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World Central Kitchen to resume Gaza operations after loss of aid workers

World Central Kitchen is poised to resume food distribution in Gaza, overcoming the tragic loss of seven aid workers in an Israeli air strike. Despite challenges, WCK affirms its commitment to provide vital sustenance amidst the dire humanitarian situation.



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World Central Kitchen (WCK) is set to resume its food distribution operations in Gaza, nearly a month after seven of its aid workers tragically lost their lives in an Israeli air strike.

“We have spent the past few weeks honouring the lives of Saif, Zomi, Damian, Jacob, James, John, and Jim,” WCK CEO Erin Gore stated.

The organization announced its readiness to deploy 276 trucks carrying eight million meals through the Rafah crossing.

In a statement released on Sunday (28 April), the charity emphasized its unwavering commitment to continue its humanitarian mission despite the recent challenges.

Earlier this month, the organization faced a devastating blow when a convoy departing from a warehouse came under attack, resulting in the loss of seven lives and sparking international outrage.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) acknowledged “grave mistakes” that led to the fatal strike and took disciplinary action against two senior officers involved.

Ms Gore highlighted the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza and underscored WCK’s determination to resume operations with the same dedication and focus on providing sustenance to as many people as possible.

“We will continue to get as much food into Gaza, including northern Gaza, as possible—by land, air, or sea,” she stated.

In addition to the Rafah crossing, WCK plans to dispatch trucks from Jordan and utilize the Ashdod Port, one of Israel’s primary cargo ports.

The charity also revealed plans to construct a third high-production kitchen within Gaza.

While seeking accountability for the tragic airstrike, WCK reiterated its call for an impartial international investigation into the deaths of the aid workers, representing various nationalities.

Despite lacking concrete assurances, Ms Gore stressed the organization’s ongoing advocacy for improved protection of NGO workers in conflict zones.

WCK, a significant aid provider in Gaza, has supplied over 43 million meals since the conflict erupted in October.

Ms Gore reaffirmed the organization’s decision to persevere in its mission to provide vital assistance, emphasizing the importance of standing by those in need during challenging times.

“Wherever there’s a fight so that hungry people may eat, we will be there.”

The announcement from WCK coincides with Israel’s military commitment to increase aid to Gaza in the coming days.

According to Rear Adm Daniel Hagari, a spokesperson for the Israeli military, there will be a significant increase in the delivery of essential supplies such as food, water, medical supplies, and shelter equipment to Gaza.

This effort aims to address the dire humanitarian situation in the region.

Additionally, Israel is collaborating with US Central Command to establish a temporary maritime pier, facilitating direct distribution of aid from ships to Gaza’s shores.

It will initially facilitate the delivery of an estimated 90 truckloads of international aid into Gaza and scale to up to 150 truckloads once fully operational.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has issued a stark warning about the escalating crisis in Gaza, stating that famine is “almost inevitable” and children are suffering from starvation.

The conflict in Gaza, sparked by Hamas’s attack on Israeli communities near the border, has resulted in significant casualties and turmoil in the region.

The conflict erupted from a violent assault on 7 October, resulting in a staggering death toll of 34,945 Palestinians and leaving over 77,575 people injured.

Additionally, the toll from Israeli casualties stands at 1,139 individuals.

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