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Love Aid Singapore’s collected donations for Gaza mission exceed S$470,000

Love Aid Singapore, led by Gilbert Goh, expresses gratitude for over S$470,000 in donations. The organization has allocated funds for aid trucks, food kitchens, tents for displaced Palestinians due the ongoing war in Gaza.



Love Aid Singapore food kitchen and tent support for Palestinians in Gaza

Gilbert Goh, a Singaporean activist and the creator of Love Aid Singapore, recently conveyed a favorable development regarding the organization’s support for Gaza via Instagram on Monday (5 Feb)

Goh is actively involved in the Gaza Aid trucks initiative and manages a central food kitchen to ensure the well-being of the Palestinian population affected by the war in Gaza as part of his ongoing humanitarian endeavours.

In his latest update, Goh expressed gratitude to Singaporeans for their donations, enabling Love Aid Singapore to continue food distribution at Rafah despite bombings in other parts of the besieged city.

Goh emphasized people’s love and dedication for the Palestinian cause, motivating them to do their best to ensure they can feed as many people as possible in Gaza.

Providing a financial update, Goh mentioned that Love Aid Singapore has received over S$470,000 (US$349,695) in donations within a month of their humanitarian plea.

After utilizing US$130,000 or S$170,000, they have a net balance of S$300,000 (US$223,209).

Allocations include US$60,000 for two aid trucks, US$50,000 for two food kitchens, and US$20,000 as a down-payment for 150 tents.

Goh assured that they are also considering the needs of animals, planning for a truck during a ceasefire for confirmed entry into Gaza.

Responding to requests for baby products like milk formula, Love Aid Singapore pledged to explore possibilities despite the ongoing war.

Goh expressed optimism about smoother preparations during a ceasefire, when border control tends to be more lax and pro-humanitarian.

Additionally, he mentioned his plan to return to Cairo next Friday (9 Feb).

Love Aid Singapore’s ongoing support: Food kitchen operations and 150 tent donation for Palestinians in Gaza

In an update on 4 February, Goh conveyed appreciation to Singaporeans for their generous contributions, allowing the continuous operation of the Love Aid Singapore food kitchen in Rafah and Jabalia.

He had previously noted that he believes it to be the sole functioning facility in Gaza.

He also highlighted that meal distributions have extended to Khan Yunis and Al Wista, as the food kitchen moves around to address the evolving needs of the communities.

“We will pledge US$20,000 monthly to maintain the food kitchen so that hungry Palestinians have a regular source for food supply,” he added.

Goh shared a video showing the distribution of meat to stranded Palestinians at Rafah, where the item is scarce and, if available, comes at a high cost.

He highlighted the significant rise in food prices, making it challenging for many to afford essential items.

Love Aid Singapore will collaborate with its partner NGO, the International Relief Organisation, for the Gaza feeding program.

While there is a considerable number of inquiries regarding the feeding program on the ground, Goh emphasized that they cannot fulfill every request for assistance.

He entrusts the NGO with full discretion for distribution based on their schedule and plan.

Goh also acknowledged the security concerns, noting the fear of being targeted and bombed.

Caution is paramount to ensure the safety of the individuals working on the ground.

On a positive note, Love Aid Singapore received donations for 150 tents, totalling S$72,000 (US$53,538).

The tents, each costing US$350 or S$470, will be used for shelter.

Goh expressed gratitude for the outpouring of donations, which allows them to cover 150 tents and potentially more in the coming days.

“A full truck can take in a total of 180 tents solely for our use for Gaza,” Goh noted.

Goh thanked the people of Singapore for their support and care for the suffering Palestinians in Gaza.

The tents will feature a joint logo of Love Aid Singapore and the partner NGO, reflecting their collaborative efforts on the ground.

Goh wants recognition for the collective work, opting for a joint logo rather than an exclusive one for Love Aid Singapore.

Despite the challenges, the team in Gaza continues their dedicated efforts, distributing food parcels and blankets to stranded Palestinians daily.

For those interested in contributing to more tents, donations can be made to paynow 0065 87745281.

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They wanted free food, free water, free electricity, free medical aid.

Did they ever condemn terrorists?

Thank you GG !!

Good job Gilbert. Do be careful of them sending auditors to find fault with you.