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Love Aid Singapore updates on Gaza food kitchen and humanitarian plans

Love Aid Singapore updates on the Gaza food kitchen after a recent attack, emphasizing the decision to keep kitchen locations confidential. Allocating US$400,000 for a 6-month food program, the organization prioritizes sustainability and strategic aid efforts.



Love Aid Singapore food kitchen in Gaza

Singaporean activist and Love Aid Singapore founder, Gilbert Goh, shared a significant update on the Gaza food kitchen situation via Love Aid Singapore’s Instagram on Wednesday (6 Mar).

Goh expressed his surprise upon receiving a video from Love Aid Singapore’s partner NGO, the International Relief Organisation (IRO).

This NGO has been tirelessly working on the ground to ensure the continuity of Love Aid Singapore’s food program within Gaza.

In response to a recent fatal attack on Love Aid Singapore’s food kitchen, Goh emphasized their commitment to not disclose the locations of their field kitchens inside Gaza.

Previously, Goh conveyed distressing news about an unfortunate incident at Love Aid Singapore’s food kitchen in Jabalia.

The kitchen was bombed on Saturday (2 Mar), resulting in nine fatalities and an additional 9 to 10 individuals injured.

Goh highlighted that the bombing not only destroyed pots and utensils but also rendered the Jabalia kitchen inactive.

In the most recent update, Goh announced that Love Aid Singapore is allocating US$400,000 to ensure the continuity of the food program for up to 6 months or more, showcasing the organization’s dedication to providing support in the face of adversity.

Love Aid Singapore updates on humanitarian efforts

Goh who had plans for a visa run to Beirut, provided an update announcing his arrival in Beirut on the late night of 5 March.

“Just reached Beirut late last night amidst windy rainy weather – so different from the dry warmer weather in Cairo,” he said.

In a previous update, Goh shared his intention to return to Cairo on 13 March, preparing for humanitarian aid efforts during Ramadan.

Addressing the recent fatal attack on Love Aid Singapore’s food kitchen, he reiterated their decision not to disclose the locations of their field kitchens in Gaza due to security concerns.

Despite pleas from many to reveal the kitchen locations for more targeted aid, Goh explained that security considerations prevented them from doing so.

He hoped for understanding and emphasized the need to avoid further bombing attacks on Love Aid Singapore’s food program.

With Ramadan approaching, Goh expressed the organization’s commitment to providing substantial iftar meals whenever possible, echoing the quality seen in a video.

He highlighted the high costs of meat meals, with each cow priced at US$9,000 and a small goat at US$700.

Goh stated that Love Aid Singapore aims to extend iftar meals to Central Gaza, facing shortages similar to North Gaza’s famine situation.

Anticipating no ceasefire before Ramadan, Love Aid Singapore is preparing for continuous aid delivery during that period.

He emphasized the organization’s strategic focus on their food kitchens and solar power energy program over rushing into the truck aid approach adopted by larger NGOs.

Believing it to be the right strategy, Goh explained that Love Aid Singapore aims to maximize resources by cooking for the hungry Palestinians inside Gaza.

As Ramadan approaches, it marks the third month of Love Aid Singapore’s commitment to providing meals, with plans to set aside US$400,000 to sustain the food program for at least 6 months.

In the conclusion of the update, Goh also mentioned that, due to a surge in donations for the Love Aid Singapore Orphan Sponsorship Program, they are now able to sponsor 400 orphans instead of the initially planned 330.

Calls for urgent aid as 20 die from malnutrition and dehydration

Amid growing calls to increase aid to the Gaza Strip, health officials report 20 deaths from malnutrition and dehydration.

“We believe that dozens are dying silently as a result of starvation without reaching hospitals,” Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra says in a statement.

Ramesh Rajasingham, deputy chief of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), provided an update to the UN Security Council on the dire situation in Gaza (27 Feb), stating that at least 576,000 people, constituting a quarter of the population, are on the brink of famine.

Rajasingham emphasizes that widespread famine in Gaza could become “almost inevitable” without immediate intervention.

Adding to the crisis, at least 30,717 Palestinians have been killed, and 72,156 wounded in Israeli attacks in Gaza since 7 October.

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