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Hamas claims Israel killed hostages during rescue operation in central Gaza’s al-Nuseirat refugee camp

Hamas alleges that Israel’s rescue mission in Gaza resulted in hostage deaths, condemning it as a war crime. Israeli forces deny the claims, sparking controversy over the operation’s outcome.



Hamas’ al-Qassam Brigades, via Telegram on 8 June, claimed Israel’s hostage rescue operation in central Gaza’s al-Nuseirat refugee camp resulted in hostage deaths.

Abu Ubaida, spokesperson for the al-Qassam Brigades, condemned Israel’s actions as war crimes, emphasizing that some hostages were killed during the operation.

He stated “What the zionist enemy carried out in the Nusseirat area in the central Gaza Strip is a compounded war crime, and the first to be harmed by it are its captives.

The enemy managed to liberate some of its captives by committing horrific massacres, but at the same time, it killed some of them during the operation.”

He warned of significant dangers posed to other captives, negatively impacting their conditions and lives.

Israeli operation in Gaza’s Nuseirat refugee camp results in mass casualties

Israeli forces rescued four hostages in a raid in Gaza, which Palestinian officials reported resulted in more than 200 deaths.

The rescue operation, accompanied by a significant air assault, took place in central Gaza’s densely populated al-Nuseirat neighborhood, a frequent battleground in the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Israeli military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari detailed that the raid occurred in a residential area where Hamas had confined the hostages in two separate apartment blocks.

Israeli forces faced intense fire during the assault and responded by firing “from the air and from the street,” Hagari said.

The rescued hostages, identified as Noa Argamani, 26, Almog Meir Jan, 22, Andrey Kozlov, 27, and Shlomi Ziv, 41, were taken to the hospital for medical checks and were in good health.

During a briefing with journalists, Hagari mentioned that there were fewer than 100 Palestinian casualties, though he could not specify how many were combatants.

Additionally, an Israeli special forces commander was killed during the operation, as confirmed by a police statement.

Israel denies allegations made by Hamas

Israeli military spokesperson Peter Lerner, in an interview with Sky News, refuted claims that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) attacks had killed hostages during rescue operations.

Lerner dismissed these allegations as part of Hamas’ propaganda effort, stating that Hamas had been attempting to exert emotional pressure on Israel since day one.

Video released by al-Qassam Brigades resurface on social media

A video released by al-Qassam Brigades on 15 January featuring Noa Argaman who was rescued on 8 June, resurfaced on social media after Hamas claimed hostages were killed by an IDF airstrike.

Noa, along with two other hostages, Etai Firsky and Yosi Sherabi, were held captive inside a building with al-Qassam soldiers.

During an IDF airstrike, an F16 fighter jet rocket hit their building, killing Yosi.

Noa and Etai were rescued by soldiers after being buried under rubble.

Later, they were hit by another IDF airstrike while relocating, injuring Noa and killing Etai.

The video concluded with Noa pleading with the IDF to cease airstrikes and guarantee their safe return home.

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One of the Hamas leader’s sons came out to speak at the UN General Assembly, please see below:
1)  Hamas claims sole legitimacy of Palestine people. Eldest son of one of the Hamas Leaders (Hassan Yusof) say Palestinian People did not elect and appoint Hamas to represent them.

2) It is Hamas who appoint himself to mislead the International community. If Israel do not exist, you have no one to blame.  

3) As stated very clearly by one of the Hamas leader’s son, Hamas is not representative of the Palestine People

Ham Ass also claims that elephants can fly.

Historically one is an avowed terrorist group, denied Israel’s right to exist, refused to acknowledge Israel’s creation by UN declare war against Israel, USA to them is the Great Satan. Amongst earth’s beheading groups, they are no less notorious.

Across the line, a thorn among the roses, practicing democracy, admit to mistakes if wrong air strikes, punished it’s own soldiers, and so on.

Reportedly, next use civilians as cover as shields, store weapons in schools, hospitals, et al.

Who has more credibility in world credibility tho both cannot qualify as better angels than thy neighbour.

Palestinians are Hamas . Hamas are Palestinians.

What is the difference?

I already said Hamas terrorists are each paid $10,000 and an apartment for holding each hostages.

Do you think these terrorists want to cease fire?