A game changer? Speculation on Harpreet Singh’s WP candidacy to pry PAP stronghold in Marine Parade GRC

In recent times, Workers’ Party intensifies grassroots efforts with leaders Pritam Singh and Sylvia Lim engaging Singaporeans amid early GE speculations.

Notably, Senior Counsel Harpreet Singh’s appearance in WP attire fuels speculation about his Marine Parade GRC candidacy, viewed as a potential ‘game changer’ following Tan Chuan-Jin’s resignation in July this year.

Former Workers’ Party MP Yaw Shin Leong passes away at age 47

Yaw Shin Leong, a former Workers’ Party MP for Hougang known as “Amos Rao” online, passed away recently, as confirmed by announcements on his Facebook and LinkedIn.

His obituary on social media disclosed his passing at 47 on November 10.

After serving as an MP for Hougang in 2011, Mr Yaw faced expulsion from the Workers’ Party in 2012 following allegations of an extramarital affair. Post his expulsion, he left the country to step out of public attention and remained abroad for several years.

Workers’ Party advocates structural reforms amid cost-of-living concerns, PAP amends WP’s motion

During the Tuesday Parliament debate on the motion on cost of living, MPs from Workers’ Party and Progress Singapore Party ardently pushed for structural reforms over one-time fiscal aids.

However, the People’s Action Party which holds a majority in Parliament amended the motion with three amendments introduced by MP Liang Eng Hwa, emphasizing the global cost-of-living concern and the necessity for sustainable policies.

All eight WP MPs and two PSP NCMPs dissented against the PAP MP’s amendments, as they diminish the government’s role in the increased cost of living for Singaporeans and compel the acceptance of the status quo.

Workers’ Party Leader Pritam Singh calls for structural changes to alleviate cost-of-living pressures for Singaporeans

During the debate for the Workers’ Party’s motion in Parliament on Tuesday, WP Chief Pritam Singh underscored the party’s commitment to alleviating the cost-of-living burden for Singaporeans.

He highlighted the party’s focus on the struggles of low to middle-income families, particularly those juggling responsibilities for both young children and elderly relatives.

Workers’ Party files Parliamentary motion to debate Singapore’s cost of living crisis

Amidst mounting cost of living pressures, the Workers’ Party (WP) is set to confront the issue head-on in the upcoming Parliamentary session via a motion filed by the Leader of the Opposition Mr Pritam Singh and Mr Louis Chua, Member of Parliament for Sengkang GRC.

WP’s focus on this critical matter underscores the public’s persistent concerns about the escalating expenses.