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Love Aid Singapore raises nearly S$750,000 for Gaza aid initiative

Love Aid Singapore expresses gratitude as they amass S$750,000 for ongoing Gaza aid. Addressing the dire situation in North Gaza, the organization aims to sustain a cooked food aid program, benefiting over 2000 Palestinians daily.



Love Aid Singapore Gaza aid initiative

CAIRO, EGYPT: Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, the founder of Love Aid Singapore, recently shared a positive update on the organization’s Gaza aid initiative via his Instagram account on Thursday (22 Feb).

Expressing gratitude, Mr Goh announced that Love Aid Singapore has successfully amassed nearly S$750,000 (US$558,663), thanking everyone for their compassionate support towards the suffering Palestinians in Gaza.

In his update, Mr Goh shed light on the dire situation in North Gaza, where approximately 300,000 Palestinians find themselves isolated from the rest of the world, facing a lack of options and resources.

Additionally, he pointed out that the World Food Programme (WFP) has suspended aid to this besieged area due to looting and Israeli sniper fire, exacerbating the challenges faced by the Palestinians.

Love Aid Singapore aims to bridge the gap by providing essential assistance to the vulnerable population in Jabalia.

Despite the difficulties, the organization remains committed to sustaining the food program in both Rafah and Jabalia throughout Ramadan, ensuring that Palestinians observing the fast have access to daily Iftar meals.

In a previous post, Mr Goh highlighted Love Aid Singapore’s proactive efforts in seeking funds for iftar meals in Jabalia and Rafah as Ramadan approached.

He proudly shared that Love Aid Singapore successfully raised a total of US$60,000 within just two days, further strengthening their ability to address the urgent needs of the Palestinian community.

Love Aid Singapore’s ongoing food program in Gaza

In a recent update, Goh, representing Love Aid Singapore in collaboration with partner NGO International Relief Organisation, announced the ongoing food program within Jabalia in North Gaza.

Operational across three separate locations, this initiative aims to provide cooked meals for the stranded and hungry Palestinian population.

Benefiting from generous donations, more than 2000 Palestinians in Jabalia receive daily assistance through the cooked food aid program.

The dire situation in North Gaza, where 300,000 Palestinians are cut off from the world with nowhere to turn, is compounded by the suspension of aid by the World Food Programme due to looting and Israeli sniper fire.

Acknowledging the limitations in addressing the extreme needs of the population in Jabalia, Goh expressed gratitude for the funds received, emphasizing the potential to expand operational scope with the growing financial support.

The food program is set to continue in both Rafah and Jabalia throughout Ramadan, ensuring daily Iftar meals for fasting Palestinians.

With close to S$750,000 (US$558,663) collected so far, Love Aid Singapore extends its appreciation to everyone contributing to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza.

As funds increase, the organization explores ways to support the Gaza community independently, moving away from dependency on aid trucks with lengthy delivery times.

Detailing the expenditure for the Gaza Aid initiative, Goh provided a breakdown of allocations.

This includes US$60,000 or S$80,000 for two food aid trucks, US$55,000 or S$75,000 for 160 tents, and US$90,000 or S$120,000 for two food kitchens covering two months.

US$15,000 or S$18,000 for financial aid to 110 wounded Palestinians in Cairo, US$20,000 or S$27,000 monthly for an orphan sponsorship program, US$4,400 or S$6,000 for two months of staff salary support for a Palestinian kindergarten, and US$12,000 or S$15,000 for a solar-powered water system.

Mr Goh highlighted that the total expenditure to date has reached nearly S$330,000 (US$245,800), leaving a remaining net balance of S$420,000 (US$312,850).

Significantly, he pointed out that S$200,000 (US$148,977) of this balance is specifically designated to sustain the operation of the two food kitchens.

WFP halts Gaza food aid due to safety concerns amid escalating crisis

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has temporarily halted the delivery of life-saving food aid to northern Gaza due to unsafe conditions.

This decision, while not taken lightly, aims to ensure the safety of both aid delivery personnel and recipients.

WFP emphasizes the urgent need for a responsible and large-scale expansion of assistance to northern Gaza to prevent a disaster.

They call for higher volumes of food from multiple routes, the opening of crossing points to the north of Gaza, a functioning humanitarian notification system, a stable communication network, and facilitated security for staff and partners.

UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, reported that Israeli authorities have denied access to 51 per cent of planned missions aimed at delivering aid to northern Gaza.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, the toll from Israeli assaults since 7 October 2023 stands at a tragic 29,092 Palestinians. Approximately two-thirds of these casualties are women and children.

Additionally, over 69,000 Palestinians have been wounded in these attacks.

The conflict began last year on 7 October when Hamas-led militants entered southern Israel, resulting in 1,200 casualties and the hostage-taking of around 250 individuals.

After exchanges in November, 130 individuals remain captive, with a quarter believed to be deceased.

The ongoing situation reflects the significant humanitarian crisis and challenges faced by the Palestinian population in the region.

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I am sure GG knows SG has 9% GST increase and spiraling high cost of living in SG? So what are you going to do for Singaporeans First? tsk tsk tsk

Intend to migrate to PS? tsk tsk tsk

This is my song.

” From the river to the sea, Palestine will not be “.

” From the river to the sea, Israel will forever be “.

” From the river to the sea, no kosher and halal meat for me “.

” From the river to the sea, milk and honey for you and me ” .

One has to ask why the Gazans are now reduced to foreign aid for even basic food, when their leaders can construct tunnels (needed fuel, resources, etc.. to maintain) and even a computer-server compartment under UNWRA main office.

If you give a man a fish and teach him how to fish for food, you are doing good.

If you give him fish, teach him how to fish, but he uses his energy to fuxk around, you are wasting well-intended resources on a hopeless person.