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The grandstanding of outgoing PM Lee Hsien Loong

Former ISD director opines that PM Lee Hsien Loong, retiring after 20 years, leaves a legacy marred by controversy over his high salary and the increase in ministerial pay he approved in 2007. Despite reductions following public outcry, he remains the world’s highest-paid leader.



by Yoong Siew Wah

The dust has not yet settled. Is Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong the greatest or merely one of the greatest hypocrites?

He is retiring from his exalted position of premiership after 20 years, having amassed a colossal amount of wealth at the public’s expense—a situation that boggles the mind, considering he is supposed to be a representative of the people.

For those who have forgotten, PM Lee approved the increase in ministerial pay in 2007, resulting in his pay increased to S$3.1 million. Although it subsequently dropped to S$2.2 million following public outcry and a poor showing in the General Election of 2011, he still remains the highest-paid prime minister in the world. Additionally, let’s also not forget that his wife, Ho Ching, was the CEO of the Singaporean sovereign wealth fund Temasek from 2004 to 2021, and likely received a substantial salary.

And now, he is shedding crocodile tears for his wrongdoing. In his moment of compunction, if any, he regales the public with tales of his so-called past life-saving services to the deprived and downtrodden.

Not a day passes without his moaning. Indeed, these so-called underprivileged citizens have benefited in some way from his largesse, but his body language reveals a glimmer of doubt—was this all in the form of altruism or merely a cover-up for avarice?

This will require serious and insightful stimulation of the people’s minds. No doubt, he is trying to leave a legacy of human kindness.

Can there be a more comical joker than Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean? People know he is subservient to PM Lee Hsien Loong for obvious reasons.

For him to come out at this time to praise the character of PM Lee sky-high is something as rare as a black swan. What is he trying to prove?

In what capacity does he consider himself a proper person to comment on PM Lee Hsien Loong’s hostile relationship with his siblings?

Lawrence Wong is a Hobson’s choice for the prime ministership. Can you imagine Lawrence Wong playing the guitar when Singapore is in crisis? Singapore is blessed to have him as our next prime minister, and we now have to make the best of it.

What is the prognosis for Singapore’s foreseeable future? There is hardly any potential talent in the opposition now or even in the future, and the continuity of the People’s Action Party’s (PAP) governance, though not palatable, seems to be an unbelievably foregone conclusion.

God bless Singapore.

Mr Yoong Siew Wah was the Director of Singapore’s Internal Security Department (ISD) from 1971 to 1974. He was Director of the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) in the 1960s. He runs a blog, Singapore Recalcitrant.

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As usual , import foreigners, ” lets be inclusive ” , ” no xenophobic” blah blah blah

Last edited 5 days ago by john lim

Ah Boy took exams consisting of 10 papers/subjects. He scored with 5 papers – some A’s and B’s – very good. So he brags and brags about how good he is. But he failed the other 5 papers, which he conveniently did not mentioned. So did he pass the exams with flying colors or just scrape through? A half-full, half-empty glass question, hor? (Of course Ah Boy got the most expensive tuitions, got helicopter to send him to exam center to ensure he is not late, the most expensive pen to write with, the best air-con room to take his… Read more »

He has promoted himself to senior minister without public consensus. How shameful!

His “sheshaying” AQ walk is “worth miilions” – recall how he did the guard of inspection on his official visit to Germany hosted by Angela Merkel -it was &is still a DISGRACE!!!!

Lots of Ownself Blowing Ownself Trumpet. Let’s be rational about Loong’s performance: 1) he had a very long runway; 2) he had the highest pay as head of state; 3) he had 2 ex-PM’s holding his hands during the early stages of his era; 4) he had the most expensive ministerial cabinet to support him (considering SG small size too). So, if he is so good as he said/made himself to be, then: a) why the 4 elections under him had the WORST results for pap in our history? b) why doesn’t he stay on until after the next election… Read more »

Lhl has been the government for 20 years or so, it is unbelievable before he promoted to sm, so many people singing “praises” of him on how he has done for Singapore, only in these 2 weeks on national TV, radio and newspapers. No one talk about the building of 2, but not 1, casinos. No one talk about in Singapore history since independence, why there was this Little India riot that happened? No one talk about why the drastic cut in CPF contribution rate more than 2 decades ago and the promise of restored it was never realised. No… Read more »

Only his own PAP kakis praising him..
I didnt read of any foreign leaders doing so…is there any yet?

LHL is a false hope. Many Singaporeans have high hope on him as LKY son with high vote and majority support but it did not realize. High speed train project was not successful as promise, Jurong Lake District was not up to promise, many Singapore jobs promise to Singaporeans become foreigners’ jobs, standard of living downgrade as inflation like high housing prices make people have to live in cheaper and smaller house, food inflation make people eat cheaper and smaller meals. Even retired at 70 year old as promised become no retire at 72. It is hard for people to… Read more »

Last edited 9 days ago by Petrus Romanus

The very fact that he resorted to put his brother out in public to bring him down whatever the real reason/s speaks volume of a man scorned. Wondered if he has any inkling of compassion to his siblings or for the matter upholding filial piety to his parents on keeping their relationship close at all??? One wonders. This could well spell danger of a man who runs a country – such attitude can manifests into something sinister if left unchecked. Don’t you think so??? Sadly I fully agree with writer that our alternative parties are weak and couldn’t form a… Read more »

You can run but you cannot hide. There is no escape. It is all over the place, on TV and Shitty Times. Next we will be getting a shrine with his statue as the Dragooooon King reincarnation or should it be a Baboooon King reincarnation? He is trying to outdo his father. Also what Kim Jung Un of North Korea did pale in comparison. He is going to send a North Korean delegation to Singapore to learn and pick up tips on what Loooong achieved in self praising himself by cronies. As SM, he will have a knife on Lawless… Read more »

How on earth old citizens,

some hunched and arched their aged backs,

spines misaligned,

some limping,

some pushes carts slowly under the rain, the HOT Sun, across one alley to another, one five foot way here and there, pucked trash bins,

scavenge for recyclables collectibles

– and the State Controlled newspapers KEEP TOP SECRET all these OPEN affairs, actions BY PIONEERS sure that many among them HAS HAD BIG EFFORTS in getting SG where WE are today –

Not as PART of Loong’s Proud Achievements?

I tried to recall if there is anything he had done for true blue citizens that is worth even mentioning, but could not recall any during his work as a PM. Same goes for his lackeys despite their exorbitant salaries. From approving of casino to unfair FTAs to dumbass foreign policies, virtually nothing truly benefits the TRUE LOCALS. As for LW, when I see the photo of him playing the guitar, not sure why the image of Nero appeared straight away. Although, it is later found that there is no evidence that Nero play his “instrument” while Rome burned but… Read more »

Who coined or invented this, Self Praise is NO Praise.

Uncle’s looking forward to see the good riddance of this d*shonourable chap.

In a nutshell👏

One is quite guaranteed to be unable to find anywhere on planet earth such a HUGE HUGE SELF AGGRANDISEMENT without par.

The chief crook is not leaving, he’s just back seat driving.
Sadly the clown is still on the public payroll. We are still paying top dollar for rubbish and deceit.