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Love Aid Singapore donates US$100 to each cancer fighter among Palestinian refugees

Love Aid Singapore, led by activist Gilbert Goh, donates US$100 to Palestinian cancer patients, offering crucial support in challenging conditions. This initiative is part of a one-year pilot project to aid those grappling with cancer in the Middle East.



Love Aid Singapore distributed US$100 to each cancer fighter among the Palestinian refugees

Singaporean activist Gilbert Goh, the founder of Love Aid Singapore, recently took a proactive step towards making a positive impact on the lives of Palestinian refugees battling cancer.

Alongside his team, Goh visited the Burj Barajneh refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon, on Monday (5 Feb).

This mission follows his earlier visit on 4 January to address the challenges faced by Palestinian refugees in their fight against cancer.

As part of Love Aid Singapore’s initiatives, they distributed US$100 to each cancer fighters among the Palestinian refugees.

This financial support was made possible through generous sponsorships and is part of a one-year pilot project aimed specifically at those grappling with cancer.

Goh elaborated on the one-year sponsorship program, explaining that donors contribute US$100, which is then entrusted to a social worker in Lebanon.

The organization has maintained a strong working relationship with this social worker for the past 5 to 6 years, ensuring effective and targeted support for the refugees.

In addition to these recent efforts, Goh and his team visited the Burj Barajneh refugee camp on 18 December of the previous year.

During this visit, Love Aid Singapore distributed US$50 to each needy refugee family, offering essential financial assistance to those facing significant challenges in the camp’s difficult circumstances.

Love Aid Singapore brings relief to Palestinian cancer patients

“Despite the pouring rain, it did not deter us from visiting four Palestinian refugee cancer patients at Burj Barajneh refugee camp in Beirut Lebanon yesterday,” said Goh.

This visit is a crucial part of Love Aid Singapore’s pilot program, aiming to provide support to Palestinian refugees grappling with cancer in various overseas camps across the Middle East since the Nakba in 1948.

Since the Nakba, millions of Palestinians have found themselves stranded in overseas refugee camps, notably in Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt.

Goh emphasized that many of these camps are essentially squatters, leaving Palestinians with limited prospects for meaningful employment.

Even if they secure a job, the pay is often meager, ranging between $100 to $150 per month.

The bulk of this income goes towards camp rentals, leaving little for essentials like food.

Cancer patients in these circumstances face the consequences of insufficient salaries, as their loved ones struggle to cover the costs of medical treatment.

Goh expressed concern that, due to financial constraints, many patients may abandon their cancer treatment, allowing the illness to take control of their lives.

The recent cut in funding adds another layer of challenges, affecting cancer medical treatments that heavily rely on much-needed funds for hospitalization and related costs from UNRWA.

As part of their initiative, Love Aid Singapore distributed US$100 to each cancer patient, thanks to generous sponsors.

This financial assistance is part of Love Aid Singapore one-year pilot project specifically targeting those with cancer.

The organization operates a one-year sponsorship program, where donors contribute $100, entrusted to a social worker in Lebanon with whom they have maintained a strong working relationship for the past 5 to 6 years.

While acknowledging that it may not be a substantial amount, Goh emphasized its significance, especially amid the ongoing Gaza war.

He also said that the news of Love Aid Singapore’s food kitchens in Gaza has brought hope and joy to those who follow the daily war updates on TV with desperation and trepidation.

“Tears flowed when they realized that the two food kitchens are donated by ordinary Singaporeans who want to do something for the suffering Palestinians in Gaza,” added Goh.

Goh expressed gratitude to the compassionate Singaporeans who have stood on the right side of humanity.

For those interested in participating in the one-year sponsorship program, Goh encourages them to reach out for further information.

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