasefire is critical now so humanitarian aid can enter Gaza immediately,” he added.

Beyond Gaza, Love Aid Singapore’s initiatives also extend to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Collaborating with their Palestinian NGO partner, Balsama Health Care Centre in Saida, Lebanon, Love Aid Singapore successfully distributed 150 Ramadan food parcels to Palestinian refugees last Friday.

Each food parcel, costing US$20, contains approximately 20 items, sustaining 5 to 7 people for ten days or more.

Love Aid Singapore appeals for support in delivering 50,000 food parcels to Gaza

On another note, Love Aid Singapore’s partner NGO has urgently reached out for assistance, facing a significant challenge in delivering 50,000 food parcels generously donated by a benefactor.

The hurdle lies in the financing of the truck delivery cost, with each truck amounting to US$3,500.

The entire food aid delivery operation demands a total of 45 trucks, resulting in a substantial cost of US$150,000.

Expressing his reservations about the use of food trucks, Goh emphasized the inherent difficulty in transporting aid to Gaza via land borders.

Despite these challenges, he stressed that this method remains the only viable option to distribute food aid on a massive scale.

The 50,000 food parcels, if successfully delivered, have the potential to positively impact the lives of 250,000 Palestinians.

Goh urged individuals to share their feedback on this matter, underlining the importance of community involvement and collaboration.

In a heartfelt message, Goh extended gratitude to the people of Singapore for their unwavering support, acknowledging their commitment to standing on the right side of humanity.

He appealed for donations, providing the PayNow details (87745281, nick keowwah61) for those willing to contribute to this crucial humanitarian cause.

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