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Redditors laud WP MPs’ hard work amid PAP’s Sengkang abandonment with ‘suicide squad’

Amid what can be assumed to be the PAP ‘abandoning’ Sengkang GRC with a ‘suicide squad,’ Redditors, claiming to be residents, analyze PAP’s diminished chances. The incumbent WP MPs garner praise for their hard work and “super down-to-earth” approach.



Amidst speculation surrounding Ng Chee Meng, a former Minister from the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP), potentially contesting in other constituencies in the upcoming election, discussions surged on social media regarding the PAP’s strategy to reclaim Sengkang GRC from the Workers’ Party (WP).

Political observers believe that the fourth-generation leadership would prefer to retain Mr Ng within the PAP team, likely fielding him in constituencies with higher chances of victory instead of Sengkang GRC, which he contested in the 2020 General Election (GE).

In GE2020, the PAP candidates led by Mr Ng included former Senior Minister of State Lam Pin Min, Senior Parliamentary Secretary Amrin Amin, and Raymond Lye contested in the Sengkang GRC.

The Workers’ Party team won the GRC and secured 52.13% of the votes, while the PAP received 47.87%.

In fact, Mr Ng withdrew from Sengkang considerably earlier, notably after new potential candidates were introduced to the PAP team there last October.

On 26 October 2023, the PAP introduced Mr Marcus Loh as a new branch chair within the WP-led GRC, as Mr Ng, Mr Amrin, and Mr Lye left the constituency for other wards.

Recent sightings of Mr Ng in Bukit Batok SMC, alongside PAP MP Murali Pillai, fuel speculation about his role in the upcoming GE.

Addressing the escalating speculation, Mr Ng recently spoke with Singapore’s mainstream media, dismissing conjectures regarding his appearance at a community event in Bukit Batok and advised against “read too much” into it.

Redditors claiming to be Sengkang residents laud first-time WP MPs’ performance

As discussions unfold across various social media platforms, including Reddit, it becomes apparent that despite Mr Ng’s clarifications, doubts persist regarding the PAP’s intentions for Sengkang GRC.

Speculation arises about whether the PAP plans to “abandon” Sengkang GRC and position Mr Ng in a more winnable constituency, potentially facilitating his entry into a new ministerial role if re-elected in the next GE.

The current PAP Sengkang team, led by Marcus Loh, consists of Associate Professor Elmie Nekmat (Sengkang Central), Ms Theodora Lai Xi Yi (Sengkang North), and former Senior Minister of State Lam Pin Min (Sengkang West).

However, some Redditors, purporting to be Sengkang residents, describe them as a ‘suicide squad’ and offer analyses on why the PAP may have reduced chances of reclaiming Sengkang GRC.

Comments highlight the incumbent WP Members of Parliament for Sengkang GRC, who, despite being first-time elected MPs, have displayed genuine dedication and grassroots engagement in serving the community, garnering positive resonance among residents.

For example, one comment lauds WP MPs Mr Louis Chua, Associate Professor Jamus Lim, and Ms He Ting Ru for effectively representing the residents and their voices in parliament.

Critiques of PAP Sengkang branch leader’s campaign approach

Some comments also critique the campaign approach of PAP Sengkang branch leader, Mr Marcus Loh, accusing him of ‘cherrypicking’ random issues.

For instance, in February, Mr Loh faced backlash over a video criticizing cleanliness at Rivervale Shores, a new BTO project within the GRC.

In the video, he lamented untidiness and deemed it “not good.” When challenged by a netizen about the need for action rather than just criticism, Mr Loh merely defended his remarks, citing resident concerns.

The original post has been deleted, but it has been reshared by netizens across various social media platforms.

Redditor: MP Louis Chua “low-key” but “super down to earth”

Separately, others delve into the characteristics of specific WP MPs.

For instance, some remarks highlight the contrast between Associate Professor Jamus Lim’s media presence and Louis Chua’s demeanour.

Despite Jamus Lim’s prominence in the media, comments suggest that Louis Chua, though appearing low-key, is exceptionally down to earth and makes sincere efforts to connect with Sengkang residents.

One Redditor shared their parents’ positive experience with Louis Chua, stating that they have encountered him in Sengkang and have nothing but praise for him.

Legacy of WP veteran leader Mr Low Thia Khiang

The Redditor continued to elaborate on how the new WP MPs seem to follow the legacy of their veteran leader Mr Low Thia Khiang.

He specifically mentioned Louis Chua’s consistent presence at funerals in the area, where he interacts with the bereaved and remains attentive even if no one engages with him.

Moreover, he commended the improvements in cleanliness in Sengkang under the WP administration, contrasting it with the previous state under a former MP.

He highlighted initiatives like posters introducing cleaners to residents and sign-in sheets for cleaners, demonstrating a proactive approach to community maintenance.

The Redditor expressed a preference for leaders who genuinely engage with the community, contrasting with what they perceive as disingenuous behaviour observed during political rallies.

Another comment added praise for the efficiency of the WP Sengkang Town Council, highlighting their effectiveness in cleaning.

The Redditor recounted a personal experience of messaging the SKTC via WhatsApp for cleaning assistance, and the council promptly responded by cleaning the lift corridor without the need for additional calls.

WP grassroots volunteerism

There are also comments expressing satisfaction with the improvements in the Sengkang estate, highlighting the active presence of Workers’ Party MPs in the community.

A Redditor mentioned that according to a friend who volunteers with the WP grassroots, MPs like Assoc Prof Lim, Louis Chua, and Ms He are frequently on the ground, engaging with residents and working tirelessly to address their concerns.

“My friend who volunteers with them is not highly educated or interested in politics or policies; she just went as she had time on hand – now she’s a strong supporter because she sees how they work the grounds. ”

A comment observed that the trio has cemented a robust presence in Sengkang, demonstrating a profound commitment to serving the constituency.

The Redditor highlighted feedback from friends living in the area, indicating that the MPs are performing commendably and have implemented notable improvements, particularly in waste management.

Based on these positive developments, the comment anticipates Sengkang to further consolidate its position as a secure Workers’ Party ward.

As speculation about the timing of the next GE grows, sources suggest it might be strategically held in September, potentially aligning with cash handouts from Budget 2024 and before major elections in the United States and the United Kingdom in November.

The anticipation grows as the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) officially announced on 15 April Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s decision to step down, with Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong slated to succeed him on 15 May 2024.

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It is not only Sengkang that needs WP, we in the other constituencies also need representation through the elected Opposition. The WP and PSP have effectively represented citizens’ interest in Parliament versus the PAP who are representing a system that does not benefit the citizens.

We want solutions and not price increase.

Vote wisely cotton and pineapple lovers. tsk tsk tsk

Last GE in Sengkang, the crowds consistently thronged to the WP candidates during the campaign whilst the PAP camp had an air of panic. The sentiment from the WP supporters felt fervent. The euphoria post elections was pervasive. This GE, NCM will likely not be the anchor person for PAP in Sengkang GRC. Especially since he remained as NTUC Sec Gen despite losing the elections. The stakes are too big to risk a 2nd loss for an individual who supposedly has the support of unionised workers. The ongoing perjury case against Pritam should, ironically, galvanise more support for the WP… Read more »

I vote for LMW..
TCB and LMW party has potential..

I don’t know how many SK residents regretted voted for the lying Khan. Gutzy must have censored those comments and selectively picks the positive ones to repost here, as they always do

If Ng Chee Meng (NCM) don’t stand back in Seng Kang in this coming election, to prove his worth to be an MP but rather sneak in by another GRC back door somewhere else.
Then the voters would then know NCM is NOT there to serve their interest BUT RATHER TO SERVE HIS OWN INTEREST!😆😆😆😆


To give up with a suicide squad thrown in IS TO SHOW DISRESPECT to:
1. PAP voters, supporters.
2. WP.

To people of SG at large the PAP is showing U the Middle finger cz they ONLY FOCUS on the chances of winning FOR POWER, NOT LOOK after YOUR interests TO SERVE Residents WHETHER win or loose, to give GE a hard fight, which is the VERY ESSENCE of a democracy, a election.

That CB face and the goon squad trying to infiltrate hoping they can win over.
Clean your backyard first before go busybody there. This time round the PAP will lose more GRC after Izzy got found out and employment statistics and cost of living. Foresee more GRC will no longer be PAP wards.

If “garbage” is the issue. Can Mr Marcus Loh suggest that his political party take out the “garbage” from his side of the parliament? The sob story elderly woman and that rude file flinging lady.

I can show you examples of dirty HDB blocks strewn with garbage in multiple ruling party held constituencies. Even in Tanjong Pagar GRC. And yes, they are considerably worse than anything shown in Mr Loh’s video.

PAP will resort to using their courts to wipe out WP who is certainly their biggest competitor and formidable too.

Poor Lam, they knew it was suicide and threw a bunch of ‘don’t know who’ to GRC with him!
Ah Lam skin must be very thick or was he just ‘following orders’ which has tangible benefits if he obey!😆😆😆

It’s NORMAL PAP to win back districts by Law Suits in cooperation with pseudo political judges and biased Police investigations.

There’s ntg really to technically laud opposition parties in partial sense, bcz one can get crestfallen hard work winning constituencies CAN BE HAMMERED by PAP not at the Ballot boxes.