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Love Aid Singapore expands relief efforts in Gaza with tents and mobile toilets

Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, founder of Love Aid Singapore, updates on the Gaza Aid initiative, highlighting the successful completion of 160 tents and 22 mobile toilets. The project aims to provide essential shelter and sanitation, benefiting Palestinians in need.



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Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, founder of Love Aid Singapore, took to his Instagram account on Friday (1 Mar) to share a positive update on the organization’s Gaza Aid initiative.

The initiative, aimed at supporting Palestinian refugees, extends beyond providing Gaza aid trucks and food, now including tents as well.

Despite facing challenges with the initial tent quality, which fell short of expectations, Goh reported on 15 February that the tents displayed a significantly improved appearance following a thorough inspection at the warehouse.

In the latest update, Goh reported that after weeks of waiting, all 160 tents are now ready.

He also mentioned that the mobile toilets are still awaiting delivery.

Goh expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support received for the 160 tents and 22 mobile toilets.

Goh revealed that the entire project incurred a cost of close to S$110,000 (US$81,700).

The small tent city project is expected to benefit nearly 1,000 Palestinians, marking a collaborative effort to bring about positive change within Gaza alongside their partner NGO, International Relief Organisation.

Providing a breakdown of costs, Goh explained that each tent amounts to US$350, while a mobile toilet costs US$1500.

Despite the progress made, Goh noted that there is still a demand for tents, especially in Rafah, where people are observed sleeping in the open air.

Love Aid Singapore expands Gaza food program and initiates solar project for clean water

Love Aid Singapore has expanded its food program in Jabalia North Gaza by generously donating an additional US$20,000.

This contribution aims to extend support to more people through several mobile kitchens actively operating in the area.

The organization plans to implement the Ramadan Iftar meals program at its two food programs in Rafah and Jabalia.

To prepare Iftar meals for approximately 3,000 to 3,500 Palestinians daily after their fasting in these two areas, Love Aid Singapore estimates a cost ranging from US$50,000 to US$60,000.

Despite the current remoteness of a ceasefire, the organization remains committed to facilitating food aid on the ground to the best of its abilities.

In addition to food initiatives, Love Aid Singapore is progressing with a solar power project for a water purification system, with a budget of US$12,000.

This system is designed to provide clean, fresh water daily to 10,000 Palestinians in the Jabalia area.

Love Aid Singapore initiates US$44,000 project to restore Kamal Adnan Hospital in Gaza

Goh has given the go-ahead for a US$44,000 solar-powered system to revive the Kamal Adnan Hospital in North Gaza.

The hospital was forced to close due to a lack of fuel for generators, and currently, it can only provide first-aid medical care due to power shortages.

Goh plans to provide updates once the project is underway, with an estimated completion time of two weeks.

For those interested in contributing to the solar system to revive the Kamal Adnan Hospital project, donations are welcome, and instructions for payment can be found at 87745281 paynow.

Goh also expressed gratitude to all sponsors of Love Aid Singapore, acknowledging their ongoing support for 330 orphans in Gaza.

As more donors come forward, the organization aims to further expand its orphan sponsorship program.

Goh thanked Singaporeans for standing on the right side of humanity, emphasizing the collective effort in making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

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